It's that time again.
I have a myriad of interesting photos on my desktop and none of them relate.

In the meantime, please continue to vote for Middle. And about that link, I've heard that my links don't take everyone to Middle's video all the time - it could be about IP addresses, it could be because I have an account that is different to yours, but I'm thinking you are all getting the hang of it and you are ALL MAKING A DIFFERENCE. His screen name is nooneimportant and his video is the only purple looking one and he is currently in second place. We need him to finish, on May 13th, in the top three - SO KEEP VOTING.

Now, here is your random post...

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There you go -
okay, enough of the nagging.


I saw The Darjeeling Limited last week and I loved it. Here's Angelica Huston wearing
my favorite outfit. Maybe I'm destined to run away to a convent in India. I'm not sure about all that orange dirt they have there though.

at the shrine

Owen Wilson's bandages made my head hurt for nearly two hours while I watched it, but it's a beautiful looking movie nonetheless.

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Isn't this gorgeous? Someone named Megan Park designed it. That's all I know. Well I know I'd wear something UNDER it. And I know I have no place to wear it. The supermarket.

dog hat

I adore Go Dog Go. My dad read it to me and we read it to my kids and, this past week, K had to design a crazy cake in 3D for a project he's doing and he asked me to shoot this page and send it to him at work. I DO like that hat.
And SPEAKING OF HATS...I got MY hat back in the mail this week. End of adventure #347.


Isn't this pretty? Could be from a link from a link from Apartment Therapy. I've lost track. I was going to say that I wish I had deeper windowsills in my house so I could put MY bottles on them, but it's just as well I don't as I DO NOT need more crappe around my house. Heck, after visiting Muji, I want to put everything we own in storage and do that minimalist decor. It's very relaxing.

My friend Eliane, whose small posts and beautiful work delight me every day, sent me a link to some wonderful wigs. Wonderful and sometimes hilarious wigs.

Gibson girl wig

My maternal grandmother had this hairdo. AND SHE SPRAYED IT SILVER EVERY OTHER DAY. Her bathroom always had silver dust all over the sink from the overspray. She maintained her coif perfectly until the day she died - at 80 something. She was very tall and very thin and was always beautifully dressed and dripping in perfume. I adored her.


This deluxe model requires an extra long neck. Susie Sunshine complains about her long neck all the time but in my world long necks are a thing of beauty. I have a neck like a tree stump.

And now, we lapse into the Crazytown of wigs.

deluxe Mark Twain

This is the Deluxe Mark Twain. It comes with facial hair. I'm smirking.

Kenny Rogers

I haven't seen Kenny Rogers in a long time, but I don't remember him looking like this. Strap-on beard. That's something, hmmmm?

Frederick Douglas

This is wrong on so many levels. Youngest was doubled over laughing.

The colonel

Creepier and creepier.



Middle sent me this -

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This is Eurolush and her husband.
Several bloggers have a crush on Ms.Lush and are considering:
kidnapping her and taking her place in Germany
dropping in at breakfast time
visiting Germany unbeknownst to her and spying on her.

Have a happy Saturday. And thank you so much for the voting.
I less than three you all.


Paula said…
I love Angelica Huston and now I find I love Eurolush as well...
Anonymous said…
Thank you. I now love Eurolush. And yes, please wear a little something under that shawl thingy--tassels, perhaps?
Sarah said…
Love love LOVE Go, Dog, Go.

Maybe the wig/beard thing was supposed to be named Kenny LOGGINS.

Also, love that the beards/wigs appear to be on female heads.

Happy Saturday!
Anonymous said…
I am imagining your grandma...and I now know who you took after with your fashion skillz...
Thank you for sharing a shot of Eurolush and hubby...yes, they are adorable.
Geggie said…
The wigs are just weird, wrong and creepy! I'm itching.

Darjeeling Limited was fab, wasn't it? I adored it. I want to do to India.
RW said…
OK. I think I have finally figured out the voting thing. Sometimes I have technical difficulties, then frustration ensues because I am university educated and I am the mother of two 13 year olds and work full time and manage the house and why oh why can't I get this registering thing to work.. but my password has now been saved so you can count on this canadian to vote everyday from here on in.

I will check out the Darjeeling movie.
Sarah Louise said…
I'll figure out the voting thing when I get home. But for now, I used to put Pellegrino (green) bottles on my windowsills. But then my landlord got new windows and...so I'm recycling all my green bottles. But it is a very nice look.
alice c said…
Wait right there - I thought that Apartment Therapy was the place that advised you to rip out all the knotty pine in Youngest's bedroom. Has the fashion for knotty pine come back so quickly?

MrM is voting too - and he kindly pointed out that if he uses his work email address he gets to vote twice - why didn't I think of that?
Allison said…
Wow--I just read somewhere that Own wore those bandages for like 3 weeks straight during shooting. Talk about method acting! The bottles are so sweet.
Eleanor said…
You certainly have some fabulous friends...Eliane...hmm...I think I may have a new blog-crush to add to my very long list.

And I just KNEW that eurolush's husband would be the type to look cute in everything, even long socks and shorts.Hmph.
barbra said…
Ooh, pretty things! With a Go, Dog, Go! in the middle especially for my Boy. Fun!
Anonymous said…
Hey, thank you for all the extra traffic on an otherwise quiet Saturday. And I promise that if I will ever need to wear a wig, I'll buy an Elvis one.
Kathy Rogers said…
Where I live, people do go to the supermarket like that.

And that Kenny Rogers "beard" is Just Wrong.
Sarah Louise said…
I figured out how to vote. So I voted. Yeah, those beards are WRONG. Thanks for sharing, I think.
Mary said…
Voted - thanks for providing another link because I am keen but essentially lazy.

Will cherish the story of your grandmother and spraying her hair with silver - belongs in a novel! A touch of magical realism!
Anonymous said…
Isn't it the Darjeeling Limited?

I love it as well, but I'm a serious sucker for Wes Anderson and anything with Anjelica Huston.

I have bottles on my windowsill. But they're all half full of Gatorade, so I don't thing that counts, right?
KPB said…
1. OMG-The Royal Tenenbaums do India - MUST SEE.

2. Forget that gorgeous top (doesn't it fall beautifully and what is that fabric) I dream of having breasts that do that.

3. Go Dog Go got/gets such a work-out in this house it has fallen apart. And even now Felix and I occasionally, randomly ask each other, 'do you like my hat?'.

4. Wherever we end up living I will, one day, have deep windowsills. I will not be filling them with bottles or any other such trinket - in this house such items are called 'dust collectors'. I just want them so I can plant my arse there and stare off into the distance thinking of my sons and my life. You know, inbetween feeding my sons and wondering when on God's earth they're ever going to leave home.

5. I now know why we are friends - I too have a tree stump neck and view long necks as a thing of beauty.

6. Those wigs are creepy. CRE.EE.PY.

7. I've voted.

8. I had a quick look at Eurolush the other day due to Eleanor's reference and can't go back. It makes my heart hurt. That someone is living somewhere so beautiful every.single.day.
Anonymous said…
Yes, that photo of us in our traditional German garb was taken last weekend at Trafo.

I forgot all about the dancing, though.


I must've been pretty wasted.

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