questions from Ingrid

Anyone can answer, at her blog, but I've decided to do it here. Lucky you.
  1. birkenstocks or designer shoes - birkenstocks ARE my designer shoes
  2. outside or inside - inside, under flannel sheets
  3. hoping or planning - hoping then planning, then hoping some more
  4. carrots or peas - carrots, no, peas! no! carrots!
  5. cheese or chocolate - cheese
  6. wristwatch or intuition - wristwatch
  7. milk or juice - neither
  8. creating or viewing - viewing
  9. walking or running - god. walking.
  10. bouncing or rigid - bouncing, but not too much
  11. cozy or breezy - cozy, with a scarf
  12. fancy or hearty - depends
  13. chuckle or guffaw - either
  14. whisper or announce - depends on the occasion
  15. lick or bite - lick
  16. snuggle or grope - both
  17. sing or listen - oh, you don't want to hear me sing
  18. kiss or hug - both
  19. wonder or discover - wonder
  20. anticipate or achieve - achieve


Anonymous said…
I bounce more than I wish I did...
What a clever post!
Caterina said…
I shall do this --- RIGHT NOW. I see us being very different though. Which I guess could be interesting, but I kinda wanted to be like blackbird :)
Anonymous said…
birkenstocks or designer shoes - pretty shoes
outside or inside - inside, next to an open fire
hoping or planning - sad planner!
carrots or peas -any or both!
cheese or chocolate - hah silly question - choccy!
wristwatch or intuition - wristwatch
milk or juice - juice, freshly squeezed pleased!
creating or viewing - viewing
walking or running - hahahaha, me run?
bouncing or rigid - my bottom (see above)
cozy or breezy - cozy in cashmere.
fancy or hearty - hearts all the way.
chuckle or guffaw - either
whisper or announce - I'm not good at whispering
snuggle or grope - snuggles
sing or listen -tone deaf..listening's good
kiss or hug - both
wonder or discover - both
anticipate or achieve - gives you a good feeling afterwards.
I'll probably do this one too. But each one was making me say "Don't make me choose!!"
Mrs. G. said…
clogs and birks pretty much sum me up.
KPB said…
A groper huh.