snow blind

Actually, it could be that I'm a little hung over.
Went to Jen Lancaster's new, unbelievably palatial home last night. She has bathrooms she's never even used, but I digress...Jen Lancaster, okay?
She had an I Love The 80's party and, people, I cannot even begin to describe with vivid enough detail, the quality and scope of fabulous outfits people wore. And, if the outfits weren't enough, the accessories people thought to wear, or had saved since the 80's were just astounding.
One guy had a Sony Walkman, another had a beeper on his waistband, there were legwarmers and Bermuda bags and o-ring bracelets and punch and Fritos and Heathers was on the big screen tv.
It was hysterically funny and I'm hoping Susie Sunshine will forward me some photos to share.

Today, after a cozy sleep in the de-luxe apartment in the sky, Poppy and I weather a blizzard and went to get some tasty tasty breakfast and then I spent the day exclaiming: POPPY, WILL YA LOOK AT THIS WEATHER! I CAN BARELY SEE THE JOHN HAN-COCK TOWER.
It was white-out conditions all day long. Sometimes it was snowing UP. Poppy's home in the sky is all windows and it is the PERFECT place to weather a storm.

I fortified myself with a glass of wine at about three and bundled up to venture forth two blocks for some Diet Coke, a couple of apples and some milk. WHO KNOWS HOW LONG WE MAY BE TRAPPED UP HERE.
Tonight we head to another bash which will be very very different from standing around with guys in Miami Vice suits making jokes about scoring some blow.

Getting here was an adventure too - I forgot to tell you...
I arrived at the airport at early o'clock to discover my flight was canceled and that I had been moved to one an hour later. After checking through security, I had barely made myself comfortable when a fellow in a suit approached me and asked if I was traveling to Chicago. I hesitated but said yes and he asked if I'd like to leave right that minute, which sounded like a good idea to me. He walked me through the hall to a locked door which he opened and then brought me to an airplane which left minutes later. And so, I was whisked away - early - to await my luggage, and my dear Poppy.

It's all very exciting.


Sharon said…
So what kind of airport angel WAS he?
Badger said…
Wait a minute. Someone offered you a ride to Chicago BY PLANE? And you took it? So you basically hitchhiked to Chicago? BY PLANE?

ONLY YOU could get away with something like that.
Amy A. said…
I feel like scolding you about going with a stranger behind a locked door. But it all worked out so I won't.
Anonymous said…
Was the stranger wearing shades and an earpiece? If so, that was Air Force One and Obama and family were in the forward cabin. How nice of them to give you a ride to Chicago!
ErinH said…
It IS all very exciting. I'm so glad you're having a marvelous time, and getting a personal escort to your plane, too.
Anonymous said…
You're a VIP. Anyone can tell. That's why you were approached. Who had EVER heard anything remotely like this? HUH? WHO?
I am impressed though, that you DID go with him. I wouldn't have expected that.
Anonymous said…
Parties! Apartments in the sky! Susie Sunshine! Poppy! Blizzards!

So exciting!

More details!

More descriptions!

More vicarious living!

Enough taunting, Rowdy Gremlin. Your fans demand action.

Miz S said…
It's difficult to follow Eurolush in the comments because she's EUROLUSH. Don't you think that she and Susie Sunshine would get along famously?
The Tutugirl said…
Totally jealous of your weekend. Enjoy the storm!
Anonymous said…
Nag Susie to get you those photos, please? Pretty please? Because I know they're going to be absolutely priceless and I'm hoping you're going to post some of them.
Wow. You sure know how to pack a lot of living into a weekend. And this was only up to Sat. afternoon?

Can't wait to hear The Rest Of The Story.
Allison said…
OMG it all sounds like so much fun!! I would love to see pics. Do you think any of the women hairsprayed their wet bangs and then rolled them around a curling iron and sprayed them again while they were on it, and then again after for good measure??
Mary said…
Just photos of the snow would do it for me.

Let alone photos of parties and apartments and skyscrapers and

islaygirl said…
i love your airport experience. those travel miracles are the best, aren't they? i had one of those at Heathrow on my way to college for the first time.
MsCellania said…
You could have ended up in CHINA, Shanghai'd! I would have jumped up and trotted after the fellow, too. ANYTHING to get out of an airport.

The best parties are always in Chicago. Always. I don't bother going to any here as they pale in comparison. To the Parties. In Chicago.

Hope you are STILL having fun. Rowdy Gremlin, indeedy.
Oh! wv is 'giesal' which I am sure is German for something exotic.
Anonymous said…
Sometimes I miss the 80s! But then I remember all of that Lionel Richie music, and am glad to be in the 00s.

Sounds like you and weather are having a blast. Pictures, please!

Maggie May said…
an 80's party!! awesome, like totally.
Anonymous said…
That shiny stuff just surrounds you, doesn't it?

Gawd, I miss Chicago.
Anonymous said…
Sounds like fun. I tried reading a Jen Lancaster book once, but only lasted about a chapter. I'm not a fan of her brand of humor. Can't wait to see some pics.

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