signs of spring

We bought charcoal.

We had our first scooter ride.

Youngest learned to ride a bicycle.

The lemon tree has been moved to the front yard.

I wore a linen blouse.

We ate ribs.



Anonymous said…
Because of your successes with the lemon tree, my husband now wants one.
MizMell said…
I adore summer because of the charcoal and the sitting on the porches in the evening.
I have moved plants outside and been busy arranging sitting areas in the yard. I love it.
Carol said…
Your youngest learned to ride a bike this year? Maybe there is hope for my middle (age 12?)

Anonymous said…
Ahhhhhh, spring is in the air...actually here SUMMER is in the air!
This painting is taking forever, ain't it!
Your blogher guests should be forever thankful!
Eleanor said…
Sorry, no time for comment today, too busy voting.
Mary said…
Right now he is back up to number three - it must have got away from the Aussie contingent whilst we were sleeping - anyway we are waking up now so the votes should come in steadily.

Charcoal? This is foreign to me.

Linen blouses and lemons and bike riding are not.

Oh. Painting is foreign to me too!
Dani said…
I wore a coral colored shirt today. Something that felt too "springy" until today.
RW said…
finally signs of spring.
we are still voting here up north.
Suse said…