vexing me today

too cold for this

It's too early for wedge-heeled strappy sandals. If you need a heavy sweater you shouldn't be wearing sandals.

roast fennel

I adore roast fennel. But it's no good as a leftover.

oven mitt

The seam in the oven mitt has opened and K and I have burned our hands. TWICE.


My hair. Grown out.


Youngest has never finished a single beverage in HIS LIFE.

odd chips

I'd like to buy one of these big bags of assorted little chip bags, you know, for lunches...but they put the STRANGEST flavors in there. My boys are not going to eat salt and vinegar chips.

roasting pan

I cleaned the roasting pan first thing this morning but it still has to be put away.

<span class=

It is a very lovely thing to have a friend who is generous with samples from luxurious places. It can be difficult to actually consume all the samples.

peanut butter

The peanut butter jar. Empty.

K's chair

K will not, does not, will never push his chair under the table when he gets up.


Anonymous said…
Ooooh, salt and vinegar crisps are the best!

Anonymous said…
Are any of these punishable offences?
*sneakily pushing her chair under the table*
Anonymous said…
I like your table cloth. And salt & vinegar chips.
Anonymous said…
The oven mitt? Throw it out.
Badger said…
I like your tablecloth, too.
Annagrace said…
Add to your list "husband rinses his bottle/can for recycling but can't actually put it in the bag under the sink." I have so few issues with him that this can put me over the edge.

I, for one, adore dill pickle flavored potato chips.
Caset said…
but salt and vinegar chips are my favorite! but i'm sure there are many other flavors in there - bbq? - that i would never touch...
Anonymous said…
Oh yes, your hair looks LONG.
alice c said…
I have a theory that it is Kevin Costner hiding around the corner in the first photo and you are just teasing us by showing a photo of the strappy sandals.

p.s. doesn't K get some slack because he can cook pork roast?
Anonymous said…
salt and vinegar rule, when i succumb to crisps. UTZ also used to make some mad Old Bay flavoured ones. I gave up UTZ though when my Mom told me about the woman in her office that went into anaphylaxis in the office from eating UTZ chips. Something they use in the processing I hear.
Husband also does not, will not, cannot push in his chair either, except his chair pushes into the kitchen walking space so i must move it. It is C&B and is mango wood and weighs like 50 pounds a chair. i consider it my daily arm workout.
It is not time yet to be sockless.
barbra said…
The soda can, peanut butter, and husband's-chair pictures could have been taken at my house today.
Anonymous said…
Not only to soon for sandals but the LEGGINGS from Flashdance need to go.

That is why they make little HALF size cans of soda. Since we started buying them there has not been a half filled can in the house. Perfect size for a drink.

First are not behind the UTZ salt and vinegar chip. S&V is the classic chip and as YOU know fries across the pond (or chips) are required by LAW to be S&V. My fave though is UTZ's Dark. OMG the crunchy half burnt goodness!!!

'SAMPLES' from luxury places? Are you implying they stuffed all these in their handbag at the restaraunt? No one has ever noticed their duffel bag sized purse? At least grab me something besides apricot. A little raspberry would be nice.

Am SHOCKED again you are not busy grinding your own PB. Or that it's not the au natural oil on top stuff my boys hate. The Skippy makes me nostalgic for my kid junk food-FLUFF A NUTTERS! Oh the joy of the fluff. I sent an Aussie friend Fluff a few years ago....he sent me Marmite. We are no longer friends.

My new puppy picks up ALL his little chewies and toys and puts them BACK in his basket! On his own. I am sure he would push in his chair if he could . Finally, a male in the house who picks up after himself and does not leave the seat up. Heaven.

Have a lovely weekend.
Yeah,me too, the half-size Coke cans, salt and vinegar chips, pretty tablecloth and Skippy. It's hard to be original when you spent the afternoon doing housework and taking a nap!
Saoirse said…
I'm with Gabe: the 80's are calling and they want their leggings back...

I love these little daily snippets o' life posts!

Be well!
Anonymous said…
My husband does the same thing with his chair. Does K at least close the dresser drawer? or the kitchen cabinet?
Kathy Rogers said…
Detest fennel. Blech.

Love salt & vinegar chips. Please direct all unwanted salt & vinegar chips to Los Angeles.

Neither of my fellow inmates, both males, can push a chair back in after they get up. My husband is also incapable of shutting a closet door or fully closing a dresser drawer. Don't get me started on the dishwasher.
Anonymous said…
One should never, ever, wear strappy sandals unless one can also wear shorts.
Amy A. said…
I like the grown out hair. It looks sassy. And I didn't pay any attention to your oven mitt because I was distracted by how clean your floor looked.

Off to mop!
Anonymous said…
Salt and binegar chiips are usually gross unless you smash them up and sprinkle them on your salad or in your tuna - sandwich or caserole.
That peanut butter jar isn't empty. I bet, with a good spatula or peanut butter knife, you could get enough for at least half a sandwich.
Bimbo-wear never goes out of season or style
Betsy said…
I totally feel your pain about the chairs...hopefully, it's not too late to teach my little guys!
Anonymous said…
I'm not completely convinced of the vexatiousness of the strappy sandals. I plead guilty.

If you visit you will see an eerily similar photo. His take on it is "As We Begin To Transition Into Spring."

That phrase probably vexed you. I know. I apologise.

In any case, you have outsartorialised the sartorialist. You rock.
Anonymous said…
my husband never rinses out an empty bottle or can. he puts in on the sink for the recycling fairy.

i buy the big bag of chips for my kids lunches. we are left with all the fritos.

i like your fennel bowl.
MizMell said…
I have memories of the half cans of soda pop.
When my girls were teenagers, I charged them 50 cents for every can I found in their bedrooms that had half or more left. Sodas were FREE if you drank it all. If you wasted, there was a cost involved.
This greatly reduced the number of half-empty cans.
islaygirl said…
And folks, on the sandals ... MAYBE she was visiting from Phoenix and realized (as she always does) that she has NO closed-toe shoes and must just suck it up with what she has. ( I do that whenever I go somewhere else -- i'll remember one part of the cold-weather gear and forget the rest and look completely out of place).

I'm quietly jealous over the Fauchon samples. MMmmmmm.
Grandma Cebe said…
Salt & Vinegar potato chips - icky! I remember the first time I had some of those things. Two bowls of chips on a buffet table - I could have sworn they were both sour cream & onion. But I was unpleasantly surprised to discover that someone in the chip world thought Salt & Vinegar was a great idea.

And my husband can never push his chair back under the table. Drives me nuts!
Duyvken said…
Love this post! And my kids will gobble up those S&V's for your kids - no problem!
Anonymous said…
if he is always leaving his chair out, how have you trained your beagle to not get up on the table?

Just asking. In case there is an answer.

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