damp or cold

I've been having a great deal of difficulty, lately, determining whether the laundry in the dryer is still DAMP or just COLD. I usually err on the side of COLD and am distraught later when everyone pulls on wet jeans. Even if jeans ARE completely dry, I find, that little watch pocket is almost ALWAYS STILL DAMP.

My boys have been complaining about their mattresses. We purchased them when they were little and they were sturdy, well-made mattresses with a nice guarantee. I think Oldest was about eleven at the time. Anyway, they never mentioned anything about them before but, now that they are young men/men it seems that they are finding them uncomfortably firm. I've sat on each of their beds and would agree (though I am pleased the beds have lasted this long) and have spent some time researching mattress pads to soften them. Last weekend we purchased one that K and I felt was cushiony and soft - at Blood Bath And Beyond. With a coupon! I was very excited to bring it home for Youngest. A few weeks ago, Youngest and I were at the hospital and when he climbed into the bed he exclaimed: THIS IS GREAT! I was very confused until he told me that the hospital bed was soft and comfy and that he was in love with it. And, because that is the most pitiful thing I've ever heard, that he would be in love with a hospital bed, HE was the first child to benefit from a cushy-soft mattress pad. And? How does he like it?
HE DOES NOT. HE HAS REJECTED IT. So, there you are.

As it is both damp AND cold here, K has embarked on a project of cooking robust comfort foods which, in leftover form, are wonderful in wraps later in the week. So far we have thoroughly enjoyed a sausage and lentil dish as well as beef short ribs braised in Guinness - with scallion mashed potatoes.

I know I don't usually discuss Survivor until Friday, but I can't resist posting this picture as there was some discussion in the comments last week regarding Cassandra.

I'm thinking they're fake

I'm voting FAKE - but I leave it to you to judge.

Finally, I hate my hair so damn much that I may actually take to wearing A HAT while it grows out. I'm sick of coloring it too - can anyone weigh in on this? Should I make it lighter and lighter until the shift to my actual color (white with spots I believe) is imperceptible?

God. I'm boring MYSELF.

I suppose I could do smaller loads of laundry, ensuring that the clothes will be both DRY and WARM, but that just doesn't seem terribly energy efficient, now does it?


Julia said…
We have a nice firm mattress that was killing my back until I accidentally slept on top of our duvet one night and woke up feeling great in the morning. The next night I tucked the duvet under the bottom sheet and we've never switched back. Years of physical theraphy (okay, just two) didn't help my back as much as that little bit of give.
Carol said…
I judge that those are BIG. More I would not judge unless I could see the whole person but even then, I am not good at that game.

Have you cleaned out all the dryer vents and hoses? We had a nest (!) in the outermost vent on the side of the house.
Badger said…
You want to talk crappy hair? I haven't cut OR colored mine since AUGUST. If you want to dye it, use Natural Instincts. It won't give you noticeable roots as it grows out (this is what has enabled me to not color mine since August).

My kids rejected the uber-expensive Tempurpedic mattress pads that cost almost as much as MY BED. I kid you not.
I say they are real. If they were fake they'd be sitting up closer to her collarbone.

I second Badger's vote for Natural Instincts. I didn't color my hair for years and I was happy with grey, but then I noticed it was starting to make my skin look grey.
Natural Instincts faded out very gradually, no noticeable roots.
KPB said…
They're real dude.

They are exactly the same as mine except on a black woman. That whole honeydew melon thing is going on. Hence why you will never see me in a bikini - well, that and the huge undulating folds of flesh that are my stomach. She should not be wearing a top with such thin straps, the damage she is doing to her back and neck makes my neck itch.

I currently dream of one of those tempur beds which just mold to your body shape. All the boys have appalling mattresses and it makes my neck itch regularly.

Washing - washing - washing - try determining dry from damp, wet from cold in hideous humidity and rain. If I'd wanted to live in the tropics I'd be in Queensland but still Sydney tests me so every.single.February.

And hair. HAIR. GOD I hate mine. HATE. I am currently wearing it in a ponytail every single day and preferably with a hat, such is its ugliness.

I think that is hilarious that Youngest thought a hospital bed was comfortable.

I'm sure there's some hopsital auction house where you could pick up a hospital bed real cheap. Then you can just call yourselves the Simpsons and spend days playing the 'bed goes up bed goes down' game.
smalltownme said…
We love our tempurpedic. Not wanting to pay that much for an 18 year old's bed I got a cheaper memory foam mattress online. He likes it just as much.
Jennifer said…
Dryer balls are supposed to move the clothes around in the dryer so there aren't any damp spots. I use tennis balls because they're cheaper.

That's funny that Youngest rejected the mattress pad. Is he happy with his firm bed now? Or does he still complain? So who DID get the cushy-softness?
Anonymous said…
I always err and end up damp. And I think they look fake. And I am so sorry about your hair woes--new beds are SO MUCH EASIER to fix.
jordi said…
Ok, I typed the whole damned thing once and blogger lost it.. trying the second time..sigh
Hair.. the secret is low lights. Done in a color close to whatever your hair used to be it blends in the grey/white/whatever and you only have to do it about every 5 or 6 months. I did it for ages until I finally fell in love with my grey/white and stopped. I know a good place for a haircut/color in the 50s in the city, LMK if you want the info. It is not cheap but not stratospheric either and worth it.

as for those things in the pink.. FAKE. No questions.

And.. I am going to look for mattresses today for the renovation project. I told you that you could just post for me anytime..
Allison said…
Well, the farther along survivor gets and the more her boobs stay the same size, I would also vote fake. Thanks for the laugh this morning! I am also loathing my hair and am yearning for the short time ago that I had it professionally colored--I just can't justify forking out $200+ for my hair.
Stephanie said…
I think that is hilarious that he loved the hospital bed so much. Did anyone hear him going on about it? :)

Hang those jeans up for a while after the dryer. Those watch pockets will dry overnight. (maybe upstairs, where it's warmer?)
Anonymous said…
The way they sag, I think real. Don't they get in the way while she's Survivoring?
Not sure to cut or let my hair grow so I'm either wearing it up or have a hat on when not at work, I'm just staring to go grey and I have not colored it yet. I really don't think I want to.
My oldest is sleeping on a futon right now becaue his bed was amost as old as he is!
Anonymous said…
Get the one-inch memory foam topper. There is a two-inch version too but it's too squishy. But the one-inch takes away the pressure points, while still leaving the mattress's support.

Is Spencer Duhm still on Survivor? Tell me about him please, I'm writing something.
Soft Rock Mama said…
I would rather my pants be cold rather than damp.
Damp jeans remind me of wet jeans, which always lead to chaffing.
Not so much fun.

You and your writing make me smile and laugh.
barbra said…
I was going to suggest seeing if the dryer vents and ducts need cleaning out, too ... apparently you are supposed to do this once a year.

Maybe if the jeans were inside out the little watch pocket would dry better? But who has time to turn the clothes inside out? Blerg.

All the bikinis on Survivor make me so glad we're an Amazing Race family.

My hair is atrocious right now. I am trying to see how long I can go before getting it cut, due to lack of funds, but it is horrible. Unmanageable bangs, split ends so bad that my hair looks like straw... I'm miserable.
Anonymous said…
That post was pretty darn funny. I solve the damp or cold conundrum by turning the dryer back on for another 20 minutes. That way everything is dry and warm.

Those breasts have to be fake. They are too huge for her skinny frame. I agree that that suit is all wrong for them too. TG they were voted off. They made me nervous.

Do the boys have twin beds? We got a really nice Simmons from Land of Nod for our kiddo in a twin size for about 1/2 of what they sell for at regular mattress stores. 400ish vs. 800ish. He's only 4, but hopefully it will last and last. I think it's important to have a good mattress, but gosh, to have all of your guys start complaining all at once about their mattresses during These Grim Economic Times? Ouch.

I have no hair advice. My gray is coming in thick and fast, but so far, I don't care.

Anonymous said…
I do what jbhat does -- run it for another 20 minutes or so. Then you are sure, and the clothes that have sat overnight in the drier are all plumped up and WARM!
Poppy Buxom said…
I third the "just run it for another 20 minutes" advice.

Also, don't overload the tumbler. I wash as many clothes as will fit easily in my machine. I'd rather err on the side of doing two loads than pack them in like brown sugar in a cup.

Then, when I dry them, they dry better because they've had more space, which gets them cleaner, dries them more evenly, and leaves them less wrinkled.
Terese said…
I went for the really short haircut at the start of Summer then let all my white hair grow through - which was going quite well until I tried to tint it a light shade and the white hair went pink and I had to re dye it dark to leave the house. So if you do go naturally white then look after your hair, but get great hair cuts. My two cents worth...
Anonymous said…
Boobs: Real big.

Hair: I dunno.

Wet jeans: Dry 'em longer.

Mattresses: Sears.
MsCellania said…
Boobs: Real. Fake ones stay perky and have that implanted orange look.

Hair: I'll 2nd the Natural Instincts. Or get a weave with 3 lighter colors, quarterly.

Dryer: Take a brush and soap/water to your lint screen. If you use petroleum-based softener or sheets, the oil eventually coats the lint screen with an invisible film on it, blocking air flow. I use white vinegar v. softener now. Works fine. And no build up on the lint screen or on our clothing.

Beds: The Eternal Search. We got a NZ crimped wool topped, liquid latex filled, humdinger of a mattress for youngest, and we all fight over that bed. It is SOFT yet FIRM. You get out of it and do not hurt anywhere. Verlo special.
Anonymous said…
Not knowing exactly what you bought or what Youngest likes or what your budget is, I will throw this out and run. We bought a couple memory foam mattress toppers for some bunk bed mattresses where we occasionally sleep (do NOT ask). iirc, one is 3" thick and one is 4" thick. They are WONDERFUL! Got them from Overstock.com for around $100 each. Shop around; I am not convinced that Overstock is necessarily cheaper than elsewhere.
Amy A. said…
I can relate to youngest. My hospital bed was the most comfy thing ever and I would buy one today if they weren't so dang narrow! :P

I love it when a woman is totally, shiny, silky gray. It would probably look fab on you. Maybe you could go really, rilly short instead of doing the lightening thing.
RW said…
I concur with Poppy about not overstuffing the dryer...

I hate damp clothes.

I can relate to the hair issues. I am not ready to fully embrace grey hair..yet so I have to colour mine. But, it is tiresome.
Anonymous said…
I think one of them is fake. I'd need to see her running on the beach - in slow motion, to be sure.
Anonymous said…
I've nothing new to add, but I'm going to try Natural Instincts now. Isn't the whole colouring thing a bore, though? I don't want to pay for it, or do it myself. Sort of the same deal with window cleaning. Yet for both of these tedious tasks, I always think, well, that wasn't so bad when I finally do them.

Scot, you're naughty. I like you.

Mary said…
Nothing to add here.

Oh except for the food K is preparing. I am doing a similar thing - comfort food - cook a little too much - freeze the leftovers and feed my starving son when he comes home from school on the weekends.
Miz S said…
Oh snap.

I'm always late these days.

I miss you.

I'm sick of cold and wind and the thought of damp jeans makes me shiver.

Anonymous said…
Maybe you need a new sensor thingy in your dryer, for telling when the clothes are really truly dry?
Elan Morgan said…
It's a watch pocket! I have always wondered what that little pocket was about.

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