No one tagged me. I'm doing it anyway. 11 things about me.

1. Clothes Shop: JCrew. Go figure. Some pants, some tops, a skirt. Size four. Go figure again.

2. Furniture Shop: It's been a while but I'll say Room And Board.

3. Sweet: At the moment, Tropical Skittles.

4. City: Chicago/Paris.

5. Drink: non-alcoholic - Ito En Tea Alcoholic - I'm feeling the need for some Sangria.

6. Music: a bizarre combination of stuff from varied places. Seu Jorge.

7. TV Series: Survivor.

8. Film: Oh Brother Where Art Thou. But only because it's on television right this minute.

9. Workout: Doing a couple of loads of laundry AFTER I get home from work.

10. Pastries: The bistro two blocks from my job makes a nice Madeleine.

11. Coffee: Decaf cafe au lait. No sugar.


Anonymous said…
Delightfully random!
Geggie said…
Cafe au lait is my fave, too!
Jennifer said…
I'm not keen on the Tropical Skittles. I like the original and the berry :)

Is a "cafe au lait" something specific does that not just mean with milk?
Anonymous said…
When I think of "cafe au lait", I think of chicory coffee from Cafe du Monde (NoLa) w/ beignets. Perhaps Blackbird should discuss types of Tuvaluan (?) coffee drinks. The "regulah" always threw me! (It was the type of coffe I drank when I was five years old.)

Tiny Blackbird, there was the perfect sweater for you on the Nordstrom site, but I'm too tired post-State Fair w/ two young boys to dig up the URL for you.

But I am *so* expecting to see a picture of you on the Sartorialist's blog any moment now. :-)
Anonymous said…
Oh honey, size 4.
You just killed me.
I couldn't go on reading.
Size 4. Four. FOUR.
Yoo hoo, Eurolush...time to ssend Frau Mueller overseas.

PS Tks to anon, we can REALLY expect to see you on the Sart! I didn't think about that.
Duyvken said…
We'd have tagged you if we'd gotten around to it. It's a pity laundry doesn't tone and tighten, I'd be a goddess if it did!
Anonymous said…
Rumor has it there will be sangria in December.