answers and pictures

Really, RW - 2000 posts. I'm glad you found me too...

above the stairs

Hi, Amy A...those are fabulous photos of the fire in your town - a sad thing, but I'm glad everyone is safe.

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I actually DID bring a nail clipper to the Cape, Dani - I just KNEW we'd need it.

DR use

Did I mention, Joke, that those Adirondack chairs were fake wood/plastic?

sitting room

You know what, Fannie Mae? I left an extra roll of TP at the house when we left.

E's room

Oh, Jordi, my SIL's salad was so SO good. AND it had blue cheese in it.

Ms. Bottle Barbies & Boys
thought there wasn't any screaming at my house on the Cape.
Wrong! But it was VACATION screaming!

little window

I'm hugging you right back, Mary...

I think they sell those Dinner-Making Babies at Target, KathyR.

three at the beach

He's fun to watch on the beach too. And though he smells delicious, Alice, I was very happy when his mommy put him in his crib at night...

line at the beach

Youngest and I waited on line, in the car, for 20 minutes, to get into Nauset beach.
WAITING to get INTO a beach makes it all the more exciting.


That's REALLY where we were Melissa - and it IS very beautiful.

Tides and times become part of one's life in Wellfleet, kmkat, which is why we had to wait to get into the beach - everyone wants to go at low tide - or high, and the parking lot is small.

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Youngest wanted to skimboard at dead low.

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I AM lucky, Tina. Oh, so lucky.
I DID roll up SOME rag rugs, mightIadd.
That is not the Great Island near West Yarmouth, teom, I guess there are two!


I DID manage to relax from time to time.
I DIDN'T mean for you all to worry about me.

kitchen mantle

On our last night, before he attempted to sleep (he has been having trouble sleeping) Youngest counted all the ships in the house -

side yard

there are 365 of them.
It took him quite a while to find them all and he was laughing very hard by the time he was finished.

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I was, in fact, reading A Heartbreaking Work Of Staggering Genius. It's pretty staggering that I was reading anything at all. I finished it and had a good cry after I went boogie boarding with Youngest.

my room

And THAT is pretty amazing too - I engaged in an outdoor activity. Outdoors. In the ocean. It left me breathless. It was wonderful, Jess.

I'm happy to be home though - I missed my other boys and have lots to do to welcome my friends ON WEDNESDAY.



Caron said…
That looks like it was a lovely vacation. I'm feeling inspired to follow your lead, and attempt an out door activity - outdoors.
Anonymous said…
Welcome back. The photos are just as wonderful as I'd hoped they'd be. Thank you for sharing.
Wendy said…
You are NOT to overclean your home.

Ooh, I'm just noticing that big beam in the bedroom over the bed. I can see why your MIL wanted to switch. Disconcerting, yes.
Jennifer said…
Glad your home safe and sound, and even more so that you had a good time.

Now I really really want to go back. I KNOW my kids would just love it. One day.... one day.....
RW said…
Thanks for the photos.
Welcome back.
Jess said…
Are you seamlessly back into your old life, or are you still fingering things and thinking for an instant you smell the sea?

You sound relaxed and refreshed. How much fun!
Poppy Buxom said…
What a lovely house! It makes me miss our place in NH.

Next BlogHere in NH!
Badger said…
That's a lot of boats, yo.
Anonymous said…
Thank you for the vicarious vacation! It looks like such a lovely place for relaxation and renewal. I feel better just looking at your pictures.
Mary said…
Those photos echo exactly the images i have had in my head of your beloved Wellfleet.

I am still smiling at the thought of Youngest laughing hysterically over the number of ships in the house.

Good luck for Wednesday.
Susie Sunshine said…
Just sweep the damn dog hair off the floor and call it good.
We're only going inside to KICK SOME BOY ASS AT ROCK STAR and sleep!
Amy A. said…
Love all the links! I'll go back and visit each one.
KPB said…
I adore hydrangeas.
And exposed (old) beamed ceilings.
And the whole blue/white theme, no matter how stereotyped/contrived.
I don't queue for a beach. We just walk. When you vacation here we will collectively sigh when the small boys are put to bed and will simply walk the 200 metres or so to the shore.
I have much to talk to you about.
KPB said…
I don't care for boats.

Which is kinda funny considering 10 years ago I was seriously entertaining the notion of going in a round the world yacht race.

I know you know I'm not kidding.
Rae said…
"had a good cry after I went boogie boarding with Youngest" sounds like a perfect day to me.

love to be here reading again, bb. i've missed your special bloggy touch.
Dani said…
Your photos are breathtaking, as usual.

365 boats made me laugh out loud. One for each day of the year! High five Youngest for me just because he didn't give up.

You? Boogie boarding? Nah. I'm not buying it. I need proof.

I just got it from Rhode Island and now I need a vacation from all of that TRAFFIC.
Anonymous said…
That would have been TOO amazing. We go to the other Great Island almost every year. That house is lovely - even if it is a tad heavy on the nautical theme. Welcome back.
Miz S said…
I loved that book. It made me cry, too.
Anonymous said…
Welcome back.
Have fun prepping for your BlogHere bash!