I'll bet you thought I wasn't going to recap, didn't you?
Well I am recapping...

My mom picked me up at the station, K had made shepherd's pie, Youngest's migraine had eased, Oldest and Middle were jamming in the basement and we had a nice evening.

I'm feeling a little spoiled as I was able to recap in only a few short sentences last week, so I'm not sure how detailed to get.
I'm still learning people's names and THEY are talking about a merge.
I'll tell you this: Kota has been losing losing losing.
Dan went home.
Ace went home! Sugar betrayed him.
It's night 21 and everyone has a problem. Randy is being a jerk, Crystal is grumpy, Corinne is complaining and Susie seems delusional.

A merge is implied and both teams show up all excited, but, of course, it's a twist and the tribes are re-formed. Now I have to learn names all over again and I've just learned how to make conference calls, which people get the pink forms in which order, and how to find Extra Strength Tylenol in a jiffy - HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO LEARN ALL THESE NAMES AND NEW TEAMS?

There was a big feast (before the merge/re-teaming) and an Immunity Idol was unearthed and then thrown in the sea. Everyone wanted it but no one was brave enough to step up and take it. Wasted.

Marcus banks on his "relationships" and discovers that Crystal is the cousin of his best friend.
Corinne feels Matty is a threat.
Sugar realizes what she's done to Ace and is remorseful.
She and Matty team up.
K wonders why people are so loyal to their original teammates....

The highlight of the episode has to be the challenge.
The teams must hold poles on the backs of their hands, at shoulder level, and have the poles maintain contact with wooden beams above their heads. It looks very difficult and Crystal is not able to maintain the position for more than a second or two.
The teams fall quickly...Sugar then Susie, then Randy and Corinne, and Kenny and Marcus until, finally Bob is the last one of the Kotas and Matty and Charlie remain for Fang.
Charlie slips, then, after what seems like forever, Bob can't hang on and Matty who has been smug and determined wins for the new Fang team.

At Kota: Marcus wants to vote for Ken (no!)
Crystal isn't happy because she likes Ken (yes!)
Marcus tells Susie to vote for Ken (no!)
Ken talks to Crystal and she tells him he's being voted for (no again!)
Ken knows that Susie is the swing vote.
Crystal tells Susie that Marcus can't be trusted...

...and, in the end, Marcus is voted out and becomes the first member of the jury.

And now some notes from my new life in the city:

The fruit man doesn't come out when it is raining.
I discovered a wonderful market for lunch, and they have my tea!
I was almost hit by a bicycle messenger.
I see the same families, every morning, bringing their small children to school.
I've only seen two people asking for change on the street, which surprises me - there used to be many more. When I saw them, on two different days, I stopped, thought for a split second about my good fortune and gave them each a dollar.

Have a good Friday.


Chris said…
I was so hoping Bob would win that challenge! Matty was just too smug for my taste. I hope they win some kind of cleanliness reward soon, they are all so filthy and seem to be wearing the same color now. Dirt.
Mary Beth said…
Did anyone else think that Matty sounded slightly insane with his laughter during the challenge? I think Crystal is the bad luck charm/person who does nothing and therefore brings her team down and yet she continues to stay. I don't understand that at all! And now, she'll be there until the end because no one sees her as a threat. I still can't believe that Marcus didn't get together with Crystal and Kenny and vote Susie out - he knew she couldn't be trusted!
Lulu LaBonne said…
Hello - I stumbled upon you through a series of links and I find avant garde concrete poetry - how lovely
Anonymous said…
Christmas commercials so early never cease to shock me--I saw a man hanging his lights last night while I drove to book club.

Glad you found a good spot for lunch!
Anonymous said…
I just recently moved to Seattle, a very stylish and diverse city, and every time I pass someone dressed well I think, "blackbird would love that!"

: )
Anonymous said…
(Hmm, I'm in Seattle too. Wondering who this other anonymous blackbird knower is?)

I thought Mattie sounded delusional during the challenge too. I would have been.

More snippets from your new days, please. Semi-obsessed with NYC, and love those gems.

Anonymous said…
I've nothing to add to the Survivor conversation going on here. I'm living in ye olde times in Germany, you see, without this thing you call "tele-vision."

Just thought I'd say Guten Tag instead.
Anonymous said…
There's a radio station around here already playing Christmas songs! I thought switching out the Halloween display for Christmas candy on Friday was bad enough...
Caterina said…
I have a comment about the kids going to school....sorry, not about Survivor (I don't watch it).

"I see the same families, every morning, bringing their small children to school."

I often think about this, people raising kids in the city. I wonder what it would've been like since I was almost raised in a big city until my parents chose the sunny beaches of Florida.

But I still wonder.

And if I have the $1, I give it too :)

*My word verif is chose*
Oh, feeling so much sympathy for Youngest and the migraine.

If it makes him sick to his stomach, this is something I learned from a Reiki Master. You can do it or he can.

One hand lightly across the forehead and one hand lightly on the abdomen, with the little finger just at the top of the navel.

Hope you all have a restful weekend
Mary said…
I like your notes from the city!

Is that a title for a book?
Anonymous said…
I really don't watch game shows except for Jeopardy and Big Brother, but I am curious as to what was in the box they kept showing on the promos? The announcer claimed "it" would change everything! So what was it?

So how come we didn't see any comments on the ugly red and black dress Michelle Obama wore tuesday night?

I've got a big o' chunk of salmon. Any suggestions?

my word verification = cat ifs!
Anonymous said…
Oh Little Miss Sunshine State, I'll be SO trying this on my next hell trip where my headaches take me, because mine? Are ALWAYS connected with my stomach. And I am NOT adding anymore to this info.
That said, I am glad Youngest is feeling better. I had to curl up in bed, in the dark and when I got up this morning I could STILL feel a slight thign going on. ARGH.
Miz S said…
Poor Youngest with the migraines.

I love hearing about your work neighborhood. I love picturing you in the city.

Can we have some outfit pictures?