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Now, on to the randomness, the randomocity, THE WORLD OF RANDOM...

We like to watch old movies, and when we heard Tilda Swinton mention a favorite of hers, on David Letterman one night, K went and got it for us.

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It's a good one! None of the boys was willing to sit through it with us though - not funny enough.

Such fonts!

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Such weather! Such Scottish scenery. I love finding a movie we've never heard of and being pleasantly surprised by it.


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here is a terrible screen shot of that horrible show about Spain and food with Mario Batali and Mark Bittman (who I like!) and Claudia someone and Gwyneth Paltrow! I cannot complain ENOUGH about this pretentious, silly show. I shout at the television when it's on and I stumbled across an episode last night in which GP moons and swoons over food for an hour and I wanted to smack HER IN THE FACE.
Fortunately, Grosse Point Blank was on another channel and I was able to see that scene wherein John Cusack stares into the face of an infant and the infant stares back.
So that was nice.

And speaking of infants -

My cousin E is expecting a baby this spring and I was lucky enough to see her last weekend. My Favorite And Only Aunt and Uncle are very excited and my Aunt pulled out a bin of handmade baby things to show us.

baby things2

Wee tiny things -

smocked sweater

lovingly knitted by a long gone great grandma and aunt.


There was a teeny yellow shrug! To go with my cousin's teeny bump! We laughed pretty hard at the idea of putting a shrug on a newborn.

tiny poncho

Certainly a minuscule poncho would be easier.

You know what's difficult to come by these days? No, not a shrug for a newborn, we've found one of those!

hulk hands

Original FOAM Hulk Hands. Not the FABRIC Hulk Hands - the ones my boys want MUST BE FOAM. We are working on it. I just thought I'd mention it.

Once again, I am STEALING FROM INGRID. She's a lovely blogger, Ingrid and I just cannot help myself when she posts something inspiring. I'm sorry but there it is.

Ingrid said she wished that she believed wishes made a difference. I wish Ingrid would believe it too.
We all need wishes. Every day.


tut-tut said…
You sound mo betta.

Yeah to I Know Where I'm Going. We've had the video for quite a while.

That Spain show--we are addicted to its utter awfulness. Mario at one point shouted, Group Hug! so he could clasp GP within his meaty grasp. How could you not be appalled at a show that infantilizes the names into bitty, batty, and gp?

But what could be betta than a baby on the way?
the baby things make me want to snuggle a baby. :) and smell the top of his/her head (i love that smell). thank you for the lovely shout out.
HULK HANDS! $10 at WMart (I know, I know). Are they sold out already?
We were laughing about those while looking at the ads in Sunday's paper.

Oh,(sigh), a new baby. I also saved all those teeny little sweaters knitted by my Aunts.
Pretty Things said…
I love the baby sweaters. I still have the one my mom put ME in! Zack probably wouldn't have appreciated it if I'd decked him out in that.
barbra said…
Grosse Pointe Blank! Love that movie. That's probably why I've been loving the TV show "Chuck" as well.

My WV is "purry." Appropriate; there is a cat on my lap right now, making it hard to type!
Anonymous said…
I used to adore Gwyneth. Now I feel like I don't even know her anymore. What happened to her? I know, maybe I will send her a someecard (via you!) to make me feel better.

My clock is ticking. And those wee little pastel lovelies make it tick even louder and harder.
Anonymous said…
jbhat, by the way.
Anonymous said…
I can totally picture you yelling at your tv. When did GP Become such a pretentious snob? Sheesh.

We had foam hulk hands. But G was too young and tried to eat them. foam everywhere. sigh. Oddly, on the box it said "Not intended for punching, hitting or fighting."
Stomper Girl said…
It was the mini bubsy poncho that made my womb ache.
Amy A. said…
The video made me feel very wistful. Wistfully wishful. I wish someone would have hugged the guy with colon cancer.
Amy A. said…
Oh, I forgot to tell you that you need to go over to soulemama.typepad.com to look at today's post. That guy has your shirt on.
Anonymous said…
I needed to stop a minute and tell you that the blue/green sweater is absolutely beautiful. What a work of art.

Now, I will go watch the video.
islaygirl said…
love that typeface! my wish is to meet you someday. or better yet, to blackbird you on the street when you have on your favorite hat. (the one you let the woman have copied).
Geggie said…
So, three different people who I like have all raved about the new show about Spain. Now I'm torn. I suppose I'll have to see it for myself.
Poppy Buxom said…
I adore I Know Where I'm Going.

A dear friend of mind spent a month on the Isle of Mull (the actual location of what they call "Killoran") for a month based on loving that movie so much.

I got the Criterion Collection DVD when it came out, and was going to email her to ask her if she'd seen it. Then I watched it and realized that she's one of the special features on the disc.
Anonymous said…
What a lovely little movie. Great sound track, too. I feel like dancing. Thanks, bb & Ingrid.

I checked out the Hulk Hands at WMART tonight....alas, they are fabric, not foam.
Anonymous said…
my Pete loves any movie that is black and white.

Hulk hands... interesting.
MizMell said…
Thanks so much for sharing the video. It lifted my spirits immediately.
Unknown said…
That was beautiful BB.. that clip from Ingrid. Wow. So inspiring. Thank you. (I was just in NYC on a business trip last week. I love people watching there!) I am so glad you blog.