report after the first day

Subtitle: In which I realize that it isn't so much the actual writing of the posts so much as it is the reading of other people's posts and the responding to the comments which may well fall into jeopardy as I navigate this whole going to work thing.

I have plenty to tell:
The woman who sat next to me on the train yesterday morning had a four-course breakfast wrapped in individual plastic bags which had been meticulously twisted together and shut and not only ate it in the 30 minutes we rode the rails but THEN went on to apply her makeup causing me to shudder visibly.

It did not take me especially long to become accustomed to working with a PC program to make scores of appointments for my boss for his business trip next month and it took only seconds, hours later, to realize that none of my work transferred, as it was supposed to, onto his desktop calendar. I don't think the IT guy will like me much by the end of the week.

I was so amped up by the end of the day that I talked, nonstop, to K, for the entire ride home. I lead a very quiet life before this and spent my evenings listening to what other people had done all day - now I find that I am brimming with news of all I have seen or done. And it's only been a couple of days.

Young and old, helpful or not, just about everyone I've met seems to be genuinely nice.
I'm not saying there aren't any quirky people (not that I mind quirky) and I'm smart enough to know that there are plenty of nasty people around, but a lot of people walked past my desk yesterday and they all had something nice to say to me. Plus, there were a couple of people whom I found to be quite engaging.


Anonymous said…
To: Blackbird
From: Eurolush
Re: subtitle

I knew this whole going back to work thing wasn't going to be to my best interest.

V. respectfully yours,

congratulations blackbird! glad that your first day was a good one.
KPB said…
Yey to you! Yey yey yey!
Eleanor said…
I am jealous of the couple of people whom you found to be quite engaging.

But very pleased to hear that you had such a great day at work.
Eleanor said…
Well...look at that...Supergrover just got into the comment box a mere three minutes ahead of me.

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie. Oy, oy, oy.
alice c said…
Writing IS easier than Reading/Commenting/Emails.
I could have told you that if you had asked me - just for a change I got there first.
Mary said…
I think your good instincts would be telling you already if this was not a sensible move.

I shouldn't think there will be a backlash - especially from me - my first two are boys as you know and they NEVER said anything like that - especially at age six!

(obviously I am responding to your comment within this comment - is that bad etiquette? !!)
tut-tut said…
good for you; ask questions. Make the IT guy your friend . . .
Dani said…
I'm grinning ear to ear for you.:)

On another note;
You are never going to be free for coffee again, are you? Damn. :(
Anonymous said…
I'm glad it went well. The real question, however, is what did you wear on your first day?
Poppy Buxom said…
The fact that you had enough energy to talk to K. at the end of the day is a very good sign.

I advise you to become BFF with the IT guy.

Also, about the comments, I had already noticed this happening. But I'm doing it too. Since I started doing Blog365 I've spent much more time blogging and much less time reading and commenting. Most days I feel like I'm shouting into a wind tunnel. I've never been able to figure out how you managed to blog every day PLUS read and comment.
Anonymous said…
Four-courses plus makeup? I think I would shudder, too.
Wearing your shoes around the house paid off!
I'm sure your innate charm will continue to bring out the best in your co-workers. Especially the IT guy.
barbra said…
I read blogs first, then find I'm out of time for the writing... I'm glad you don't do it that way!
Miz S said…
I know! Blogging is ridiculously time-consuming! Bah!
Anonymous said…
Ew, the breakfast/makeup gal needs a later commute time I think.

BB, it doesn't surprise me to hear you say everyone you've met seems nice. You see beauty everywhere, in everyone.
I have also returned to work. Part time, mostly I am my own boss and I can wear jeans :-)
The paycheck is fun - though I find myself spending too much of it on stuff for my tutor kids that the district does not have the resources, or time, to provide.
Mrs. G. said…
I'm glad you're feeling amped.
Suse said…
The blog reading/responding DOES suffer. You just have to live with it and have a huge catch up when you can.

Yay for surviving the first day of work!
Jennifer said…
I'm afraid to go to work. Which most likely I'll have to do next September.

I'm glad you're enjoying your days, and hope K enjoys listening to you.

It's okay if you slow down on the reading and commenting on other blogs... It happens eventually not just to the working girls, but to the best of us :)
RW said…
Glad you had a great first day.
I will be happy to come and visit.

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