decorating ideas from the new Pottery Barn catalogue

We stopped receiving the PB catalogue for a while - I don't know why.
Perhaps they stopped mailing them every month?
Anyway, I didn't miss it but I was kind of pleased to see it when it arrived again the other day.
The Pottery Barn catalogue, for those of you who live where it is not distributed (the Far East? Siberia?) is more like a home decor magazine than a sales brochure. Room after room of lovely furnishings, styled to the hilt, are photographed in layouts that could easily appear in most shelter magazines and the big glossy splashes tend to make one desirous of things one might never have considered before. I, however, am proud of the fact that I have learned to be inspired by it rather than covetous.

Here's what I noticed in this issue...


Branches in vases are very nice, especially if the leaves are turning. PB sells artificial branches but I clip them from my yard. I had forgotten about doing this until I saw this photo - I need to put some on our mantle.

branch over table

I think you need a pretty high ceiling to get this look right. Our house is small and has 7 1/2 foot ceilings to keep the scale of the rooms correct so I can't try it.


This is a great cabinet - which we do not need. What I noticed was the jars on the shelf. I love jars with photos in them - AND I HAVE JARS to put photos in. Noted.

ice bucket

I'm kicking myself over this one. I saw several of these tall glass tubes/vases in the trash on the street the other day and couldn't imagine dragging them on the train. I should have grabbed a couple and brought them upstairs. A missed opportunity. It's a good thing K likes his sake warm.

glass things

These don't thrill me so much - too much like dioramas I think.

mercury glass

Mercury glass used to be hard to find, now it's widely available. I was wondering what that text thing is.


THEY stole this idea from ME. We have stones in our fireplace ALL THE TIME.

dishes on a tree

I am bored with that reindeer candelabra - and I would NEVER hang dishes from a Christmas tree...

dream bedding

...and you won't hear about me dressing our bed for the holidays either, even if there is a bird pillow.

chairs on the wall

This photo has been all over the internet, and not because of the desk. Several design sites have noted the chair photos, and I like them too. People wrote about making their own version of this using this and I realized, when I saw this picture last week, that I could use this to make a picture for the big wall in my office. Maybe.
Now to find the photo...


Miz S said…
People put photos in jars?
Anonymous said…
I agree, PB is great for offering inspiration. Luckily, their prices help offset lust and envy.

I really like the simple white pottery in the first photo. I cannot imagine having special holiday bed linens.
Anonymous said…
I drool over that Glass Cabinet every time I see it.
KPB said…
Pottery Barn Catalogues are one of the things on the list of 'why we should move to the States'.

That and Reese's Peanut Butter cups.
KPB said…
I'm surprised you don't have holiday themed bed linens.

I can just see you and K in matching festive knits too.
KPB said…
I actually like that desk concept there in that last photo. I think the chair picture would start to shit me after a while.


I'm going to stop commenting now.
Anonymous said…
...or ITALY???
As per photos, God you can choose from your Flickr, you have so many gorgeous ones.
Duyvken said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
PB catalog is being sent to customers who make purchases and give their e-mail address. In an effort to save paper, many customers who haven't shopped in a while are being dropped from the customer list.

We don't send PB catalogs overseas, because the cost of shipping items overseas is OUTRAGEOUS. I had a customer who wanted to ship 2 vases to the UK. It would have cost $100 for shipping!

Don't thank me, I'm a PB professional. Unfortunately, with the economy as it is, I can't afford anything on my PB paycheck except a half a tank of gas.
Poppy Buxom said…
Hey bb, save yourself the trouble and get Wendy's b-i-l to do a series of bird pictures for you. It's the least he can do, considering that without your graciously hosting us in Tuvalu, Susie Sunshine would have gotten locked in his bathroom every day for the duration of BlogHere.
They have nice stuff, don't they? But pricey.
Anonymous said…
I'd been through the catalogue ten times trying to find if they sold the chair print anywhere. I do also like the desk. And the jars with photos.
I am currently tearing apart my house (to quote Mr. Pom) for fall.
RW said…
There were quite a few items in glass jars. I could use that idea.

But, what I really want to know is how do you get the catalogue photo into your flickr account? Did you receive the catalogue by email?

I have been wondering a very long time.
Anonymous said…
Ah, such inspiration you provide for us. I haven't gotten a PB catalogue in ages, come to think of it, which I rarely do.
Duyvken said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shelia said…
Well, I don't live in Aus but in a state that most consider either overseas or an "island."

Alaska is close to Siberia, which is probably why we don't get the catalogues up here so I have to settle for eBay for any PB goodies.

I'm kinda liking the lighting idea... but not sure how I'd make it work. Photos in jars look cool, but not sure I'm crafty enough to pull it off.

If you choose to mimic, please post and show us how you do it on a non-PB budget as well as your crafty end result!
Alice said…
Love the off-white vases all clustered together. But to buy them all from Potterybarn? No thank you. Maybe I'll start a collection...

I agree with ALL your potterbarn thoughts...
Anonymous said…
It always makes me realize that I am in desperate need of replacing all of our china with some nice simple white dishes. Desperately. Now. Or something. Maybe all of our furniture needs to go. So maybe I buy a napkin ring.