Le Mépris

We had dinner with our friend W and his French sweetheart last month.
It was nice.
Of course, we made the mistake of serving her Posole, realizing, just seconds after her first spoonful of it that she has had the finest Posole on earth...that she is well versed in the Posole!
But what can one do?
We chatted about all kinds of things, when we were able to get Oldest to stop monopolizing her attention, and, at some point, discussed films - as one does. And B (the French sweetheart) highly recommended Le Mepris.

So, the other night, after B had returned to Paris and we were sitting and lamenting her departure with W, we sat down to watch it.

It's an interesting little film - with no real translation for the title. It is called Contempt in English but that doesn't seem to completely capture it.
It stars Brigitte Bardot and was made by Jean-Luc Goddard. Fritz Lang plays a director and Jack Palance does a fine job of being a sleazy American producer and the whole thing sort of looks better than it is.
(You know what I mean here, don't you?)


There's a lot of this kind of thing.
BB moving, purposefully.
Sometimes naked.
Don't get too excited - whenever she's naked she's lying on her stomach.

Capri also

It's the story of a disintegrating marriage and a failed writer and a trip to Capri.

house, Capri

The trip to Capri features a remarkable house, and the shooting of a film -


I would just LOVE one of those Technicolor jumpsuits.

BB use

Mostly, there are a lot of pouty faces...(this one is certainly gorgeous)

not Clive Owen

and a fellow who is NOT Clive Owen, and some apartment therapy.

apartment therapy

(See how I made a little internet joke there? Apartment Therapy?)

I won't tell you the end, but I will say I was a little surprised.

I think, now that I've thought about it, that I would recommend this film too.
B loves the music, and I do too - though it really only is a tiny bit of music and tends to be pervasive.

See it and spend an afternoon pretending you are a sullen French woman with a tiny waist and post coital hair.


KPB said…
You are just.so.sophisticated.
Allison said…
I aspire to have the Bardot pout, LOL.
Anonymous said…
Oh to look that good post coitally--I'm flushed and flabby and cow-licky in a very unsexy way. And ashamed I just shared so much.
I think post-coital hair is French for bedhead.
barbra said…
Hmmm ... let me guess ... this is a 1960s movie. :-)
Anonymous said…
You really ARE too cool for school. Did Oldest have a crush on your guest named B?

Off to investigate Posole.

Anonymous said…
Wow, what an incredible house! Bardot made so many so-so movies that would have been total crap had she not been in them. This one looks like the house is her co-star.
I just saw FLASHBACKS OF A FOOL. A good movie starring Daniel Craig and the most incredible house I've ever been jealous of. I recomend the movie for the story, the acting, NOT the music, and THE HOUSE. YOU GOTTA SEE IT TO BELIEVE IT!
alice c said…
I am quite interested in the tiny waist but the hair - not so much.
Anonymous said…
Why has no one mentioned that animal that seems to be on the guy's chest in the final photo?

Is that Fritz?
Duyvken said…
This is one of my fave films. And if I looked like that without brushing hair and feeling glum I would DO IT ALL THE TIME. I'm enjoying your film posts, btw, keep them coming! I know you only post to keep me amused, after all, hah!
smalltownme said…
Found it under Contempt on Netflix.

But then I got distracted by the Daniel Craig comment.

That Netflix queue is getting too long!

Tantioli! (that's my word verification but it sounds like a lovely mediteranean goodbye!)
Anonymous said…
When I was about 12, I used to read Francois Sagan novels, and BB was always the female lead in the movie in my head. Really, my dad would let me read anything, bless him.