Will an alliance of women take control?
Will they act out more scenes from Macbeth?
Can I hate Natalie more than I do?

Jason was voted to the jury - and the Immunity Idol is "back up for grabs."
Medical had to take a look at James' finger...
James says it's no big deal but the medic flushes it (can you tell I have experience in the ER?)
and tells him they will come back in the morning.
The medic tells him if it's not better in the morning he'll have to have surgery.
Will he have to fly home from Italy? Oh, sorry, that's my story.

Mom disapproves of the way the women are being portrayed -and, when she says that, I look up to see a shot of bouncing breasts.
She has a few choice comments about the toilet paper commercial and the instant pregnancy test commercial too. She's feisty.

Night 30 brings us chirping bats and frogs. James says his finger is just inflamed. But Amanda tells us that he could have permanent problems. She doesn't want him out of the game. But mom heard that there will be an evacuation tonight and we can only assume it's James.
Alexis has fallen and hurt her knee.
Cirie points out that they could both go home and there will be two less people to battle.

There is an early challenge with effigies of each player.
They must answer questions, in private about their tribe mates and then guess which answers correspond to each person.
They will play for time with relatives....
Pavarti's mom visits, Erik's brother is there, Natalie's mom is there for a tearful reunion, Alexis' brother arrives, Amanda gets some love from her sister, James' father arrives looking good, Cirie's husband comes and I remember what a cutie he is.
The winner of the challenge will swim with their loved one in Jellyfish lake. And I have to say I might throw that particular challenge.

Who does the most for the tribe? Everyone says James, except James, but it IS James.
Who never shuts up? Pavarti.
Who mistakenly thinks they are in control of the game? Pavarti.
Pavarti is the first person out.
Who is the most honest? Alexis.
Who are you least likely to invite to a family dinner? James.
James is out.
Cirie is out.
Natalie is out.
Amanda is out and Alexis wins the challenge.
She and her brother choose Cirie and Natalie to go with them to swim with the jellyfish.
And Alexis sends Amanda to Exile Island.

The loved ones must leave and the team returns to the camp.
But James must stop for Medical to look at his finger.
James hopes the doctor will say he is okay.
Jeff sneaks in.
Caroline (the doctor) explains that the infection could easily spread.
She feels it is too big a risk.
I am so upset.
But James just wants to get it fixed.
Pavarti is as upset as I am.
Such a shame that he is going, but, in the blink of an eye, he is gone.
Erik is the only guy left.

The winners hike to the lake.
To swim with stingless jellyfish. "The experience of a lifetime!" mom says and we both laugh.
Cirie says it was a breakthrough for her - it opened her eyes. She has learned that not everything is a threat, she tells us.

On Exile Island Amanda is busy looking for the idol. How hard could it be? Everyone else has found it...and she finds the third clue easily. And after a long time digging in the sand she reads that the idol is buried back at camp, under the flag.

During the night the winners return to camp and find out that James has left.
Alexis is worried about her knee and being sent home.
Cirie says they HAVE to beat Erik now. But how?

I'll take this commercial break to urge you to vote for Middle (purple screen in third place). I'm drafting a post about our visit to art college.

The women meet in the cave to discuss Alexis and her injury. Should they vote her out?
Alexis wants to stay but is wary of Pavarti.

Time for the second challenge of the evening.
Amanda returns from Exile and they tell her that James has left.
In this challenge the players will take turns firing a high power rifle at sake bottles.
The first person to hit all of their bottles wins.
We bring Middle in to consult on the ammo.
He claims fake muzzle flash in the editing. And THAT'S WHY HE'S GOING TO FILM SCHOOL.
(I disagree, actually.)
Erik wins immunity.
The plan is foiled.
One of the women must leave.
(HA HA say I.)

At camp Amanda lies and says she couldn't find the third clue and empties her bag to show the team she doesn't have the it.
They decide to kill the last chicken.
Amanda tells Pavarti where the idol is.
They debate who to vote out - Pavarti says it should be Alexis. Amanda wants Natalie to go.
Erik and Alexis think Amanda should go - especially since she doesn't have the idol. Yet.
Erik tells Amanda that he will vote for her or Pavarti.
We get a phone call and I miss what happens.
Erik talks to Cirie - Cirie feels that Amanda must go.
Cirie talks to Amanda and confesses that she might go.
Amanda starts digging for the idol - and we go to Tribal council.

He tells us that with the IV he should be fine and we are awfully glad to see him.

Amanda tells Jeff she didn't find the idol.
Cirie says that Erik and Amanda are the biggest threats.
Amanda complains about Erik and feels that he has turned against her.
Natalie feels that Amanda is a threat.
Time to vote.
Erik keeps immunity.
I am so excited.
Votes for Amanda don't count.
There are four votes for Amanda, which don't count and two for Alexis. (If I have the numbers right.)
Alexis goes - she limps into the dark.

We continue to be thrilled.


Badger said…
This season has turned awesome all of a sudden. I'm not sure how that happened.

I lurve James. And YOUR MOM.

And I'm still cheering for Erik FTW.
Amy A. said…
I'm not reading because I haven't watched yet! I know there is supposed to be lots of injuries, though.

Have fun painting! Think lots of lovely thoughts about youngest while you work. Maybe it will make the chore less chore-like.
I have never seen an episode of Survivor (Let's just say I have anxiety issues) yet I am strangely addicted to your Survivor recaps.
Anonymous said…
Remember the challenge when Amanda was futiley digging and digging but couldn't find the whatever-it-was? And then all that digging on Exile? That recent digging practice paid off, plus she had a shovel to help her dig some more back on the island. Now to me, Amanda is just sort of vanilla pudding, and I am not a huge fan of hers at all, but I was VERY impressed with her acting last night at Tribal--those huge, sad Amanda eyes were working it--because I really wasn't sure if she had found that idol or not. And then she had it! And then she played it! That after getting everyone to be honest with her and just tell her if they were going to vote for her. No one ever plays their immunity idol. So now I might have to root for her after all. What the heck! That was some GOOD TV.

LauraMae said…
Just came across your blog and just have to comment! I don't understand why Amanda and Pavarti chose to vote off Alexis...wouldn't they want to compete against an injured person rather than one of the fully abled players?? I'm just having trouble comprehending the logic--help? Anyone?!?! In my opinion, that was a bad move Amanda, and after all your hard work--ugh! LOVE SURVIVOR and your recap--thanks!!
Anonymous said…
i told you that finger would get him taken out...

Unknown said…
The producers fixed it so that the men - Jonahtan and James would get removed from the island. They want a woman to win becuase it's been 4 seasons at least since a woman has won.

Amanda needed to step up her game because it looks like Parvati and Cirie are making all of the bold moves. She can count on more votes for actually playing the idol from Jason, Ozzie, James, and Eliza and maybe even Alexis. Next week should be interesting. The Amanada, Parvati, and Cerie alliance might be broken. A final 3 withthem would be tricky. One of them or more will try to take Eric and/or Natalie to the final 3. Let's eee who turns on the alliance of women.

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