February 12, my friends

The season premiere of Survior is just around the corner.
I went by the website to watch some of the videos and had to laugh...this season is "all about first impressions."
Could someone tell Jeff that, when it comes to Survivor, for me, EVERY season is about first impressions?
The videos look good and I'm looking forward to watching again soon (not to mention seeing my mom on Thursdays).
I'll be doing a cast round-up within the next couple of weeks.


Anonymous said…
Time does fly. Survivor will be back soon. SIGH for me.
Anonymous said…
I may try to watch along with you on Sling Box...if I can get the Man of Wrath to hook me up.

Oh, hold on a sec.

I see Paola standing over there in the lounge...I need to have a word with her.
Anonymous said…
Oh goody! My Thursday night get-togethers are coming back soon. Come on Paola, get on board already! You'll love it.

Amy A. said…
Yay! Survivor Season. Can't wait.
Miz S said…
Josh saw a promo for Survivor. He said, "Who WATCHES that, anyway?"

"BLACKBIRD, THAT'S WHO," I responded promptly.

How dare he impugn your show.
Mrs. G. said…
I owe my Survivor addiction to you and Bob. Can't wait!
Anonymous said…
I've got to say, I'm looking forward to it, too. And your recaps, of course.