Youngest is having an asthma attack. He hasn't really had one in a couple of years - we've been able to head them off at the pass, but this one has come hard and heavy. K's project is done until after the holidays so he is home with him but I find myself falling into the well worn steps of treatments and medications and sleeping with one ear listening. We are on day three. When he was small he would get much worse on day four and then be considerably better on day five. We'll see.

Sometimes a Heath Bar is just right at 9:03 pm. Then there's the 15 minutes after it in which you have the added pleasure of sucking the toffee out of your teeth. It's like two candy bars in one eating experience.

Kate, from Jon and Kate Plus Eight, really can be a bitch sometimes, you know. But, when I think about it, I realize that if I were in her position they could never film me for television.

I spent a good part of the afternoon making paper snowman garlands for our office holiday party. We used page proofs from several books to recycle things rather than waste paper and I'm here to say that the collected works of Frida Kahlo don't really lend themselves, easily, to holiday decor.

K and I (but mostly K) are making a huge dish of creme brulee as my contribution to the aforementioned holiday party. Yesterday I brought a blow torch to work so I'd have it to caramelize the sugar on site and it was a wonderful addition to my desk decor...right up until we got a company-wide email advising us that the fire marshall was in the office.

My puffy coat is the warmest thing I've ever worn. Yesterday I saw another woman wearing the same coat at the train station. I asked her where she had bought it, as we admired each other's good taste, and she said Daffy's! HA HA Mr. SchmancymcSearlestore!

My teeth are aching a little, right now, from that Heath Bar. And I might have a stomachache.

I'm pretty sure we'll be going to see a "fun family comedy" at the movies over the Christmas break - any suggestions?

I scored two sets of Hulk Hands (the foam ones!) on eBay. I paid $3.25 for one set and $20.00 for the second set so I'm pretending it all evens out and they were reasonably priced. Right now my favorite gift is a set of fake mustaches I bought for Middle - eight or ten black acrylic hair mustaches to stick on peoples faces. I'll try to remember to take pictures. And post them.


Amy A. said…
I like your misc.

It's nice that K can be home with youngest so you don't have to use up any sick days quite yet. I hope you all can the day four symptoms and move right on to day five.
Wendy said…
Hope youngest is better soon.

And about Kate, if she were laid back the inmates would run that asylum.
Mrs. G. said…
Hulk Hands?
Mary said…
I loved all that misc.

Except for the bit about Youngest.

That just worried me.
Here's to easier breathing for Youngest.

I think the fact that Kate hasn't jumped on the crazy train yet is a miracle.

Frida Kahlo Paper Snowman Garlands??!!! Seriously? I would PAY for those. They would make an amazing gift for my BFF (Best Florida Friend) who is a huge Frida Kahlo fan.
RW said…
Gosh. I hope youngest makes a speedy recovery!

Good luck with the carmelization.
Anonymous said…
Hope Youngest is feeling better. Five day asthma attack? Damn. That's effed-up.

Tell Middle if he needs an extra moustache for his collection, I'll send him mine. It's a 100% genuine healthy, full, luscious lady-stache. All American goodness. (Chin hair not included.)

I think you should wear those giant Hulk Hands to work. Just walk into the office and wave hello to your collegues, just like any other morning. Grab a cup of coffee. Then sit down at your desk and get to work--maybe typing on the computer or carefully organizing your desk. If people laugh, you'll just stare at them blankly until they feel uncomfortable and walk away. Cause Hulk Hands rule.

Do you know that JCrew puffer jacket is sold out now? I went to look at it again, thinking maybe I'd join the Puff-Daddy crew witcha. Rejected! Still stuck with my heavy, oversized circa 2002 JCrew monstrosity. The indignity!

What else? Oh. The paper snowflakes! Forgot to give you a shout out for all that craftin'goodness. You go, crafty lady! They looked v. nice in your dining room. It's like eating in a snow storm now...surrounded by giant delicate snowflakes overhead.

Now you're working on snowman garlands for the office party? Wow. That's extra crafty. Photos, please! I need to see the Frida Kahlo snowmen with their thick eyebrows and scowls.

All for now. Must stop. No more running commentary from moi. It's not that I mind taking up all your comment box space with my rambling. It's just that I need to go to the bathroom.

Two cups o' tea already!
Duyvken said…
I hope the asthma is over soon.
Anonymous said…
I hope Youngest recovers soon.

Creme brulee at an office party sounds wonderful.
That One said…
Dear Youngest's airways:
Enough. Calm down, fellas, and do your job properly. It's Christmas time, ya know, and our dear blackbird and her K, Oldest, and Middle - not to mention Youngest! - would rather be focusing on holiday cheer right now.
Seriously. Stop it now. Enough.
Anonymous said…
My sympathies to youngest. I hope he's better soon. I'm with you on Kate, and am waiting for the way Jon just blinks at her a few times, then walks out the door. But I disagree on Frida Kahlo--great holiday decor, though you may want to stay around from the her Detroit era...fun family comedy... may I suggest The Shawshank Redemption?

Kidding! Really!
barbra said…
Mmmmmm, creme brulee.

I don't know what fun family comedies are/will be out. I guess there's that new Jim Carrey one - I haven't heard if it's any good.

My love to Youngest!!!
Anonymous said…
Well played on the Hulk Hands. I have no movie suggestions, but am so sad about the creme brulee. I love that stuff foolishly and completely.
robiewankenobie said…
oh, poor youngest! so glad that you have K to watch over him. i'm sure it is difficult to be away.

heath bars are almost perfect at any hour. but i'd advise against mixing them in things (such as ice cream). it throws everything off balance.

i do not know this kate of which you speak.

the boys and i should make paper garlands this week! we've put nothing up, as we are headed off to the relatives, but this would be nice and simple.

i think i need a torch. i hope that you are able to be stealth...because playing with fire at work? always festive.

the puffy coats? they skeer me. but, hey, i'm in the mostly south, so i can avoid them.

i think i've had too much hot chocolate. i'm having similar complaints.

i hope you get good suggestions. i'm afraid, in our age bracket, that we're relegated to bolt, or bolt.

hulk hands + rwkn progeny = bad bad idea.
robiewankenobie said…
oh, also? mustache on a stick, eh?

Anonymous said…
Get well soon, Youngest.

Can you go and see the Curious Case of Benjamin Button instead? I adore F. Scott Fitzgerald's short stories, every last one of them. They are so boozy and romantic! And this movie version of the story looks lovely to me.

Eleanor said…
There is a huge buzz about "Slumdog Millionaire" at the moment. Haven't seen it yet, and it's not a typical "Hollywood family comedy" (more a romance I think) but the trailer on youtube looks fabulous.

I wish all the blackbirds in your nest a holiday season filled with health and laughter.
Anonymous said…
I hope Youngest is feeling better by now.
Badger said…
Gah. Best wishes to Youngest. DH's asthma has been really bad lately too. I think it's because of our freaky-ass weather.
smalltownme said…
I love those hulk hands.

Hope youngest is better quickly!
alice c said…
I am beating my forehead to think of something that will lighten your heart and distract you from worrying about Youngest....

Nope...nothing there...

Hurry up Day 5.
MsCellania said…
Hey, I saw Caroline Kennedy on tv with a gold Searle. She looked toasty, too.
Sounds like things are clicking along well at Chez bb. Most important thing to do is enjoy the season.
I'm sorry youngest is having asthma. The cold air can't be helping :o(
kt said…
Hoping that the asthma is calmed. We're swimming in snow and gifted peppermint-chocolate bark at present and are planning to see "Marley and Me" for a family movie. My redhead has a long tradition of a movie on Christmas afternoon, and I'm happy to have joined it. Having the 11-year old girlie able to join us adds to the fun. Warm popcorn on a cold day....

word verification du jour
Pretty Things said…
I'll bet you were a HUGE hit at the party with creme brulee! That's my favorite dessert, so I would have been skipping the halls with glee!
Maggie May said…
a nice rambling read. i hope your son feels better. if you'd like to hear about it, my son was dx with asthma and inhalers etc at about four years old. i made some intense dietary changes and added some nutrients in supplement form and he was 'undiagnosed'. in addition his severe skin problems, huge hiving and itching scabby spots, went away, as well as bowel problems tummy aches and fatigue. it was really amazing.
Anonymous said…
Good healing thoughts out to Youngest! What a relief that K can be home with him.

Good luck with the dessert! I'm sure it'll be smashing.

Anonymous said…
I hope that the asthma attack has settled by now and that all in your household are breathing freely.

Yay for the puffy coat.
Stephanie said…
I have thought the same thing about Kate. (and myself!)

I hope today is better like in the past. xo
Julie said…
Hope all is okay with Middle.

I was really into Jon and Kate for a while and now I think all the kids are super annoying and a great form of birth control for me. Although there is no guarantee that I will have 8 kids.

Also- What about going to see Marley and Me?
Anonymous said…
I've been out of the loop. Is he better now???
I sure do hope so.
Lots of love
Anonymous said…
I dread every day mostly in the winter... I'll be thinking of you and Youngest.

MizMell said…
My youngest had childhood asthma. I think the turning point for her was a nebulizer with Intal: it was the only drug I could find that actually strengthened her lungs.

I love your "scaled-back" Christmas tree!