Survivor, which I watched!

I'm amazed too!
We had pork chops and stuffing and green beans and we watched Survivor.
Of course, Middle was on a field trip in the city and Oldest had already eaten, but K and I took the train home together and met my mom and cooked some dinner and watched.
It was the second-to-last episode and even though I've been a bad viewer this season I felt like I was up to speed...which could be because you have all been very good at updating me. So, thanks.
Now...Bob and Corrinne made a fake immunity idol.
The only players left are: Kenny, who annoys me with his whining, Crystal who is just plain mean looking, Bob who is my favorite, Matty who is neurotic, Sugar who is always smarter than we think and Susie who flies under the radar and never gets any votes.
At camp Nobag (a name which does not impress us) Matty is very aggravated because he got 3 votes at the previous tribal council. He confronts Kenny who tells us that he is the mastermind of the game. Sugar is aligned with Kenny and Crystal. We can't believe Crystal hasn't been voted out, but she hasn't and it looks like Matty might be next to go.

Kenny talks to Bob and Bob feels sorry for him and promises that if he wins the next immunity challenge he will give the idol to Kenny.
And it is time for a challenge on day 33.
The players must run through a swamp, untie a ball and return through the swamp to a skee-ball-like set up. Whoever gets and swooshes three balls wins a night at a gorilla sanctuary.
It's a relatively exciting race and we notice that Kenny looks very skinny. Bob moves slowly and deliberately and shoots well, while Matty seems a little frantic. We are delighted when Bob wins.
He decides to bring Crystal and Kenny with him on the reward and he sends Susie to Exile.

Bob, Kenny and Crystal leave in a helicopter and have a lovely lunch, get clean clothes and are able to take showers. They discuss voting Matty out next and Bob discusses giving Kenny immunity. He tells Kenny he will protect him if he feels he is in danger of being voted off.

Susie chooses comfort over clues on Exile and it occurs to me that she is the player who coasts. There's always one, isn't there?

At camp, Matty is still infuriated and complains about Crystal and Kenny. Sugar tells him she's siding with Kenny and Matty suggests that she give him her idol.
The winners return and Matty is still complaining.
Everyone is cranky and Crystal has it out with Matty - but Sugar overhears it and feels terrible for him.
Sugar switches her alliance and defends Matty and promises to help him with Bob and Susie. Can she turn it all around? Sugar declares that Crystal will be the next to go.
The immunity challenge is a race through an obstacle course to duplicate a mask puzzle - the hitch is that the players must complete it blindfolded.
It proves difficult and interesting to watch as Crystal goes off course several times and Matty appears to have a lead but Bob wins it in the end. Slow and steady.
It's the 4th challenge he's won...will he give immunity to Kenny?

After the challenge, when everyone has time to talk, Kenny tells Crystal he is going to vote for Bob!
She agrees!
Kenny plans to double-cross Bob while Bob plans to give Kenny immunity!
Sugar doesn't like this plan and tells Bob.
She thinks they should vote for Susie. (I'm just thrilled that someone is talking about Susie!)
Bob isn't sure he can trust her, and Sugar tells the team what to do. Who is she lying to?
She tells Matty to vote for Crystal. She could be running the whole shebang!

At Tribal Council Jeff talks about how strong Bob is.
Susie is, once again, inconsequential, and no one mentions her.
Bob, smartly, keeps his immunity and says he doesn't think Kenny is going to be sent home.
Sugar gives her immunity necklace to Matty and saves him and...
Crystal joins the jury.

So. Out of touch for a week here or there and I am STILL LOVING IT.
Sunday is the finale (I think) and I'm looking forward to some lasagna and the big finish.


Mrs. G. said…
I cackled and thought of you as I watched Crystal put out her torch!
robiewankenobie said…
not only that? but the looks on the faces of the jury? priceless.
Anonymous said…
Uber Survivor habe ich keine Ahnung. (No Umlauts on the laptop! Aiiiii!)

I used to love watching my old life.

In my new life I watch cows. And sheep. And clouds. And my neighbors.

But I'm happy to have your recaps. It reminds me of happy times.
Anonymous said…
Great recap. Bob! I just love Bob. And Sugar! She's the best player, I think. But I don't know who will win, and I don't know who I am rooting for.

And if you are making lasagna for the Sunday finale, then I will too. It's been ages since I've made it, and it will be just the thing.

Annagrace said…
Not a Survivor fan (like with Rum, it's not that I haven't tried) but I do like stuffing. And lasagna.
Grandma Cebe said…
I love it that Kenny thinks he's the master mind of the game. But it's really Sugar and Bob.
Badger said…
If Kenny wins I will throw up. If Susie wins I will emit a groan of disgust. If Sugar wins I'll be meh. If Matty wins I'll be yay! If Bob wins I'll be YAY YAY YAY!

I don't know why I like Matty. I think he reminds me of an old boyfriend.
Anonymous said…
I'm with Annagrace, don't like Survivor (or the equivalent Italian version) or any reality show, as it is. But stuffing and lasagna? That, I like.
Paola, returned to base (sigh)