Let's talk about the weather.
Or shoes.
Or how I DID have my act together and planned and made balanced meals all last week but can't seem to get my act together THIS week.

My lemon tree is looking very very bad - but I can't put it outside until it gets a little warmer. Just a TINY bit warmer. I'm anxious about it.

But I'm a pretty anxious person...

Did you know that Youngest is turning 14 in a couple of weeks?
His card tricks are pretty amazing.
The other night we sat and watched some videos starring The Amazing Jonathan and laughed our asses off. No, I'm not linking. Lazy.

My car, which I'm liking very much (thank you Consumer Reports) is covered with yellow dust.
My head is clear but my throat is scratchy. I was hoping the rain would settle the pollen situation but it doesn't seem to be helping.

Did you know that Erica Kane, on All My Children, is in jail? She's in solitary confinement right now. It looks pretty clean, for a jail. And her hair and makeup are perfect.

Can you tell I'm treading water here?
I am.

I've got a lot going on in my head and I needed to post.
Let's talk about the weather.


Anonymous said…
Did I start this weather talk?
And yes, I remember exactly when Youngest is turning 14, FOURTEEN.
Anonymous said…
bb--You aren't the only one who can't focus. I'm glad you posted again, because I would much rather "talk about the weather. Or shoes." The problem here is that the darn weather prevents me from wearing the shoes I want to wear. The stores indicate espadrilles. The weather says galoshes.

Paula said…
So uh...what happened? To earlier I mean.

14 is a good age for boys. I loved when mine were 14...
Badger said…
It is sunny and breezy and warm and gorgeous here. And I am getting a rotten mother-effing cold. While wearing shoes from Target.
Fannie said…
The problem IS the shoes - treading water in lead lined boots. This fortunately does not prevent one from voting.
Stephanie said…
It is freaking gloomy here but I have to admit it's warm enough to go outside. I am so sick of my winter shoes and want my flip flops again. like last week.

sob. whine. I probably haven't helped here. :)

I can only keep my act together 2, maybe 3, no usually 2, weeks out of the month. It's all cyclical for me.
Mary said…
Yes well hay fever does my head in too - scratchy throat and tired .

Every year though it catches me surprise - "Oh that's what all that is about - damned hayfever"
Anonymous said…
That's what I do when I'm dry--I talk about the GD weather (which is horrid this year, BTW). I have itchy raw eyes from the pollen & mold counts being so high.
I'm glad you have magic tricks and a good vehicle keeping you pleased in these dog days of spring.
StLmom said…
Yes, let's talk about the weather. It rained for the last five days. Today was sunny, but a little chilly. And about shoes: I wore horrible flat shoes to go to the golf course where I was supposed to meet SPRINGSTEEN and yet, he had to rehearse and so sent roadies to take his tee time. So, the weather's nice, but I didn't get to meet The Boss,(this time) and I'm disappointed. (A couple of the E Street band guys were there, but -- yeah, that totally doesn't count.)
The Sunshine State has been all SUNSHINY for the past 13 days.
I haven't had any shoes on my feet for about 20 hours. Another thing I love about the Sunshine State is that I don't think we have any pollen here.

All My Children. I've lost interest, except for the Angie and Jesse storyline.

And now I will also worry about your lemon tree.
barbra said…
Here's something else you could do. I think you might like reading this: http://thingswhatthings.com

She used to get paid to write Survivor recaps, then she quit that job to write other things. But she still writes her Survivor recaps on her blog for free! It takes her several days to write them, so she just posted one today about last week's episode.
Dani said…
Okay... the weather. Your clothing swap confused me. I'm under the impression that you live close enough to me that we have similar climates. Yet, you've done your seasonal clothing swap already. The last two days have been rainy and the last three days have been just a smidge over 50 degrees. Don't you need your flannel jammies and something warm/fleecy to wear during the day???

No wonder you can't plan meals. You're COLD.
tut-tut said…
Hey, wait a minute; isn't there someone rather closely connected to THIS blog, who writes rather lengthy Survivor recaps??? And I'm sure very detailed and interesting, too.
Anonymous said…
My Youngest is fourteen. If you are laughing your ass off with him, you are doing something right.
Miz S said…
I wish I had saved your phone # when you called me that time.


blackbird called me.

I would totally call you to see if I could find out what's REALLY going on.
Anonymous said…
I simply will not talk about the weather. If you are at all curious why, feel free to gaze at my blog. And then cry for me.
Eleanor said…
Ok, I did say before that you could write about the weather and I'd be happy. Well, it's true, still happy.

Now...today in Sydney it was one of those classic Autumn days, crisp and chilly, but very warm and cozy in the strong sunlight.

I really felt like wearing my birkies with trousers, sweater and scarf...but I didn't want to vex you, especially when you have stuff going on in your head, so I put on closed shoes.
Ok, that's the weather report from Down Under. Until next time.
Jennifer said…
I woke up this morning and it was -6C * that's 21F* the other day I was in shorts and a tank top and getting a sunburn! Damn weather..

14 was a very difficult age for me. I hope he has an easier time at it.

It rained here yesterday but only for like 10 minutes and not enough to push anything down. Ugh.
Kathy Rogers said…
I haven't watched All My Children in maybe five years. But I remember previous Erica-in-jail episodes. She had this tiny, perfectly-fitting orange jumpsuit with the collar turned up and just the right number of buttons unbuttoned. And, as you say, perfect hair and makeup.


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