phrases I like

Some I use daily, some I just appreciate:

Balls to the wall.


Holy cow.

Let's slap a bow on that and call it Christmas.

Because Little Willie likes cheesecake.

Pass the butter.

Look, it's not in my nature to be mysterious. But I can't talk about it and I can't talk about why.

I'll kill you with a tray.

Cake or death.

Thank you.


Anonymous said…
I'm shocked!

Shocked I tell you, that there's gambling going on in this house.

Anonymous said…
Cross reference that with everything we've got!
StLmom said…
I will now go forth and make every effort to casually slip "balls to the wall" into daily conversation.
Balls to the Wall! My brother just taught me that one last week.

I like it.
Anonymous said…
Do we get translations for some of the more obscure ones?
Amy A. said…
My daugther is doing a family study and has to include a dictionary of things we say all the time. It's fun to think about.

I love the mysterious line!
Carol said…
Killing? with a tray? that seems a little slow and cruel to me! :)
Dani said…
Frankly, I hadn't pegged you for a "Ball to the wall" using gal. ;)

My faves:
"Seriously?" (with varying inflection depending on how it's meant)

"Are you new here?" (which I ask my family members (dh, especially) every time they act as though they don't know how things work in this house)

I don't know what I'm going to do with myself when this contest is over. I've officially gotten into a "groove". Check Say La Vee... Go vote. Perfectly acceptable morning routine, no?
Alice said…
when should one say 'balls to the walls' or 'because little willie likes cheesecake'?

I'm going to try and add the mysterious phrase in today...
Anonymous said…
I like you a LOT.

Hi K!!!!

I vote first thign in the morning (usually), that is while you SLEEP.
Unknown said…
I can't believe we didn't discuss the genius that is Eddie Izzard!! Just one more thing you and I have in common, I guess...

I was lucky enough to see him live last August, and he's back on tour, fer reals, this summer, with his official new show. I hope his shows here in Seattle are not already sold out.

I heart Eddie Izzard.
alice c said…
Because I know that you like peculiar phrases - here is another to add to your collection:

"I'm all behind ... like Coles' cow"

You say it when you are running late - which I am right now because I am reading Say La Vee instead of doing what I should be doing.
Anonymous said…
That very funny Brad Pitt line reminds me of the scene on the beach in "Airplane" when Robert Hays tells Julie Hagerty all the details of his upcoming mission, and when she asks him when he'll be back, he tells her he can't tell her because it's confidential. Awesome.

Carol said…
Where you born in a barn?!
Mary said…
Not the sharpest tool in the tool box

gets used a lot around here

as will "balls to the wall" from now on!

Oh good grief word verication continues to give me palpitations,
Paula said…
All mine are too naughty to mention here.
Anonymous said…
Damn straight.

You keep thinking. That's what you're good at.

Life is good.
Magpie said…
Elan Morgan said…
I love it when the Palinode says that something "passes muster".
julochka said…
here's one for ya..

"dumber than a box of rocks..."

enjoyed this list. :-) i'll be back.