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Splenda, Sweet 'N Low, Equal. "Tastes like sugar, made from sugar." WHY NOT SUGAR?
As I understand it, sugar has 16 calories per teaspoon - why forgo it for chemicals? And who is using these sugar substitutes? IMO? People for whom 16 calorie teaspoons of sugar are NOT the problem. And, yes, I do realize that people get "addicted" to the taste of these sweeteners and that white/bleached sugar is not especially healthy, but when, exactly, did it become the food of Satan?

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Loofahs. Ouch. A washcloth, yes, but abrasive smelly things? I don't think so.


Wrestling. Not getting it.

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Sudoku. It's hard!

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Lolcats. Really. Don't. Get. It.


Thongs. Nope.


Mary Beth said…
I love Sudoku even though I tend to get frustrated and throw things when I screw up the really difficult ones. The LOL cats can be really funny but purposely misspelling words just irritates me! It would be just as funny with the words spelled correctly. Oh and wrestling? Huh? Really don't get that one!
Anonymous said…
Your list is almost identical to mine.
Ali said…
Noooo, sudoku is wonderful. The others I'm with you on.
Anonymous said…
The sugar substitute may be useful for diabetics. Loofahs are good for those with extra layers of skin that need to be removed (DH has psoriasis and the loofah works great for his affected patches). Sudoku IS hard, but some people (my husband and some accountants I know) like that. Lolcats is for cat people like me.

Otherwise I agree completely :-)
Anonymous said…
I use sugar substitute because I was told it's not as bad for my teeth as real sugar.
Anonymous said…
I'm with you on Sudoku, sugar and thongs, but I like a good exfoliation every now and then, and I think lol cats are funny, even though I'm not a cat person.
Sinda said…
I do like some Sudoku, it's very soothing when you're stuck someplace without a book (I play on my phone). Otherwise, amen, sister!
Anonymous said…
I just looked up your professional wrestling's "Rowdy Gremlin."

Go see for yourself:

PS- Mine's "Cowboy Coward." That's not fair.

PPS- It ain't the name that makes the wrestler great. It's the moves. And the tights. And the sweet Lady Moustache.

You only WISH your moustache was this thick, shiny and healthy.

Rowdy Gremlin, you ain't nothin' but a wee little baby, just a whinin' in her crib. Time for your bottle, lil' one.

I think I smell a poopy diaper.

So sayeth the cowardly cowboy.
Keetha said…
Those artificial sweeteners are a mystery to me, too. I'm with you - I'd rather enjoy less of something that I know what it is than more of a packet of chemicals.
Poppy Buxom said…
1. Teeth
2. Superseded by those nylon puffs that look like onion bags
3. But it's funny
4. Crosswords for math people.
5. But they're funny!
6. Butt they're funny!
barbra said…
Ha, ha! Poppy, that was a good one.

The only things I get on this list are Sudoku puzzles (but I have moved on from them to another type of puzzle) and SOME LOLcats. SOME of them are funny.
Stephanie said…
but don't you want to see the Wrestler movie? I think it looks so good.

that was a good one, poppy. :)
Sudoku=Math Anxiety=I do Crosswords.

Splenda=My blood sugar takes a drop an hour later=I do Equal (borderline diabetic)

Thong=I'm kind of big in the middle section=Granny Panties (TMI?)
Anonymous said…
"Sturring" up controversy, are you? I didn't even know about lolcats until the other day, and then I wikipedia'd them, read about then, saw some pictures...and didn't even think they were funny. I mean, they maybe could be--think of the possibilities!--but they were just sort of lame.

Pretty Things said…
How did LOLcats even start? Or catch on? I hate feeling stupid when I'm in a forum and that stuff is flying around.

Sodoku -- did it once. Never again.

Thongs -- sigh.
Major Bedhead said…
Sodoku makes my brain bleed and thongs = butt floss, so I'm with you there. Loofahs make me think of Bill O'Reilly and that's NEVER a good thing. Wrestling, yeah. Don't get that either, but LOLcats makes me giggle like a schoolgirl. Personally, I think Splenda tastes like ass, but my daughter has type 1 diabetes and Splenda/Equal/whatever means she can have a soda without having to bolus insulin for it.
BabelBabe said…
yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.
altho at first i thought that second thing was some sort of weird tampon.
Wendy said…
I love sudoku, but it's more of a logic puzzle than math.
TheOneTrueSue said…
Ugh, I hate Lolcats. Not funny.
Jen said…
Splenda - ick
Loofah - ick, and it does look like a weird tampon
Wrestling - ick (boxing too)
Sudoku - love this
Lolcats - just do not get it, with one exception: that one did make me laugh
Thongs - nope

So I'm pretty much with you
Anonymous said…
I've just been waiting for Eurolush's commentbox about the wrestling.

She never lets us down!! we FINALLY know your real name!!

cary perk said…
Agree with them ALL, but I must admit a weakness for Diet Pepsi. But that saves 120 calories. I don't drink "fat pop."
Anonymous said…
I know for my diabetic Dad the glycemic response of Splenda vs sugar is different. He can also use agave nectar as well. He also has a SERIOUS sweet tooth so fake sweeteners are the only way he can get his fix.
Miz S said…
HA! You are SO insensitive to the diabetics! Do we need to send you to reeducation camp? HMMMMM?
Anonymous said…
I'm right there with you on everything, but the sudoku. Nothing wrong with a nightly maths puzzle.
Unknown said…
Somewhere in the deep resources of your mind you must have heard the word "Diabetes" at some point, right? That's why the fake sugar. Because the real stuff can kill.

Sudoku isn't hard, it's challanging. Once you get over the initial hurdle it's actually pretty easy. You have to start with the easy ones and then move on to the harder ones

LOL cats is hilarious IF you have cats. If not, not funny. Same thing for LOL dogs, which I find fairly tiresome. Not funny because I don't have a dog.

But wrestling, thongs, and especially smelly icky loofahs. I'm right there with you.

I just got a pkg of fake sweetner called Truvia in the mail. I'm gonna review it in the next day or two. It's from the stevia plant and it's supposed to be the best yet. But I don't think you can bake with it. Sigh.
Anonymous said…
If I had that ass, I'd just walk around with a leaf in front.

Mary said…
I'm with you on all of them.

My husband is diabetic so I understand the need for the fake sugars...

Still don't like them though...
The Coffee Lady said…
No, don't get any of them.

Don't know what this wrestling malarkey is about either. What did I miss?
Duyvken said…
So, how early in the morning do you think Eurolush starts drinking?
KPB said…

1. Artificial sweeteners are for pussies. Except those who it works for in a medical sense. But you know, those people who claim an 'allergy' to sugar are in the same class as those 'allergic' to wheat. I'm not believing you're a coeliac until I see the official results from your stool sample.

2. I adore a good loofahing. It's like who I love having scratchy sun-dried towels. What can I say, there must be some Puritan in my veins.

3. I have two sons who put when the wrestling is on in the tv planner. They have dolls (sorry, action figures) of the various wrestlers. Felix has requested a ring for them to fight in for his birthday. Oscar gets SO excited by it all he is like a pig in mud. I just.don'

4. Never got it. Thought it was stupid. Then Chef informed me it had nothing to do with maths and everything to do with logic and I've been addicted ever since. Addicted.

5. I basically have a rule that as soon as anyone posts a story and/or photos of their cat I stop reading them. And I'm a cat lover. I don't get Lolcats either. I think it's really stupid and it makes my neck itch that people think it's hilarious. I mean, I can feel the IQ of the universe decreasing by the minute.

6. Is there any article of 'clothing' more uncomfortable? Who called it butt-floss? Absolutely.

As you were.
KPB said…
OH, and you can now call me Cool Enforcer.
KPB said…
OH - I'm sorry, I did the male one, not the diva version.

Apparently I'm Ebony Redhead, which just doesn't make any sense at all. So maybe it's fitting.

But I do prefer Cool Enforcer.

And can you imagine the damage we could do with a blue tray?

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