new favorite

The Top (Music Video) from Francis and the Lights on Vimeo.


KPB said…
Um, wow?

At first I thought it was like what would happen if Sean Penn met Adrien Brodie and they morphed into one person with a touch of Tom Jones.

Then all I could think of was Frank from Father of the Bride (the version with Steve Martin of course).

And then the lights fell from the ceiling and it was way cool indeed.
RW said…
Well, that was an interesting bit o' viewing!
MsCellania said…
I can't believe that's a white dude.
Very Niiiiiice.
Velma said…
Badger said…
Sounds like Prince. And/or The Artist Formerly Known As. And now I can't get Robert Klein's "I Can't Stop My Leg" out of my head.
Anonymous said…
Waiter? I'll have whatever he's having.

Thank you.

Mary said…
Sounded incredibly like Prince to me too.

Which is absolutely fine by me.

I always did like me some Purple Rain..

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