notes from the trenches

It's been a difficult week at my office - and it's only Thursday.
Things are shifting and people have left and people have been promoted and emotions are running high.
The company I work for has also had a great success this week. A project we are involved with has done remarkably well....
Yesterday morning, I was doing my usual things with my boss: I had a sheet listing the day's appointments in my hand, I had some questions for him about his upcoming business trip and information for him regarding a meeting.
I looked down on his desk and noticed something different.
His pen.
He had a different pen.
The day before we had had a party to celebrate the project.
Amidst terrible news and change and uncertainty, we put aside our fear and we savored a victory.
And at that party, someone needed a pen - the person who had been most instrumental in the victory.
My boss offered his pen - and it was accepted and appreciated.

Where's your special pen? I asked, yesterday morning.
I gave it away, he said.
But that was your special pen, I said, amazed.
My lucky pen, he said.
Did you tell him? I asked.
No, I just gave it to him, he explained.

And I started to cry...
fortunately, things got busy and I didn't have time to think about it.
It was the smallest gesture, really, and so few people would understand the significance of it.
But I do.


Anonymous said…
Very generous.
Mary said…

So great that he didn't say anything to the recipient.

What goes round comes round - he deserves something good to come his way!
Sinda said…
You and your boss seem equally deserving of each other. I know you appreciate him. And I'm sure he appreciates you just as much.
He sounds like a nice boss to work for.
Julie Bradshaw said…
I feel like these things don't happen as often as they should anymore. Or at least they don't get shared often enough by observers. My heart is warmed. Thanks.
Anonymous said…
What a grand gesture.
smalltownme said…
He's got class.
Anonymous said…
And now we have a better idea of why chose to work for him. Most excellent.
MsCellania said…
I bet that boss of yours is way up on the karmic chain. I mean that in the very nicest and best of ways.
You are so lucky to work with him.
And he's lucky to have you!
barbra said…
I agree with everyone, he sounds like a good boss, and a good match for you. That's a big deal.
Anonymous said…
Somehow I had missed the first story about the pen which I have now read and loved and smiled over, and now here is another lovely story.

I wish everyone well at your office. It's hard when times are turbulent.

Amy A. said…
And that is why you love your boss.

People never cease to amaze.
Anonymous said…
Sometimes it is so simple to be a good man, no acknowlegdement needed. Amazing.
Anonymous said…
Of course you cried. You wouldn't be blackbird otherwise.

And he wouldn't be blackbird's boss if he was any different.