still learning

1. The soup downstairs is always good and I realized I can request a hunk of baguette rather than accepting the weird bread with the flax seeds.

2. 40 degrees is a little chilly for a scooter ride to the station.

3. Our family is GOLDEN. My mother sat in my unheated house for six hours on two different days to let the furnace repairman in to do his job.

4. It's nice to have heat when it's 40 degrees.

5. We do, in fact, have enough blankets in the event there IS no heat and it's 40 degrees.

6. I sometimes get a second wind around 7pm and can do a quick clean of a bathroom or throw in a load of laundry.

7. I'm sometimes in a semi-coma state at 7pm.

8. There are days when I can get up at 6:00 instead of 6:45 and deal with a load of laundry. These may be the days when I end up in a semi-coma state at 7pm.

9. Garden State is a good movie.

10. There is no number 10.


tut-tut said…
but today's hump day, as they say. Have a cupcake.

Make laundry sound fun, and assign a load to each family member. Just a suggestion.
Mary said…
I loved Garden State - we bought the sound track -

I feel your tiredness.

And your love for your golden family.
Anonymous said…
40°F? Furnace? Gee, there are currently 82°F. Something's WRONG. It shoudn't be SO different.
Adriana said…
40 degrees on a scooter. You are a daring woman!
Dani said…
With my hair, the scooter wouldn't work in any weather. I envy you for your ability to do the helmet/windblown look.

At what temp. do you give up on the scooter?
RW said…
The laundry kills me.
I cannot wrap my head around how it is neverending.

We enjoyed Garden State too.
40 degrees. Why I moved to the Sunshine State.

Moms who are GOLDEN are just the best. I always want to be that kind of Mom.
smalltownme said…
Yay to your mom, and yay to heat!
Anonymous said…
Pretty cool of Mom. Literally. :D
Lauri said…
I'll think of you as I deal with a load of laundry - and also when I'm in my semi-coma state at 7pm...your mom is the bomb, as they say...
Caterina said…
I want some of that second wind :)

I think there should be a "naked day" once a week. Cut down on laundry a bit ;)

And agreed, you have a wonderful mother. I have one of those kind of moms too. However, I don't see myself being a mom like that.
Anonymous said…
Lots of numbers. Did you only just watch Garden State? For me, the jury is still out on her acting, but she is probably one of the most beautiful people ever.

alice c said…
I would like to write an intelligent comment but it is past 7pm and my brain is mysteriously completely empty.
Anonymous said…
Anything with Zach Braff in it is worth catching.
Anonymous said…
in my house everyone does their own laundry. Sometimes T will do boys laundry as a treat.

And if everyone in your house does their own laundry, when youngest has kids of his own he can say " I did my own damn laundry...."

Unknown said…
Sometimes doing laundry or knowing the laundry is done is very comforting. I've never thought of it as work. I am so glad I wasn't born 100 years ago!
Miz S said…
Working is fun, but I never have much energy in the evening. I wish I weren't tired a lot.

How long is that scooter ride? Does K ride it all winter? Josh has special winter scootering clothes.
MsCellania said…
I swear, I would take my first check and buy that LG Steam Washer/dryer. I am not kidding.
DOUBLE LOADS - Oh, Yeah! Beats the hell out of a cleaning lady and a shrink.
MizMell said…
Throw in a load at night and put in the dryer before making coffee the next morning. When I do this, I manage to get a load done before work--
but I, like you, become comatose by 8:30 or so.

Do you think I could do a 25 mile scooter ride at 7 am?
Amy A. said…
Good list!
Pretty Things said…
If there's no heat, and you need to do laundry, can you sit on the dryer and read a book or something?