oh em gee, May Day

Well this is one hell of a job I've started.
Talk about distracting...
Step one: prime the ceiling which has been replastered in one area and is dark blue with silver galaxies everywhere else.
Done. But I'm not sure one coat is going to do it. K will have a look and make a pronouncement.
I'm hoping that pronouncement is "move on to regular paint, honey, before you pass out."
I managed to cut in lots of the paneling grooves as well - that's going to be a beast of a job too, the paneling, and I don't think I'll be able to roll much of it.
I must be the sloppiest painter on earth. My face is covered with primer, my clothes are spattered and my work area looks like I put paint in my mouth and spit it all over the place.
When I finished for the day, at two, I realized that Killz (no odor Killz, thank you) does not clean up with water.
It wasn't too bad to wipe off the floor but I've scraped a layer or two of skin off my arms and it took an awfully long time to get it all off my eyeglasses.

I won't be able to paint today (heh heh, putting it off already) as I need to go into town with, uh, someone I'm not talking about here right now. He has a meeting at The College Of His Choice to Learn More About The Program and I'm going with.
Don't worry though - I'm not that good at procrastinating.
The weekend is WIDE OPEN.

So, while I'm in town, why don't you go and vote? You know how to find it. It's the purple one.
And I'm going to take some pictures while I'm out so you have something to look at tomorrow.

In other news, it's May Day.
Here are some flowers for you...

may day 3

and a toaster and a glass of wine and a dish of butter.
And here's a great story.
Life is complete.


Carol said…
That story is awesome - why can't we hear about that kind of stuff more often???

Have a great day in town - we all have high hopes for some fun photos.
Jennifer said…
I'm in a project of painting here myself. My grandparents bedroom. First they had to take off all the wallpaper, then Papa plastered ALL the walls, then we primed them, then we painted them, then we painted the trim... Today the guy is coming with the new carpet. And I hope by tonight that the entire contents of their room will be back inside the room instead of spread out in the living room and dining room and Connor's room. lol

Good luck with the College meeting :)
Mary said…
Oy. You might be hating it but you know the technical terms. Cut in indeed!
Anonymous said…
Had the knotty pine to paint. Did not know that the weird honey orange color is not natural and you are supposed to remove it BEFORE you paint. I always thought that was the color of knotty pine but no! THEN I found out you were supposed to scrub them with that solution you make up with warm water and TSP. Welcome to the world of TSP. I had one wall done before I found out. So off to wash the walls and get all that shiny orange crap off. I am always late to the party.

Still the TSP is a lot easier then sanding the damn stuff. And may I say I actually MISS the days when my Youngest and Oldest had the star strewn ceilings. And the dinosaur string lights. And the giant Lego table. And....
Anonymous said…
my husband told us that story at dinner last night. our daughter plays varsity softball at her HS and he wanted her to bring the article in to her coach.

best of luck with the grooves and enjoy college for the day.while visiting schools with my daughter I sometimes find myself wishing I could go there!
Wendy said…
I forget about kilz not coming off my skin everytime I use it. But that's why I love it - you can paint ANYTHING if you start with a layer of that first. Off to read a good story.
Anonymous said…
That glass of wine needs a refill.
That One said…
Loved the story! Thanks for sharing. :)

Painting sucks but the results are so worth it. Usually. (If you take Gabe's advice and wash with TSP, wear gloves. That stuff is nasty. Works fantastically, but what it does to your hands ain't good.)
BabelBabe said…
move on to the painting. the prime coat is to give the paint something to hang onto. you might have to do two coats of paint, true, but paint is easier to work with and clean up than any type of Kilz.
Dani said…
I must not really be awake yet. It took me an inordinate amount of time to figure out that your title was 'OMG'. And then I literally hit myself in the forehead. A little too hard. Ouch.

Does the fact that I laughed while picturing you covered in paint make me a bad person? I also laugh when people fall down. I'm really not wrapped too tight now that I think about it.

I second babelbabe's "move on to the painting". Yes, you might still be able to see blue sky and stars but it's easier to do an extra coat of paint than an extra coat of Kilz and the outcome will be the same. Primer does its job even if you can still see through it.

Did you get flowers to congratulate you on your lovely primer-job? In celebration of May Day? As a bribe to actually FINISH the painting job? Either way, they're lovely.

The link to the baseball article will be going on the website of my 13 year old son's baseball team. I think there's a huge life lesson in that story.

Off to vote. And to get more coffee. If I can't figure out oh em gee at first glance I must need more caffeine.
Anonymous said…
what a great story! And the softball story was cool too. I hate painting ceilings, so my heart really goes out to you today.
Poppy B. said…
I've heard that people who wear glasses should cover the lenses with saran wrap when they paint ceilings.

And wear a hat. You know those painters' hats? Something with a brim, anyway.

I'm impressed that you're taking this on. I painted ceiling once in my life. And once will do me.

Remind me to praise the final effect when I see it at BlogHere.
barbra said…
I'm crying now - I loved that story!
Anonymous said…
Have a good day with "him" in town.
I am in bed. Day 2 hit me like a tsunami. Got up to vote (now, @5:40PM!). Back to bed.
Anonymous said…
Good for you on starting the PAINting process. It's going to look great with all that crisp new white. And, may I ask, does Youngest help you out this weekend? Or is that the kind of help you could do without?

Thanks for sharing the heartwarming story too. What a nice start to the day here.

Paula said…
What a lovely story.

I don't know. I must be some kind of freak, because I really do LOVE to paint.

Happy May Day.
Anonymous said…
I love to paint, but not ceilings. I painted dd's ceiling last summer a very pale pink and did a lot of splattering. Our white cat kept insisting on hanging out in that room while I was painting; luckily, she didn't get splattered. I don't ever want to paint another ceiling.
Fannie said…
A college visit sounds much more pleasant and productive than painting a ceiling. Or walls. Or anything really.
cadiz12 said…
i was still finding paint flecks on my glasses for a week after i painted my dad's home office.

that's the type of story i wish i'd hear more from the sports world, professional or amateur.
Badger said…
Much like Mr. Pink doesn't tip, I do not paint.

You can keep the flowers and the toaster, but pass the wine. AND THE BUTTER.
Anonymous said…
Don't you know May Day is supposed to be a worker's holiday? You could have taken the day off with nary a smidgen of guilt.

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