I'm very busy, as I'm sure you can imagine.
I've registered the dog (just moments before they were going to arrest me for the lengthy lapse in her license), I've gotten Middle's college paperwork organized and I have taken steps to arrange for Youngest to treat his asthma HIMSELF at school (which, of course, he's had to do this past week as I am ABOUT TO START MY JOB).
And, here I sit, in the makeshift waiting area of my car dealership while my car has an oil change. I'm not just busy - I'm responsible too.
As is usually the case in Tuvalu, I've got a cast of characters waiting with me.
Around the table we have the Important Business Guy with his cell phone and stack of paperwork, the retired looking guy in his track jacket and sneakers, there is a loud-yawner sitting across from me (I get it loud-yawner! it IS early) and to my left is a woman who appears ready for a trek through outer Mongolia.
It's about 68 degrees in here but this lady is wearing a full-on winter coat. She has a scarf wrapped around her head and is eating dry cereal from a zip-bag in her purse.
They tried to tell me that my tires need rotating too - don't you think that's a rip off? All of a sudden, with five thousand miles on my new car, my tires need rotating? I don't remember that from any of my other cars.
Hmmm, I've just noticed that the cereal eating lady has a gigantic ring. She could be one of those incredibly wealthy crazy people you read about.
The room I'm sitting in used to be a service garage, but, as the dealership is being remodeled, it has been turned into a showroom/waiting area, AND it has wifi. I don't have the password for the wifi and this irks me. I've asked before and the lady at the service desk says she doesn't know the password.
Why isn't everyplace all wifi-ed up I ask you? For a while there was talk about wifi-ing all of Tuvalu FOR FREE which would be great. I'd appreciate some internet on the train, thank you.

I was announced at work last night - a blanket email went out to all the employees and freelancers about me and a few minutes later I got an email from someone welcoming me to the company. Isn't that nice? There I was, standing in my kitchen shaping a meatloaf, receiving emails from my new job. And then, after dinner and some telly, I went to bed and dreamed I was babysitting for a group of tiny infants who lived with my boss.
I'm not too transparent, am I ?


Badger said…
Still Life with Fruit and Laundry Basket. I like it.
RW said…
I really like the shoes.

You appear very organized and ready to go!
alice c said…
It is good to take photos of the house when it is clean and tidy. Who knows when you will need it as evidence that you were a Perfect Housewife.
MsCellania said…
Thankfully you've got lots of infant-wrangling experience.
And a nice office wardrobe with which to start.
Every time someone is clicking away on their laptop in my presence, I'm going to think 'They're describing me as crazy-eyed, I just know it'
Anonymous said…
So that's what it's like to live inside your head...
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
What a lovely bedspread that is.

I'm curious to know what your introduction said. Please share!

Anonymous said…
The shoes, the clean floor, the empty laundry basket--ah, I envy your world, BB.

Good luck--sounds like you have many ducks in a row as you paddle off into workworld.
Anonymous said…
You have one of those built-like-a-tank British 4-slice toasters that I can't remember the name of. We had one for a short time -- purchased from a quasi-British tearoom in downtown Mpls that went out of business -- but it just dried out the bread without really toasting it. So I sold it to my neighbor. Aren't you glad I told you that?

You are sooooo ready for work. Good job!
abrowncow said…
i was told to rotate my tires with every oil change. apparently evening out the wear on the tires makes it easier on the transmission. that, in turn, keeps your engine happy and your gas mileage stays reasonable.

do i believe it? eh.

i look very much forward to hearing about your days at work.
Mary said…
I found it very peaceful to look at your world at 4.37pm.

What a lovely idea for a photo shoot!
Mrs. G. said…
Warm and cozy photos.
Miz S said…
I'm so hideously over-worked I have no time for ANYTHING (I'm sure your job will be much better than mine) but I am stopping by to say GOOD LUCK tomorrow and tell you again how excited I am for you, and how jealous I am of those lucky people at your new job who will get to see you every day.
KPB said…
"I'm not just busy - I'm responsible too."

What a thigh slapper!
Anonymous said…
Wait - there's WINE in that bottle. Shouldn't it be empty?