the way it goes

I plan on addressing your suggestions and questions - so stay tuned...but first, I need to talk about today.
It started off slowly.
I was convinced I was getting sick as several people around me have a crummy virus. My throat was scratchy, I was achy, so I stopped, on my way to work, at the drugstore. Then, well supplied with tissues and Advil, I went up to my desk. (Is that enough commas?)
Things were busy but going smoothly when a wrench was thrown into my day.
A project I was responsible for got hijacked by computer issues and my day went to hell.
The truth of it is: I typoed a couple of email addresses, AND THERE WERE COMPUTER ISSUES, my own efforts were sabotaged - and, for the first time, my boss had to point out the error I had made. It all came out right in the end but there were moments when I was unsure of myself and my abilities. Sure, sure, it was just a couple of typos, under strained circumstances, but I cannot possibly describe the influence this error made upon my day - suffice to say: though it was minor, it had an impact.
I got through the afternoon and there was no lasting damage incurred. That, my friends, is the beauty of being good at what one does for a living coupled with the good fortune of having a fair and generous boss. I do not underestimate either.
After work I went to a party.
It was a cocktail party for a couple who have been together for many many years and who were recently inspired to get married.
They are not especially young, these people, and they work in a business that has not gone unscathed in these difficult times.
These are reasons to celebrate.
I saw, at this party, people I had not seen in many years- all of whom have aged better than I.
The people I cared about remembered me, the bride and groom exuded happiness.
It was a lovely, softly lit gathering with breathtaking views.
And, when it was over, I walked to the station, where a train was waiting for me.
As we lurched along the track the conductor shouted: AND WE'RE OFF!
And then he punched each and every ticket to the rhythm of shave and a haircut, two bits and all seemed right with the world.


kt said…
yay. sounds delightful.
Anonymous said…
Dicey morning, redemptive afternoon, lovely evening, marvelous send off.

You've been busy!


p.s. Did any of those that aged better than you have children?
Miz S said…
Erin's question is exactly what I was going to ask. Parenthood takes its toll.
That One said…
I took the train from Paris to London once and, upon arriving in London, the French conductor announced in heavily accented English "we had a safe journey - the Angels were riding with us today." It was the perfect ending to a train trip - and a day - that was a bit nerve-wracking. Conductors, it seems, have great influence on passenger moods.
RW said…
Oh. the challenge to overcome a difficult morning... and not let it override into the afternoon. I get that. I am glad your evening was lovely.
Anonymous said…
God, I love a happy ending. And a happy conductor.

I'm amazed that tickets are still punched. Does the conductor stroll down the aisle and see everyone? How nice that is. I'm so used to a swipe card at the point of entry.
Mrs. G. said…
A bad day wiped clean by a good night. We should all be so lucky.
barbra said…
It sounds like such a nice way to end the day! How restorative!
Mary said…
I used to worry myself sick about any little mistake I made at work. It is stressful being a perfectionist.

Strangely I am not a perfectionist in my own home.

I am so glad your day softened into something lovely.
Anonymous said…
I agree with Blue Mountains Mary. I hold myself to very high standards at work, but my house is slowly deteriorating into something you might see on that show Clean House. My one major mistake I still remember after 15 years was at my former job as a marketing coordinater for a shopping mall. I had to proofread a flyer that was going to be distributed throughout the mall and I missed several mistakes. The mistakes had to be fixed and the flyer reprinted all that day. I was so humiliated even though everyone said "It's OK, it happens." I was a master proofreader after that incident. Nothing got past me.
Anonymous said…
Sounds like the cold may have affected your typing, but the rest of the day and evening whacked that cold upside the head and drove it away. Good.
Anonymous said…
a happy ending--that's all you can ask for.