take a moment

Think of where you live.


Think of how you live.


Think about what you are wearing.


Think about your choices.


How is it that we live here?

portrait 7

And that others live someplace else.


That we have things or do not.


Which is not to say that others have less.
Or more.


Or that it isn't all about hats.



Anonymous said…
There you go! Plenty deep! Happy new year to the whole bb family... May your 2008 be all about hats.
Priscilla said…
And futuristic!

Wednesday December 31, 2008

Nora :) said…
Those portraits are amazing. Thank you for giving me something to think about in such a beautiful way.

Happy New Year.
Alice said…
Beautiful photographs...
For some reason I think about that often, maybe it's the (college) age...
Pretty Things said…
I love the photos!
KPB said…
And somehow I now love the post about Peppermint Bark even more.
Mary said…
Dear BB

Happy New Year ! from where it is the New Year.

I, like you, am hoping for a general upswing in 08.

I, like you I suspect, am still counting my blessings.

Anonymous said…
OK, you're making me think way too much.

And since I can't have a drink for another 7 months, it hurt.

Happy New Year, BB.
MizMell said…
I've been thinking it may be all about hats.
BOSSY said…
Wow, it's all cerebral and cool over here, while over at Bossy's place it's all about her Junior High School crush. sigh.

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