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For reasons unknown to me at this time, Middle and I have, of late, been known to lapse into a pantomime - a pantomime of one of those wind-up monkey toys that plays the cymbals.
And, because I'm thoughtful, I thought I might get Middle one of those cymbal-playing monkeys.

<span class=

This? Is not a monkey, in my opinion. A bear, maybe, but not a monkey. Plus, I think it needs to be wearing clothes.

amazing magic monkey

I'm not sure what makes this monkey "magic," but I'm sure he would keep me entertain for a very long time.


This monkey looks the same - he'd probably keep me entertain too. I feel like he has a little too much blush on, under his nose, but he's only ten dollars.

monkey in a hat

This version has a removable hat and clothing. I like that about him. He's an antique and there was no price listed for him. He could be ten dollars or fifty!

I'm pretty sure, when Middle and I are channeling the monkey, that this is the monkey we have in mind...

Charley Chimp

I had no idea that he also bares his teeth and that his eyes bulge
. We don't pantomime that.

This version is, most assuredly, not what we have in mind.

scary ass monkey

Today is Middle's birthday and I adore him.
We did not buy him a monkey who bangs the cymbals and bares his teeth, we bought him some kind of 35mm lens adapter thing that I cannot possibly explain.
He has officially applied to The College Of His Choice and now we wait for their reply.
We are tremendously proud of him and his work and I could write many long paragraphs about how much I admire him.
But you can probably guess how much an 18 year old would appreciate that.


The Tutugirl said…
Happy Birthday Middle! Congratulations on being officially an adult!
Anonymous said…
18 yrs. That's a BIG thing where I come from, it's the equivalent of your sweet 16, BUT you get to drive AND drink AND vote.
You are an adult in Positano now, dear Middle.
Buon compleanno.
Anonymous said…
Happy happy happy day to you all!

That last monkey is quite scary.
Happy Birthday Middle!

I hope you get into that College and have a great, exciting year.
Badger said…
Happy birthday, Middle! Eighteen, holy cow!
smalltownme said…
Happy Birthday!

(Those monkeys scare me.)
cary perk said…
Happy birthday Middle! I hope you have a terrific day!
RW said…
Another Birthday!
Many Happy Returns to Middle.

How long do you have to wait to find out if you are accepted to the The College of His Choice?
MsCellania said…
Hey - you've got another MAN in the house!
HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Middle. You are One Cool Dude, and One Lucky Dude to have your mama and daddy.
Have mucho fun at school. Only assvice I have is:
1. Take Your Pillow to College.
2. Provide bb with self-adhesive address labels to make shipping those care packages to you ever so easy.
That is all, my friend.
I have a sneaky hunch you are going to do fabulous at college.
Sarah said…
Happy birthday, Middle!
Happy Birthday Middle - and fingers crossed for admission to the school of your choice. Tomorrow is Liam's birthday (my youngest) and he is in the middle of finals at the school of his choice...sophomore year. I have faith that at this time next year Middle will be feverishly working on some incredible project and finishing up semester #1!
Anonymous said…
Happy birthday, Middle! We all adore you, too, from afar. And if you slip me the name of Your College Of Choice, I could bludgeon the dean of admissions into assuring your acceptance.
Jan said…
A resounding clash of the cymbals in honor of your birthday, Middle! May your every wish be granted.
BB, those monkeys reminded me of a stuffed monkey, Jocko, I had as a child...pliable rubber face and creepy-ish hands. *Thanks for the memories*.
Miz S said…
Happy birthday to Middle! I have a good feeling about that boy's future.
KPB said…
Happy Birthday Middle! You know, if you lived in Australia? You'd be able to legally drink alcohol now.

December-borns rock the world.
alice c said…
Happy Birthday Middle! - we wish you an AMAZING year.
The Coffee Lady said…
oh you know I saw a toy monkey with cymbals the other day on a traditional organ

I would have punched the organ grinder in the face and nicked it if I had known you were looking for one
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday to Middle. May the day be filled with lots of monkey- cymbal pantomiming (sp?).

Note to bb:

That last "monkey" playing the cymbals is going to keep me awake tonight, shivering in my bed. I swear to god, that thing will give me countless nightmares. It's like some sort of evil Bigfoot/Sasquatch/monkey, sitting on some sort of pillow-topped music box, just waiting to kill. With the cymbals, of course.


'That monkey got devil eyes.'
--Brian Fellows

word verf: "crypho"

Perhaps the killer "monkey's" name?
Maggie May said…
that fourth monkey is terrifying.

happy birthday middle!!!
Mary said…
18? Middle is 18? How can this be?

the time is flying...

Happy Birthday Middle - in Australia you are an adult too...
Pretty Things said…
Monkeys and clowns. They scare the hell out of me.
Amy A. said…
Write those paragraphs anyway. Just for him. He will appreciate them... someday!
Eleanor said…
Happy birthday Middle and happy days to all the Blackbirds. May your batteries never run out!
islaygirl said…
Happy Birthday Middle!

And BB, i was Anthro today and thought of you.
Wendy said…
Happy Day Middle!!
Anonymous said…
So glad you were born, Middle. And congratulations, bb. It was a BIG day for you 18 years ago.

Anonymous said…
Happy happy birthday, Middle!
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday, Middle!

I so hope you get into the college of your choice. Is that the one we got to tag along to? It looked amazing, and just right.

Wishing you a happy, exciting year ahead.

Anonymous said…
The happiest of days to your middle. I think that the 35mm camera thing sounds like an immensely interesting gift for an immensely interesting recipient.

Eighteen is such an exciting age.
Dani said…
Happy belated birthday, Middle! :)
Jennifer said…
Sorry I'm late.... but Happy Birthday Middle. All the best to you.

And to Mom and Dad for being such thoughtful caring parents.
Green Girl said…
Many happy returns to your boy---but I bet he'd have loved a monkey for his birthday.
That One said…
Happy birthday a day late, Middle!
Hope your day was everything you wished your 18th birthday to be.
barbra said…
Happy Birthday, Oh Talented Middle! I wish you all the best!

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