things I like right now

  • Toasted English Muffins with peanut butter and jelly.
  • No socks.
  • No coats.
  • My garden.
  • Middle's new hair.
  • Trident spearmint gum.
  • Eclipse mints.
  • Taking the heavy blanket off our bed.
  • Windows open.
  • Rearranging furniture.
  • Green.
Too funny - this list is all about minty freshness.

Last night, Middle did a google search for his video and was embarrassed to see my blog posts.
It's alright that MY audience/friends know about his movie, but he's not as comfortable with his audience knowing he has A MOTHER. WITH A BLOG.

I'll tell you the whole sordid tale in a couple of weeks - in the meantime please go and VOTE.



Carol said…
After he wins - and is hanging out in a free room at SXSW - I'm sure he'll find a small way to thank you
Paula said…
Honey. I like honey on my english muffin.

Tell Middle he'd be doing well even if you didn't have a blog. We vote yes, but his movie is good.
Anonymous said…
What is that writing on the bottom left??? A message? A signature? A name?
So, Middle is upset?
I adore my English muffins (when I am in the US fo course...)with salted butter only. Thank you.
Anonymous said…
I have yet to actually SEE Middle's movie. My Mac Mini and the site do not seem to play well together. But I have voted every darned day and shall continue to do so. Yay, Middle! Yay, bb!

(Enjoy your open windows and no socks. We in the upper Midwest got up to 18 frickin' inches of snow yesterday; only 2-3" at my house but accompanied by 40 mph winds. Sheesh, enough already with the winter.)
alice c said…
Sorry - can't stop right now - too busy setting up our dog with an email account so that SHE can vote for Middle.
StLmom said…
No coats! Just discovered Eclipse mints and I like them too.

Must go vacuum with the windows open.
Anonymous said…
Arigato to you too.

Anonymous said…
Some snippy comments on the site re Middle's movie. Cloverfield geeks seem pretty snarky.

I controlled my impulse to leave a comment, lest Middle should be subjected to the embarassment of his MOTHER'S BLOGGING FRIEND coming to his defense.

I can only imagine the horror it would provoke in my house!
Amy A. said…
Before I got a facebook page, my daughter made me promise I would never write on her wall.

Someone tell me that our kids will eventually grow out of being embarrassed by us.
Eleanor said…
Um...excuse me....adventure #347....the what I can tell't the done thing a subject for a post...but.....I've been really really patient.....and I need some closure.

DeeMarie said…
I love English Muffins with PB & J!! Think I'll make one for dinner.
:) Enjoy those open windows!!
Mary said…
Voting done.

Eclipse mints are my constant companion in the car.

I have introduced my kids to the delights of peanut butter and jam.

However here we have the delights of vegemite. And you either like peanut butter OR vegemite - not very often do you find someone who adores both.

I am a peanut butter girl.
Mary said…
PS I have visited Toast before thanks to you. It is beautiful.

Drat the English pound versus Aussie Dollar !
Jennifer said…
Haha damn blogging mothers! Jeepers!

Can we see pics of Middle's new hair?

I think I'm going to have an English Muffin with Peanut butter and Jelly for breakfast now :) Thanks!
RW said…
I wish I could go forth with no socks.... I am still wearing my wool ones.

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