You're voting, right? I have news for you, you people. The AUSTRALIANS are keeping this thing alive. That and my feeble attempts to create a DAMN LINK IN THE SIDEBAR.
Go. Vote.


Here on CBS we learn about the demise of Ozzy and the triumph of Jason.
Jason took the food deal and we thought that was the end of him. But it was NOT. Ozzy joined the jury. Psych!

It's day 28 - not many days left. Erik tells the team they did the right thing. Amanda is talking to James in the jungle. She is very upset at Pavarti and Cirie. GAME ON says she.

Personally, I'm ready to go to Micronesia RIGHT THIS MINUTE.
But first I have to VOTE. It's the purple one.

Hmmm. Pantene is one of tonight's sponsors. I wonder if the team is going to win some shampoo. I don't think I'll be rushing out to see Baby Mama this weekend. You can let me know how it was. There's a Ford commercial too. Remember when someone on Survivor could win a car? Remember the "curse of the car?"

Back to the show. James has a bad cut on his finger. Cirie notices that it is swollen and infected.
Pavarti knows that James and Amanda are pissed at her. She justifies her vote to James. She tells him she's working with the girls. James thinks it's funny. But he's not afraid. He tells her he's not stupid and now we see that he isn't. He says she's selfish and he's not going to put up with it.
Amanda doesn't trust the women.

Time for a Survivor auction.
Each player has $500
$120 buys Cirie a hot dog, fries and all the fixings.
Next item, $80 to Erik...or he can trade it...and he does and gets? a tray of nachos which he got by trading octopus.
Natalie buys bat soup -- she doesn't take it...but James does.
A peanut butter and jelly sandwich goes for $280 to Amanda.
Natalie buys a $240 bottle with a note in it - she has to send someone to Exile and gets their money.
But there is a new idol at Exile so she chooses Jason. He gives his money to Natalie and goes.
Maybe he'll find a real idol this time.
Natalie buys the next thing for $380 - it's a chocolate cake. AND she gets a note with it.
She has to share the cake with tribemates. She picks Pavarti and Alexis. They have 60 seconds to eat it. It's pretty gross.
Erik offers to pay Cirie $40 to lick her fingers.
James is amused.

People are aggravated that Natalie sent Jason to Exile. They are sure he'll find the idol.

On Exile Island Jason is busy reading clues. He does pretty well. We see him in several beautiful locations. AND HE FINDS THE IDOL with very few problems. Now he has the real idol and he's feeling pretty good about himself.

Back at camp the team realize that they must assume he has the idol. The women plot and make a plan to disarm Jason, blind side him and vote him off - or, at worst, play the idol.
It's like the Witches Of Eastwick around the fire, yo. (Nod to Badger.)

Pretty birds eat lizards - can the women beat the men? Metaphors are not lost ON ME.
It's Erik's birthday. He knows the women are strong. He knows he has to win.
Natalie explains the plan. She is annoying me. She says it is either going to be Jason or James.
They will spare Erik because it's his birthday.

The challenge is the old throw the rocks at the tiles and build the puzzle, build the rope bridge, cross the bridge challenge. Natalie tells Jason the plan.
Amanda, James, Erik and Jason move on in the challenge.
Now they must dig for a key.
Jason, James, and Erik lead.
James and Erik move on.
James moves forward.
Erik moves forward to the final.
James and Erik battle for immunity.
Using two planks they must move across water.
James falls.
Erik moves quickly.
Erik doesn't panic and moves well.
James makes up some ground.
Erik makes it to the final platform first.
Erik wins immunity.

It's day 30.
Natalie looks a little annoyed. AND I DON'T CARE.
The women are giggling.
They are very excited that Erik won.
Their plan is working and they are very proud of themselves.
I'm getting a little tired of the shots of spiders.
At dinner time Jason volunteers to get food and water.
Cirie wants to go through his stuff to look for the idol.
Natalie finds the idol...the men are uneasy.
She is very confident that Jason trusts her and that they can blindside him.
Natalie tells Jason that James is going home next. He tells her he has the idol.
Jason hopes that he can trust Natalie.
Natalie tells us that she is having a lot of fun being a stone cold bitch.
James tells Amanda that he's voting for Pavarti. They talk about Jason.
It seems like the camp is a very uncomfortable place.
The women are annoying THE HELL out of Oldest.

At Tribal Jeff looks like a vulture. The music is very dramatic.
Does the group miss having a "provider?"
Does James think he's going to go?
Is Erik comfortable and safe?
Can Jason save himself?
I notice, during the vote, that a medic must have treated Jame's cut.

This vote is a mystery to us...
Jason does not play the idol...

Jeff: James, on your way out, have Medical look at your finger.

What excitement does next week hold for us? It would appear from the promo that it is time for a visit from family members.

And speaking of family members...Middle is nonplussed about the competition, as is his way, whilst the rest of the family jump around like lunatics: refreshing the screen where we watch the contest, finding new sources to ask for votes, reading the comments he receives. He is like a buddha in the middle of chaos.
We are going to get out of the house and away from our computers today - but I want to thank you again and again, for voting again and again.
Next week, at Middle's first meeting at the college of his choice, I hope he's able to tell them that he is in the top three.

I might make that squee noise now.


Anonymous said…
Yes, it's Friday. Again.
I scrolled all the Survivor bla bla and simply appreciated Middle, who can remain calm as a Buddha!
I cannot believe the gorgeousity (I just invented this one) of the weather today here.
Anonymous said…
I just voted again, and it appears as if he is second in the rankings.
Anonymous said…
nooneimportant got my vote again today!

Go nooneimportant, go!
Anonymous said…
that finger of james is infected and going to get septic. he may be out.

Ya know it's not that hard to keep a cut clean. they can boil water, they can clean a wound. sheesh.

Badger said…
I AM VOTING EVERY DAMN DAY. I am only one woman over here, yo.

I officially want Erik to win this season. He has no hope in hell, but I REALLY want him to.

Even though he's beginning to look disturbingly like a Gibb brother.
Anonymous said…
Natlie has never had so much screen time. In fact, I wasn't even sure of her name. But now that I have met her, I DON'T LIKE HER. She's mean and scary and her brows are overplucked.

Off to vote...and saw the video finally. It's very well done.


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