I tagged myself

1. Political show - The Daily Show. It's a shame I can't stay awake for it and that I'm at work when it repeats during the day.

2. Picnic food - I haven't been on a picnic in 20 years. I do have an exquisite basket though - full of china and thermos containers.

3. Mixed drink - Gin and tonic.

4. U.S. President - I don't blog politics, especially American politics.

5. Kind of student to teach - None. I don't, generally, like other people's children.

6. Hobby you do or wish you still did - I wish I was knitting. I did 28 scarves one year for Christmas and loved it. I can knit rectangles.

7. Sports commentator - I don't know a single one.

8. Sport to watch on TV - I watch the Olympics when they are happening and I do like the World Series (that would be baseball).

9. Animal to have as a pet - None.

10. Halloween costume you have worn - I've been a candy machine and Maid Marion.

11. Kind of dessert - Creme Brulee.

12. Comic strip - I liked Doonesbury. During medieval times.

13. Style or make of footwear - comfortable.

14. Ice cream flavor - mint chocolate chip, but only from Baskin Robbins.

15. College or university president - who are you kidding?

16. Internet news source - I am ashamed to report that I have, upon occasion, clicked on to CNN.

17. Vacation spot - for a rest? Any place with an ocean.

18. Wine - under $15. Red or white, though I'll order expensive stuff if we are out.

19. Way to waste time instead of working - I haven't yet figured out how to waste time at work.

20. Student excuse for late work - I don't turn things in late.

21. Reality show - Survivor.

22. Jewelry on a man - a wedding ring. Many of the men in my life have signet rings and, as the years have passed, I've accepted them in context.

23. Pizza topping - anything but pineapple.

24. Children’s movie - A Little Princess.

25. Celebrity you wish would retire - I don't give celebrities much thought.


I just can't do the Gin and Tonic. But last night my friend made me a Vodka and Tonic. That might be my new drink.

I've been knitting a lot lately.
I would be knitting on the train if I had to commute.
Happy Weekend
Anonymous said…
You can watch The Daily Show any time you like, online! (comedycentral.com or hulu.com)I used to have a total crush on Jon Stewart, and a friend was going to try to set me up with him. But then I found out he was extremely hairy and only 5'7", so I passed. :-)
Kathy Rogers said…
This is an odd collection of stuff. University president? What?

Did your candy machine costume dispense real candy?
RW said…
I really want to learn how to knit socks...but I get overwhelmed just thinking about it.
Anonymous said…
Knitting during your commute is an excellent idea. Sometimes I wish I HAD a commute because it would be extra knitting time.
Anonymous said…
How DARE you badmouth my CNN.com. I will not STAND for this blasphemy. This heresy. This sacrilege.

I'm with you on the mixed drink, though.

Anonymous said…
You are definitely ill-suited for this meme! I'd have guessed your dessert & reality show, however.
alice c said…
You don't give celebrities much thought? Who are you kidding? You are the only person who could do total recall for the wardrobe of any celebrity that I named.
Eleanor said…
I'm with Alice C.
Anonymous said…
Maid Marion, huh? I have a crush on the fox version of Robin Hood. He puts the fox into foxy.


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