gosh, doesn't anyone have a meme?

I'm running a little dry over here so I think I'll make one up.

Five Old Things About Me

1. I used to be afraid of thunderstorms. I blame this on the grandmother we lived with until I was eight years old. If a thunderstorm woke me I would go across the hall and sit with her. Strangely, she would respond by telling me stories about people she knew (I call bullshit now) who had been hit by lightning. Obviously, this had a lasting impression on me.

2. I used to hate wearing socks. This was true as early as last spring. The very thought of them, bunched under my toes or clamped around my ankles could drive me to distraction. Hence, my sock wardrobe is very limited.

3. When I first started blogging I had to look at the keys on my keyboard to type.

4. I was a size 8. I often bought clothes in size 10 to be "extra slouchy and comfortable."

5. I never gave much thought to divine intervention.

Five New Things About Me

1. I can wear socks or tights for a full day and never think about them.

2. I no longer have time to sit on my couch and worry. Worry has to take a back seat to more productive endeavors.

3. I wonder, from time to time, if being anonymous on the internet really was the best decision.

4. My "at home" wardrobe is now severely lacking while my "at work" wardrobe is nicely padded.
Careful purchasing has made if possible for me to put together about two and a half weeks of outfits.

5. I see angels all around me. I don't actually SEE them, of course, but am aware of them every day.

Five Things I'm Still Working On

1. Balancing my home and work life.

2. Knowing when to stop talking when talking to one of my boys.

3. Interrupting.

4. Remembering to eat.

5. Touching up my roots BEFORE they begin to be incredibly obvious.


Allison said…
Hmmm. . . I just put "balancing home and work life" in my "things I am thinking about this week" item in my sidebar. I think it is a pretty universal challenge! I am struggling with the wardrobe issue--but the other way around!
Anonymous said…
Funny how work makes it tough to remember to eat. I had that problem when I was working.
What a difference in those lists!
Anonymous said…
New 3. How come?

I used to HAVE to wear tights or hose when I worked at a bank, and hated it. I love the look of tights, but still balk to this day at having to put them on. But if you can do it, I probably can too. They can really make an outfit.

Velma said…
So weird. I just had a conversation with my girl who pointed out that I never used to wear socks and now I do. Hmmmm.
Lauri said…
I'm with ya BB - have to do something about the roots BEFORE my daughter tells me "mom - the top of your head looks really old"..

if you figure out how to stop talking too much with the boys, please share your secret - my head is telling me to quit, but my mouth seems to have some sort of disconnect...
Anonymous said…
Comment removed by author...after husband deemed it "inappropriate."

Damn him.
Chris said…
Remembering to eat??? I almost spit my chips and salsa out at the computer screen. Hahahaha. Not my problem at all.
Anonymous said…
About the anonymous on the internet thing: that is the low-risk choice. Who knows what weirdos might have stalked the bb family if you had gone the other way?
Anonymous said…
no problem forgetting to eat here either. I so want that problem!

I am however continually challenged by 1 2 & 3.
1 especially. I think (hope) this will get easier with time.
Miz S said…
Are you considering outing yourself on the internet?
Anonymous said…
I know all about that "Knowing when to stop talking when talking to my boy." I tend to go one sentence too long and then he just gets really pissed.
Amy A. said…
I think it's funny about the anonymous part, because even though I don't really know who you are, I think that if I passed you on the street I would know it was you.

I mean, really, how many pixie-haired, small appetited, fashionably savvy women can be running around that big city of yours, anyway?
Unknown said…
As someone who has had the immense pleasure of meeting bb live in person, I have to say that before meeting her, I thought I would've recognized her if I passed her on the street.

Upon meeting her, I realized I had been imagining her face differently and might have walked right past her without knowing.

Rest assured, she is lovely, inside and out. Just a different lovely than I had been picturing.
Anonymous said…
I like your new things list, especially.

For the record, you stop talking at just the right moment here at say la vee. You might err on the side of caution once in awhile, and leave us wanting more. I think that's a good thing.

Mary said…
I stalk you even though you are anonymous!!
Stomper Girl said…
I'm braver about thunderstorms than I used to be but I'll never like them. And I think stockings /tights take practise, I can hardly bear them any more and I used to live in them.
Dani said…
I am more afraid of storms now that I have kids. I used to think they were cool, now I think of what can go wrong.

I can't picture you putting that little body into a 10 without you getting lost.

I'm befuddled by the anonymous thing. I'd love to hear more of your thoughts on that.

The things you're still working on were plucked out of my head. Right through my gray roots.

(WV was ferbiles. Made me giggle!)
Unknown said…
BB, if you have some time check out
this blog: http://pawstolove.blogspot.com/

this is a friend of mine and she is retired and very positive.

I like your meme. Anonymous is probably good, because you never know. I relate to the things your working on. Maybe i should add some of them to my list.
Anonymous said…
Great meme! Unfortunately, I've found I can worry while going about my daily activities. Damn multitasking.

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