Look at what my sweet husband bought me -


A new battery for my laptop.
I've been working with a battery with about 20 minutes of power for a long time. Having a laptop with low battery power is pretty much the same as working on a desktop computer. I did manage to develop a talent for finding power outlets in odd places though.
But now I'm all powered up and cord free.


Last night was Youngest's last concert in middle school. He was very good at setting up the chairs.


He was very good about wearing a shirt he didn't want to wear.


And, even though he told me THAT IT IS NOT GOOD IF YOU CAN HEAR ONE PARTICULAR MUSICIAN, I SWEAR I heard HIM playing. I heard him through all the other musicians as only a mother can, and YOU KNOW what I'm talking about.
So, that's it. His final junior high concert, and I was too tired to get emotional over it.

He's about to turn 14 too. And "graduate," and "Come of Age."
That's a lot of celebrating. And possible giftage.
As he has just learned to ride a bicycle, it's one of the things we are considering.


I'm voting for this one. (Gosh. I'm so happy to be DONE VOTING.)

Segueing easily into talk of the outdoors...let's discuss my lemon tree. My Beloved Lemon Tree.

lemon tree

It's not looking well. At. All.
It had a nice winter indoors. It made a record crop of lemons. I even cooked and baked with them. And then...well...it got a little, uh, dry? And I didn't always put the grow light on. Its leaves turned yellow and fell off. I went into panic mode and made sure it had light and gave it fertilizer but none of that seemed to help.
Finally, a week or so ago, it was warm enough to move it outside. I did some hand-wringing and then some pruning and I found the teeniest hints of green - but I don't know. I've owned it for 12 years, I have no idea how old it is, but it could be dead. I sure hope not.

After I pruned my sweet and wonderful Beloved Lemon Tree, I decided to pull a weed or two. I had noticed what I thought was a big dandelion in the front garden and bent to pull it out.


And, lo, it was not a dandelion. I don't know what it is. I think we could eat it.

The idea of a pet bird still intrigues me. A little. I know it's only because I just did a stint feeding my friend's pet bird. I love THAT bird. She's so cheery and cheepy and sings when I visit. I'm infatuated with the idea of a bird.
AND, if I had a bird, I'd want it to live in this -


Pretty, isn't it? IT'S $5000. And that, my friends, settles the issue of the pet bird.
Strangely, this lovely cage is from Conrans. It feels like it's out of character for them. It's not the first object of desire from Conrans, oh no. When K and I were first married we'd walk through Conrans ooohing and ahhhing over all the household goods we could not afford. We wanted this chair -

<span class=

and countless other great things, and we bought dish towels and glasses and lots of other inexpensive items there, but never that chair. Maybe I'll surprise K with one someday.

<span class=

Our Wellfleet plans are set and I CAN BARELY WAIT.

<span class=

I'll be drinking gin and tonics here.

<span class=

And here.

<span class=

And I may even crash the party in the separate guest house and drink gin and tonics THERE.
I'll also sit on the beach and watch Youngest surf and get some sun and air.
I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for Caleb's mom too. And I'll give her a hug from all of us.

Yep. It's going to be a crazy month or so from here on.
I'll take pictures.


Anonymous said…
I am your lemon tree.

I am showing up and drinking gin in that guesthouse, or on the lawn in a tent, but I will be there, drunk.

Badger said…
I can always hear the boy play. Of course, he is one of only four tubas in the whole band. But he is THE BEST ONE.

My lemon tree loses its leaves every year. I didn't think they were supposed to do that, but it always comes back with EVEN MORE leaves. So, I hope yours isn't dead.
Anonymous said…
Before you up and buy a bike, check this puppy out
I'm guessing if you get him one, everyone else will want to ride it too. They run about $300, but you may be able to get one on Craigslist.
I want one!
Anonymous said…
I'm still trying to wrap my brain around he is 14 and JUST learned to ride a bike? Religious reasons? Pedal challenged? Just because?

Wellfleet? Come by for drinks at our West Yarmouth place. Or as we say West YAAAH-muth. I just figured out all my aunts sound like Ted Kennedy.
Anonymous said…
Ah. Vacation. I'm now starting to go hectic with work.
Funny, uh?
Also VERY funny, we got 2 kitties last night for Brizio and I named them what?
Gin and tonic.
Pics via email.
I will be an inch away from the Cape in June. If you are still there maybe I could ditch my post-surgical Mom and come for a drink!

When Sorority Girl was dancing in big group numbers, I never saw anyone on stage except her.
Fannie said…
Birds scare the bejesus out of me.
islaygirl said…
i'm going to be on the cape this summer, too. i'm thinking i'm going to give caleb's mom a hug as well.
Anonymous said…
I want to drink gin and tonics in Wellfleet.

That house is so cute, I just want to pinch it.
Anonymous said…
I think you should compromise on the tres expensive birdcage and get a couple finches. They make the sweetest little chirping sounds as they flit about. They would make you smile.

I don't know what that thing is that you pulled up but I don't think you should eat it. Might be one of Alice in Wonderland's magic plants.

My #1 son had great difficulty learning to ride a bike, too, but he wasn't quite 14 yet when he finally learned. Yay for Youngest!
Anonymous said…
I'm glad my 9 y.o. isn't totally behind on that whole learning to ride a bike thing.

I hope the lemon tree is okay, because my husband is using yours as his rationale for why we could have one too and it would actually thrive.
Anonymous said…
The Go-Go's! What a great flashback.

I think your lemon tree has been reincarnated as a carrot, bb.

I envy Youngest the upcoming vacation. Biking around a Cape Cod town sounds just about right. And relaxing with icy cold gin and tonics sounds awfully nice too.

Dani said…
I'm so glad K got you that battery. It would have been kind of awkward asking to be seated near an outlet at the coffee shop today. ;) Not that it would have mattered, really. Seeing as your battery probably would have outlived the "free" WiFi.
Ali said…
I think your mystery plant is horseradish. It's a little tricky to tell from thousands of miles away, but that's my best shot.
jordi said…
I want lots of pics of Wellfleet since I am staying in the city, watching the boats on the river and pretending to be wherever someone else is posting from. So Wellfleet would be especially salutatory. ( I know that is a word, but I also wrote slutatory and sulootatory before I got it).
Anonymous said…
I'm guessing you are--as we are--sidewalk impaired. It's hard to learn to ride a bike without one. All mine are/will be "late" bikers.
tut-tut said…
yes, I'd say horseradish too. Wash it and grind up the root in your food processor. Stand back when you take off the lid, because if it IS horseradish, the first whiff packs a wallop.

Wellfleet . . . well
Unknown said…
I actually know where Wellsfleet is. Sounds lovely.
Eleanor said…
I have two words for you which may well put you off pet birds for life.

As they did me, right after the exterminator gassed my entire house.

Duyvken said…
Love the bird house, but I wouldn't actually want to have a bird. For some reason I associate pet birds with intense loneliness and isolation - I blame Patrick White's novels! And yes, take pictures!
Miz S said…
Regarding Youngest: time is like a jet plane. Have you noticed?
RW said…
I would caution you against the bird.
Anonymous said…
De-lurking here to ask that you please give Caleb's mom extra hugs from me. I have followed Caleb's progress faithfully since I have a nephew who has the same type of
head injury. Both young men are in my prayers.
Have a wonderful time on the island !!
alice c said…
Don't lose faith in the Lemon Tree.
jenny said…
Ask L. to save me a spot in the guest house...
it is too cute to resist.

Birds are messy. Be glad you want the uberexpensive cage and will remain birdless.