the aftermath

Trips to and from the airport - 8
Trips into and out of town - 4
Trips to the drive through small grocer - 3
Trips to the diner - 2
One jaunt to the beach.
I've lost my land legs and my Jeep knows the way home from the airport, my face is tanned, my stomach is still full (jambalaya followed by a blueberry reduction over ice cream last night) and
it's going to take a few days for me to stop speaking in Michiganese.

There was an exciting couple of hours, last night, of Rock Band (Poppy on the drums, Susie on guitar, Jen being "the crowd") and Youngest did his very best card tricks for an appropriately appreciative audience.
I was busy twittering at about 10:30 when he sat down with Jen and read her tarot cards.
It would have made a terrific video as her humor is not unlike his.

I had only ever been at parties with Jen - we've never had an opportunity to chat before this past weekend and I must tell you that I think I have a new crush. Of course I am completely intimidated by her success. I mean: I'm funny, and Susie is adorably funny and Poppy is charmingly funny, but Jen...Jen is professionally funny. But she's not only that. She is warm and funny, and fun and funny, and gorgeous and funny, and brilliant and funny. And though those attributes could bolster my intimidation, I fell for her. I had a great time with all the "girls" but really loved getting to know her better. We had a great talk about her recent publicity tour and I am deeply impressed with her writing skills and even more so with her people skills. Her fans, and there are many of them, delight in meeting her at readings and she takes a great deal of time to actually speak to the hundreds of women who turn out to see her. I've worked in publishing and didn't know many authors who took the time to be so gracious.

Youngest's room has been transformed from dorm room to his room.
Oldest has his mattress back.
Middle will probably be feeling his tendonitis after last night's drumming.
I need to put away the coffee bar we set up, do some laundry, vacuum up some more sand and pay some attention to my men.

It could not have been more fun - as Susie said in the note she left:
I could not have had a nicer time.


Dani said…

sniff... sniff...
Anonymous said…
Think I'll join Dani
sniff sniff
Anonymous said…
How nice. I'm glad you all had such a good time.

Now, go put your feet up and relax a bit.
barbra said…
It really did seem like a hoot and a half!
Amy A. said…
I just love girl time. Sounds like you all had a wonderful time together.
jordi said…
I love just thinking about you all at the beach.. and Tarot card readings!! what more could you want. Did you leave the tent set up? Can you go out there and hide out now and then?
Poppy Buxom said…
We all had a great time, and you are a PEACH to put us up/put up with us for so long.

And the good new is that it's 75 degrees here and the cool weather will be heading your way. Hooray!

Rub dog comma fat's ears for me.

Miz S said…
I can only focus on the food part of your post. God, I'm hungry.
Anonymous said…
You totally deserved such a nice time. I bet I'd have a crush on Jen too. I mean, I already do as I read and reread her books!
Anonymous said…
that blueberry reduction with ice cream sounds sooo good right now!!

i'd have a girl crush on jen too. i loooooove her books. i own all 3. and i didn't even use my 50% discount (i work for the publisher that owns the book imprint that publishes her books).
Jennifer said…
Glad you all had a blast.

Now I will confess how dumb I am... as I was reading through your posts...and came to the beach and you said "salt water" I'm sitting here thinking what? Salt water? There's an ocean there? Okay... stop laughing any time now :)
Wendy said…
Gah! I missed having my tarot cards read?

I keep walking around with a silly smile on my face remembering the trip. Susie is right.
Frankie said…
Sounds like you had an awesome time! I totally enjoy reading your blog, you have an amazing life.
Anonymous said…

You need to add stories and memories to your tally board. It seems you have plenty of those.
Anonymous said…
Are you just saying this in hopes that flattery will prompt me not to steal Youngest and make him live in a tent in my backyard? Because I'm totally going to anyway.
The Chick said…
I haven't met Jen, but I totally crushed on her when I read I first read her book. So I feel ya...

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