what a week

I made walnut crescent cookies for Oldest to bring to the elderly gentleman he works for. There will be a big family party tonight for A as he is turning 80-something today.
He adores Oldest and Oldest loves him - and he dated Betty Page. Imagine.

It's been a long week here in Tuvalu.
Middle finished his exams, and Youngest graduated.
Middle played for three hours in oppressive humidity at the high school graduation and then attended his girlfriend's graduation a few hours later and THEN attended the graduation party that her school throws for their graduates. That party was from 10pm until 4am and Middle said that it was amazingly well done. Three gyms were built into a Harry Potter theme complete with the dining room with all those little candles strung from the ceiling. There was a little town too and Middle enjoyed the candy shop. He had a fun night.

Youngest bought Rock Band for the wii a while ago, with his COA money and I ordered it for him online. Weeks went by and though I got a confirmation of the order I never received a shipping date. It was very frustrating. Lots of other places shipped it and I kept emailing the place we ordered it from and never got a response. I decided, while Youngest was at his last morning of school, that I'd run out and buy it. I had told him, in the morning, that he should prepare himself for a long wait and then decided to surprise him...

last day of 8<span class=

Here he is approaching the car. I had the giant box in the back seat.

cute couple

Here's a really cute old couple that I saw while I was waiting for him. They were holding hands and had great outfits.

the subject3

Here is my unsuspecting subject at the car.

I took half a dozen photos of him telling me about his last day - finally he asked why I was taking the pictures and I nodded toward the back seat and he went wild. He was laughing and crying and so excited...I think it was a combination of the last day of 8th grade and the disappointment over the game and then the excitement of getting the game all mixed together.

So, that's how we got to play Rock Band. I got an email the next day saying the supply never arrived and that I had never been charged and blah blah blah.


We've had a great time playing. Middle is better on guitar than drums (he plays both very well in real life, which hurts, I think, in the game), K is great on drums, Oldest (RL guitar) can't get past the fact that it is a game and not real music, and I? Well, with the mic volume WAY down, I do a mean Creep, by Radiohead.

guitar solo

On Thursday we attended the graduation ceremony. It was warm and steamy...

8<span class=

and sometimes it rained.


It was fascinating to see kids that Youngest has grown up with, most of whom I have not seen since elementary school.

I was sitting behind a fabulous grandma -

great grandma

she looked so beautiful - auburn hair and lovely jewelry and a gorgeous outfit.
I had fun watching her chat with her granddaughter and she left a little early to catch a flight. Definitely MY KIND of grandma.

We heard four good speeches, made by students, cheered hundreds of graduates and were able to spot Youngest in the crowd.

very casual

He was oh-so-casual when he went up for his diploma -


and, after he made the long walk across the stage, shaking hands, we now have two kids in high school.

high school behind them

That's the high school building looming in the background.

A couple of hours later we dropped him back at school to board a bus for his party.

wine and pizza

Pizza and wine for us.

I think there will be lots of sleeping in next week.
We have our annual family bash to attend on Friday and then Youngest and I are off to the Cape.

vampire cape cod

I heard this song yesterday and I'm starting to look forward to our trip.

I'm taking tomorrow off - what with video blogging and slow cooking and such, like I said, it's been a busy week.

See you Monday...


Anonymous said…
Here, I am BAKING. Myself.
Anonymous said…
Whadja make?
Dani said…
Ordering a magazine subscription as a gift this morning.

Then I'm off to work.

At least we have something in common today. Well, sort of.
Anonymous said…
I enjoyed all the activity (that I didn't even have to get up for......the best kind, these days in my life).
Let me tell you about old folks holding hands. I've always thought it was so cute and romantic. But now that I'm there, I find it's most often to steady each other and that's not a bad thing unto itself. It becomes a form of romance. Where I am now, you shall someday be (if you're lucky).
Miz S said…
Busy indeed. Congrats to Youngest and to you and K.

How lovely that Oldest has bonded with the old gentleman. I love cross-generational friendships.

Me, I am baking another rhubarb-blueberry pie.
Anonymous said…
I am finally done for today and am so pleased that I found the strength soemwhre in me to check you again.
A BIG bacio to Youngest, yet another step towards the grown up world, even if to me he already sounds so grown up!
Enjoy your day off. Wish I could have one these days!
Anonymous said…
Love it. Creep is a good song.

Congrats to Youngest.

Holly said…
Oh, I'm kind of jealous of the Harry Potter graduation party! :)
Creep is a personal favorite.
Hope to see you in Wellfleet next week...will be there Thursday thru Sunday and would love to connect.

Mary said…
Well you deserve a break - this was such a wonderful post (would have loved to have seen Youngest's face when he saw the box!) and that incredible video of command central - what a treat .

Have a lovely restful Sunday...
Anonymous said…
Lucky Youngest receiving the present of his dreams - what a great feeling when timing works out like that! Congrats to him for reaching another milestone. I didn't realize 8th grade graduation ceremonies have turned into something so big though! Your post reminded me of this NYTimes article from last week:
Fannie said…
Beer and pizza - perfect after a busy week!
MsCellania said…
I'm still watching your heart of the home video.
Does it feel strange to have ALL such big guys, now? I'm still getting my head around my youngest going in to all-day school. He's been in half days for 4 years...
Anonymous said…
What a great party - lucky kids!

If you are into Radiohead, have you come across Stanley Donwood's writing?

stephanie said…
Harry Potter rooms, that is awesome; I'm totally jealous.

This was a fun visit! Thanks for sharing the details - I especially love your surreptitious photos of the older people in your midst.
Sarah said…
Creep is my big Rock Band number, too. Though the bridge is a little high for my alto register... It's OK, though, because my kids appreciate my affection for Radiohead and are used to my caterwalling.
Eleanor said…
So much is happening at Blackbird Central, I can hardly keep up!

My favourite though is definitely the surprise gift. A surprise gift is one of the best things in life, for the giver as well as the receiver.

Oh, I also loved the high school building "looming in the background."