monday monday

Every other day, every other day,
Every other day of the week is fine, yeah
But whenever Monday comes, but whenever Monday comes
You can find me cryin' all of the time...

I had a primer-free weekend but I'm back at work this morning.
Did I mention that I'm an asshole?
Did I tell you that I told the guy at the hardware store that the Killz (odor-free. thank you) was kind of thin and I was worried about coverage and he said that I should use a 3/8 roller cover?
OH, BUT I KNEW BETTER. A 3/8 roller cover? I thought - that's just stupid. It will soak up all the primer!
And lo, he was right, the hardware store guy, and I DO need a 3/8" roller cover. DAMNITTOHELL.
Did I mention that I'm an asshole because I thought I needed to hand paint, with a BRUSH, the primer onto the panelling, ONLY TO DISCOVER THAT THE ROLLER, WITH THE 3/8" COVER WORKS QUITE WELL?

NO? Well, it does.

I'll be in Youngest's room today. Priming until I need to figure out dinner.

You'll be voting for Middle. Right?



Anonymous said…
Dearest, did I NOT tell you that you could roll it?

Mother knows best....
Badger said…
If I didn't already not paint, I REALLY would not paint now.
Mary said…
Oh exactly what Badger said.

And I love that song.
Anonymous said…
You really did not put on all that primer with a brush?!
Dani said…
Doesn't it just PISS you off when men are right? Thankfully, it doesn't happen often. ;)

VOTE, PEOPLE!!! We must nudge this young man out of 3rd place. Why? Because his video is AWESOME and it's a Middle Original. GO VOTE!!

Off my soapbox now...
Anonymous said…
Mmmmm, yes, the roller. It seems so silly, until you actually use it.

Who peels cheese off of pizza?

Is Youngest going to start working the magic circuit? Hiring out for kid parties and all that jazz? We have a friend who does that--kids are always astounded by him. It would be a dreamy summer job to get paid for something you love (cuz who loves lifeguarding or mowing lawns or babysitting?).

Must go vote.
Anonymous said…
At least you are not an asswipe. Asswipes can't admit when they are being assholes.

Anonymous said…
I sort of love painting.

But ceiling painting is a whole different beast. After that, I understand why there are folks out there who pay others to paint for them.
Anonymous said…
Yes, you did mention you thought you were an asshole.

But I think that's up to me to decide, don't you?
Anonymous said…
oh, wow. i keep leaving your site and coming back time and again. and now you are telling me that the lyrics are "every other day of the week is FINE", and not "FRIIIIIDAY"???

wow. such a wealth of information. that song DOES make a bit o'sense after all, i guess..