the good, the bad and the ugly*

The good -

grey shoes

I've ordered these shoes.
I'm planning on building my spring/summer wardrobe around them and I'm hoping my toe cleavage doesn't show as I am morally opposed to toe cleavage.

The bad -


Who could possibly wear these? Who could they possibly flatter? Am I missing something?
(They do match the shoes.)

The ugly -


I have no words. I like clunky boots - but I have nothing to say about these.


Bad? Ugly? I can't decide. I'm wearing this how? Under things? With other things? Maybe I'd put a skirt on over it. Crazy.

And this?

<span class=

What about this get-up?
Sold as underwear, I'm thinking it would be awfully conspicuous.
Talk amongst yourselves - the comments are open!

I'm considering new eyeglasses. What do you think of these?


or these?

<span class=

Apparently ROUND is the look I'm considering.

*good, bad and ugly courtesy of


Anonymous said…
My mother would call those grey things 'combinations', and gosh! wouldn't they be cosy under an outfit

(I am turning into an old lady)
The Coffee Lady said…
that was me, by the way

dunno what happened to my identity

but then I wonder that a lot
Badger said…
It's all bad. Except the glasses. And I would totally wear those kneepants on the treadmill, if they weren't too binding (I have Popeye calves, you know).
Anonymous said…
I like the first pair of glasses, not at all the second but glasses should be seen worn, they ARE tricky.
RW said…
I like the shoes.
Wonder what the arch support is like?
I used to have round glasses - do you wear glasses all the time or just for reading/ writing.
smalltownme said…
The grey thing looks like long underwear. So following current fashions, it would naturally be worn outside. Uck.
Anonymous said…
Knickers are back? They were bad in 1983 and are just as much so now.

Either glasses would look lovely on you. I think -- no one actually knows what you look like. :-)
Anonymous said…
Damn. I aspire to wear underwear like that.

Instead, I am currently bedecked in what has been described as both "grandmother-friendly" and "nursing home chic."

Like the glasses.
Allison said…
How did you get that pic of me in my dainties? LOL
Julie Bradshaw said…
"The Bad" looks like maternity pants...for really skinny, non-pregnant people...
Anonymous said…
As I have mentioned before, I am not qualified to give fashion advice, especially to you. But I have never let a lack of knowledge or expertise stop me. So. I like the shoes, although I concur on the toe cleavage thing, and the glasses are both great; which one looks better would depend on your coloring, I think. Ask Middle. I trust his judgement.
Anonymous said…
I think the toe cleavage is a result of the shoes not fitting the model properly. I'm with you on disliking it though.
Anonymous said…
I steer clear of toe cleavage, too. This is odd since I mostly wear flip flops all summer long. I guess my feet would be "naturalists."
Liz said…
The long underwear isn't bad, but will make going to bathroom very tricky. :)
wendy said…
Oooo, but I love toe cleavage!!!
Anonymous said…
I agree on the toe cleavage.

I think no. 4 is long underwear, but think how hard it would be to go to the bathroom.

So, no.
Anonymous said…
I must have those shoes. And the model is showing excessive toe cleavage because those shoes don't fit her...unless she comes with extra-long toes.

I do like both pairs of glasses, but your commenters bring up an excellent point. How can we recommend glasses when we don't know what you look like?

Miz S said…
Does the underwear model have enhanced boobs? They look very GLOBE-LIKE.
KPB said…
I really want to like the shoes, but I know that those ties at the front would be making my neck itch by the time I got to my desk. You however, being the epitomy of style and class that you are, will be able to wear them with great aplomb.

Those knickerbockers are possibly the most unflattering item of clothing anyone could wear. Even on that model they make her thighs look like sides of prosciutto.

I concur completely on those lace-up boots. UGH-gly.

I'm just wondering where the wee-hole is on that grey all-in-one number.

Somehow I imagine K loves that 'lingerie' the most out of anything. It appears she's wearing them with thigh-high socks. How Gossip Girl.

What a shame the model with her gorgeous Nigella-esque frame felt the need to go and spoil it with boob implants.

I like the second frames the best. They're sort of bookish and cool at the same time.

Your comment box won't let me comment on your next post so I'm having a go here.

I'm anxious for youngest and I totally hear you on the mothering half a day and working the other - I have had to do that many a time w/ Oscar and it is exhausting in ways you otherwise would not ever anticipate. I think it's the physical nature of getting stuff done at work then getting to the next appt THEN the emotional intensity of issues with your child and then all the normal home stuff. The only remedy I have ever found that vaguely takes the edge off it is to have a flagon of wine and to be in bed by 9.

Listen to me. Aren't I the opinionated one today.
Anonymous said…
I worked late then went grocery shopping - boy did I come late to this party.
About 4 or 5 years age I dated a woman who was wearing those short pants/knicker things when I picked her up for a concert in the park. The first thing that went through my mind was WTF??? Second: perfect pants for a pirate. My friends didn't remember her name and referred to her as the pirate lady. Any time I see that style now I think of her and how pretentious she was.
It didn't last long - she didn't like the jazz, the picnic one of my friends was nice enough to pack, OR one of my closest friends! Bitch!
Sorry but I had to comment.
littlemissme said…
Oh Blackbird! I love you, I love those shoes, and I love your style but please oh please do not buy Mr. Magoo glasses! People think they're cute but I find them so very creepy and unflattering!
Lauri said…
I have always had an aversion to toe cleavage - I have a size 9-1/2 foot and always worry about the feet looking huge - guess I attribute the toe cleavage to the fact that my feet ARE huge - love those shoes, though...I could never pull that look off, but they are cute...The glasses - way cool...
Anonymous said…
I love those soft looking shoes, but I'm with ya on the toe cleavage.
Duyvken said…
Noice. I love those shoes and I have a fondness for grey even though it DOES NOTHING FOR ME. I persist in buying and wearing in nonetheless because I figure that I'm not the one who has to spend all day looking at me :-) And those grey pants look comfy, not very chic but very comfy. I hope you can get youngest's asthma under control, that sounds very scary.
Aiah said…
I like the ovally ones...

And yes, Free People is where fashion goes to die.
Mary said…
Toe cleavage makes me feel nauseous.

The black glasses.