inspiration from a magpie

Good friends surround me!
Alice emailed yesterday and introduced me to Wall. I had great fun browsing and thought I'd share some interesting items. Perhaps we can convince Alice to visit their shop.

Wall seems to feature lots of unstructured shapes, luxury fibers and a neutral color palette. And they photograph the garments against a gorgeous WALL.

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I think this cardigan/jacket must be approached with caution. I fear that the long tail could possible create the dreaded shelf-butt problem. Of course I don't know anything about Alice's shape - but this cardi would require a long lean line with very little in the butt region. I might look like a penguin in it.


I don't care what I'd look like in this outfit. I like it. I like the colors and the sleeve length. Alice should try it on and report back.

After trying that one on, Alice should grab this jacket for me as I am lusting for it.

black top

Damn that Euro.

It occurs to me that these garments may look boring and bland on their hangers and that they must be tried on. I'm drawn to this dress but experienced enough to know that it is too much dress for me.

long dress

Perhaps Alice is very tall?


It's a shame about the hat. Hats are difficult to pull off - but the tunic is great.


If the fabric of this dress is clingy it will look awful on most of us. If it drapes nicely and has some body of it's own, it could be lovely.

Many of the pieces are made of Vicuna. I always thought that Vicuna was a synthetic fabric AND I HAVE BEEN WRONG. These are Vicuna(s).


Who knew? (Most of you probably.)

I'd like one of these too, please.


Wall calls it a caftan, but, after shortening it, I'd call it a dress. And I'd still probably wear pants under it.

belted top

This is another difficult piece. I'm not sure about that belt. Or the tail.


I'd buy those pants in a heartbeat - the top not so much. I don't think it's flattering. But I'm loving the shoes.
Here's another good pair -

black sandals

I leave it to MrsM now. Go, Alice, and bring your camera.


Badger said…
A blackbird and a magpie walk into a Starbucks.... Er, sorry, that's as far as I got.

I hate that second pair of shoes. But I have a pair almost identical to that other pair you like (but without the heel). Fifteen bucks at Target, yo.

I love all the pants. I am ALL ABOUT the wide-legged cropped pant right now.
Geggie said…
My fave is the white cardi and pants with the gray blouse. Love it! I am far too busty to carry off most of these outfits.

That was probably too much information.
Anonymous said…
Fabulous garb. Vicunas are wild version of Alpacas and have lovely soft cashmere like fur.I was amused when Tom Cruise names his child SURI as it is a wonderful furry version of this animal. Here is one you can have for a mere $15,5000.
They make wonderful pets. BB could have one in the backyard and make her OWN clothes.
Jennifer said…
Sadly I could not wear any of those outfits. Although they are all fabulous. My problem.. I'm 5'3" and am VERY round down the bottom.

I love those sandals. I had a pair very similar, however my Mom loved them so much, I gave them to her for Mother's Day.
alice c said…
Ack...I am NOT tall...and now I am worried that whatever I choose will be UNSUITABLE. Visions of myself as a penguin float before my eyes.

I had dreams of looking like Judi.

(that is Dame Judi Dench to the people of Tuvalu)
Jan said…
I love this collection but the models look 7 feet tall! I'm waiting for a catalogue of like-designed/hued clothing for proportioned for petites. Or is that oxymoronical?
Caset said…
i was just about to write the same exact thing as badger. i love love love these shoes so comfy. i found the link anyways, so might as well send it on:

glad to see other people are enjoying them, too!
jordi said…
I want those pants but they have to have pockets. Why don't women's pants have pocketses? They let us have cel phones in the new enlightened age, and also the need for poop bags when us urbanites walk the dog...we like to carry tiny cameras. I want pockets in all my pants. so when I put my hands in them I can see the fishes do the hoochie koochie dance... or something like that.
Anonymous said…
I love that look--but I'm too short to pull it all off--the baggy pants, yes, but not with a baggy tunic. (sigh) It's so great on the long and lean people, though. (damn my short, stubby Germanic gene pool)
Anonymous said…
Why do I have to buy long pants in the tall section, but cropped pants always come to my ankles? Wait, there is no reason you should know the answer to that -- it is a question for the stars. Not that you are not a star, but...

Forget it. I love almost all the same things you do in those photos. I need a new look so people mistake me for blackbird.
Wendy said…
I have to find a pattern for that tunic!!!

I concur with you on all of it.
Caterina said…
I think the models in the first and third pics are wearing very high heels.

I love the outfits, but I'm left wondering how it would look on a woman with actual BOOBS! Because those models are missing any kinda cleavage ;)
Anonymous said…
There is nothing like a little virtual retail therapy, is there.

Allison said…
Love the black coat, but that is about it. Drapey stuff is pretty hard to wear unless you are a new sapling or a bean pole (of which I am neither, even sans baby bump).
Anonymous said…
I suspect vicuna looks better worn....
...on a vicuna!

I love the virtual shopping though!
Unknown said…
I am very tall. Maybe you want to send me to London to explore the store? No? I thought not.

I LOVE that first little jacket. It would be perfect on me both in the front and in the back because I have no butt. None. Not even a hint of one.

I also love the brownish jacket with the belt and the striped pants. That is EXACTLY what I would choose to wear if I could afford it. Looks so comfy, too.

The big caftan dress? Not so much. I'd look about 25 weeks pregnant in it. I need more shape to my garments.

Excellent find!
Dani said…
OMG... I would look pregnant in every single one of those tops. Very depressing because they are quite pretty on the models.

I had on the same style cropped pants in natural linen today and got a ton of compliments. Little did everyone know that I bought them on the clearance rack last year for $3.99. Yup. Bought 'em in black, white, and the aforementioned natural for a grand total of $11.97. According to that website, and today's market, those pants would cost me $275(US)!!!

Oh, and I didn't know about the Vicunas either. That's thing #463 that I've learned while reading your blog.
Anonymous said…
Vicuna...? That's really animal? I did not know that...