shopping at Sundance

I got the Sundance catalogue yesterday. I am assuming it is designed to inspire those with mothers to purchase jewelry for Mother's Day. I abhor Mother's day but I don't mind browsing in a jewelry catalogue. I am far too easily intimidated to browse at a jewelry store, so this is perfect.
I thought we could look at some things together...

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I like the necklace on this page very much. I'm always drawn to beach glass colors and this necklace is beachy with gold, which is unusual. It would look nice with the ring I wear in the summer.

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I like this necklace too - it's a diamond briolet. I don't know what a briolet is, but I think the necklace is delicate and pretty - and I like the idea of diamonds in unusual shapes and settings. Unless briolet means synthetic. I don't want to pay a lot for a synthetic diamond. I don't think. Okay, maybe I'd pay a lot for a great big emerald cut synthetic diamond ring. Wait. I don't know if I would. ONWARD.

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Yet another pretty blue and gold necklace. By the time I get through the entire catalogue I can talk myself out of all of it.

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Wouldn't this be nice to throw on over everything all summer long? Cashmere itches me. And not just my neck. But it's pretty.

Do you know what DOES make my neck itch? What shits me to tears?

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Women who wear peace sign jewelry. With a fur coat. At Whole Foods.
I sort of feel like the time for peace sign jewelry has come and gone.
But I do, sometimes, find myself drawn to trendy jewelry...

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This necklace, on a leather cord, can be customized with initials or a favorite number. I have both and think this is a nice present.

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I've given these bracelets to a bunch of different people...they are inexpensive and very pretty in real life.

Can you guess what I like best on this page?

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The rock.

If you aren't in the mood for jewels, I think this is a great white cotton blouse.

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I could use a white cotton blouse - do you think this one looks like it might be see-through? I hate that.

Nice belt -

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AND it goes with whatever I'm wearing - silver OR gold. I need it to be large-ish as I'd like to belt a couple of tunics with it and wear it low on my hips.

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I could easily be talked into this bag too...I don't have a brown handbag and this one is not huge (why are all my bags either huge or tiny?)and looks squishy and nice. Those are two of my favorite things, the squishy and nice.

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These are pretty too.

So, there you are - IF you purchase gifts for a mom on Mother's Day (which I STILL hate) I've given you a bunch of ideas.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to vote for Middle AGAIN. And you can too.



Amy A. said…
I voted!

Love that cotton blouse. Perfect for skirts.
Anonymous said…
Wish I could vote bb, since I am at work there are limits to sites tht require registration. I'm glad they don't limit me from reading you!
barbra said…
I finally got the voting to work today! Now we're cookin'!

I love the colors of beach glass. Especially with gold.

I like those last bags, too! So cute. It's important to me that a bag be able to stand up on its own, though, and I can't tell about that. I HATE when a bag slumps over and spills my stuff.
MsCellania said…
Be sure to alert people that the bar where it say VOTE FOR ME needs to read You have voted successfully! or something like that - it was tricky for me today to cast a vote.
robiewankenobie said…
since the real worth of diamonds is artificially inflated by the debeers people, i think that artificial diamonds are okie dokie. as long as they look real, that is.

also? perfect white blouse. i wonder if there is someone we can talk into buying it to see if it is opaque enough.


and thus ends my overly drawn out comment.
Mary said…
You may or may not be horrified by the amount of jewellery I own - I am a sucker for it.

Including (and I laughed when I saw your comment about them) - a peace sign necklace I got recently from Etsy - heavy tiny sterling silver engraved with "Grace. Dignity. and another word I have temporarily forgotten" - a kind of mantra for me atm. It is pretty cool! I will go see what the third word is in a minute.

That site just KNEW i had voted already -
Eleanor said…
Regarding the transparency of white shirts - it makes me CRAZY. Especially in summer, because the whole point of wearing a light, cotton shirt is to feel cool and comfortable...but then you have to go and put on a singlet under so your nipples don't show and then you can't even feel the cooling effect of the lovely cotton shirt. PLUS, the line of the singlet shows through and completely ruins the line of the shirt, which was the reason you bought the shirt in the first place.

I'm glad it's almost winter here.
Anonymous said…
I have been browsing online for an aqua colored necklace, but didn't think of looking at Sundance because I usually do not enjoy their look. So thank you for the heads up on the pretty necklace in the first pic.

I have voted twice now. But my darn computer at work won't let me watch the video (probably due to some sort of built-in anti-slacking reading and online necklace browsing manage to slide under the radar, I guess). So I will try again from home.
Good luck to Middle. This is all very exciting.

That One said…
LOVE the bags!

Will try to vote for Middle when at work home computer won't take me there. Damn this machine!

Linked to you in my post today. :)
Anonymous said…
Um, that neclace is $990.00, so I think the online browsing will have to continue. Darn.

That One said…
Got the voting to work! The link you have under your picture on your left menu has one too many "http"s in it. Once I figured that out, it took me right to it. :)
Duyvken said…
you're singing my song, I love the Sundance catalogue. The prices are just as fun to look at as the products though, incredible! I like a lot of their furniture as well, I don't know if I could live with it but it always looks beautiful in the pictures.
jenny said…
Had some trouble with the registering but emailed the Cloverfield folks and they fixed me right up.

I don't think I've seen the Sundance catalog...beautiful things but at $990.00 for the necklace, I'm probably better off without it.
Caset said…
same problem - all my bags are clutches or giant computer holding totes! i just can't find anything i like in between... but these are so pretty! tempting...
Anonymous said…
I was saddened to read that you "feel like the time for peace sign jewelry has come and gone." I feel that now, as much as ever before, we need to push an idea of peace. Fort Carson has lost too many sons, daughters, fathers, mothers in these conflicts. When I lost my 12th friend to mr bush's war I went looking for a peace sign to wear. In a town with 5 military bases I was supprised to find that none of the stores I looked in had them. Some of the sales people gave me heartfelt apologies for NOT having them to sell. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I haven't gotten a Sundance catalogue in ages. Do they have a website?
alice c said…
I thought that those bracelets that you have given to all your fiends were rocks attached to thin leather thongs. I must get an eye-sight check.

It makes me feel so COOOOL to vote on this trendy Cloverfield site. I could get addicted.
blackbird said…
I'd like to clarify my statement on the peace sign. I am speaking about jewelry for ME. I would put a peace sign on my CAR or even in front of my house - this is purely a fashion choice for ME (and the ladies with the fur coats in Whole Foods)NOT MY POLITICAL VIEW.
Anonymous said…
I love the Sundance catalogue, which annoys me greatly as I think it reveals an extreme lack of individuality on my part.

Oh well. I own several pretty silver pieces from it and have been known to hand it to Mr. Pom with choices circled for Christmas.

Will look in mail to find mail and start circling for mother's day.
Anonymous said…
I knew you liked the rock best. I am a sucker for that catalog too. It's the only time I ever look at jewelry. But I talk myself out of all of it and recycle the catalog. That blouse is sweet, BTW.
Must go vote now. For your kid's video, not for a presidential primary or anything weird like that.
Velma said…
So funny - I talk myself out of it all, too. Mostly on the basis that
I could "make that myself for less than $178," but then I never do.

(I voted!)

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