Fashion Week

I really love watching the coverage of Fashion Week.
I wait up to see my favorite designer's lines and enjoy seeing high end couture things being paraded down the runway.
The other night, while waiting to see Oscar De La Renta's confections, I spied the fashions of J.Mendel.
I was a little confused at first, thinking: why all the fur, Mr. Mendel? But then I read that the original Mr. Mendel was a furrier and that this line was done by his son...

J Mendel suit

I liked these things very much. I think the textures in the fabric are beautiful.


Of course, it doesn't hurt that most everything was black. It's my favorite.
(Nice blouse, btw.)

Mendel black dress

I'll take this dress. I'll take it in white as well.

I like the coverage of the shows on one particular channel. Interspersed with runway coverage they show videos of runway footage from other decades - it's fascinating to see how really fine fashion is timeless. There are also snippets of interviews with the designers - that night I saw Gilles Mendel tell about his inspiration. He had been sitting and working and looked down and saw a little pile of grosgrain ribbon. Black ribbon. Suddenly, seeing the way it was folding and curling against itself he had a vision...

Ribbon story

The ribbon worked its way into his evening-wear...

<span class=

(Yulia,, and several other models seen here, was outside my office last friday as there was a runway show down the block. Aside from being incredibly tall and thin they were unremarkable without makeup.)

<span class=

I loved hearing about this ribbon and then seeing how it influenced his work.

And then,

the finale -

Mendel finale

which I have to say, I thought, was breathtaking.

Take a bow, Mr. Mendel -

Gilles Mendel

(I liked his outfit very much too.).


Anonymous said…
Lovely clothes! Thanks for pointing out a new (to me) designer.
And I just so happened to discover that some of his things are on sale at a place called Patti Rose.
(see under "sales":
Wendy said…
The workmanship on that gown!!
RW said…
I quite enjoyed this post. I am looking forward to more spring fashion reviews from you!
Anonymous said…
That is some fashion I can admire. Well played.
Anonymous said…
Mmm. Delicious!

Anonymous said…
Those are gorgeous pieces. Sister #5 had her wedding attendant (sister #4) wear a simple navy blue gown with a huge white waistband and large "butterfly" bow. Very dramatic.
Anonymous said…
I can totally see you in that first suit - in your office.
Amy A. said…
Could you imagine the finale dress in white/cream for a wedding? Gorgeous.
Anonymous said…
Smashing stuff. Whatever channel such things are broadcast on, I don't have it. And I think I need it.


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