musical questions

Is it The Sabre Dance? The Thieving Magpie or The March of the Gladiators - K needed to know yesterday for a project he was doing. He figured it out, but I swear one of them is playing in my head this week.


K to accountant
Middle to town
K to photography store
Pick up corsage (white with antique green hydrangea)
Pick up reeds
Press Middle's shirt
Put instruments and music in car
Bring Youngest to pick up Middle
Drive to school for solos
Ace the solos
Rush home
Middle cleans up
Meet the parents
Take pre-prom pictures

I encourage you, whilst I spin many plates, to visit my two new favorite blogs:
Eleanor from the comment box is simply delicious and may well have appeared in your comment box in the past. She was a commenter before she was a blogger. And now it's our turn to comment over there. I promise you will not be disappointed with her writing.

EuroLush is a friend of mine from a past life. Her writing has a familiar feeling to it and I love it all. The lucky girl is living in Germany now and I'm loving reading (is that real English? am I saying love too much?) as she travels and spies on unsuspecting townspeople.
In Germany there is a pastry van that comes around each morning. I know you want to read about that.

Pictures tomorrow! I hope!


Dani said…
Good luck with... umm... EVERYTHING!
Anonymous said…
I'm sure we're all excited and wish to be there and at LEAST help with something!
Enjoy your full day and especially that drink down there.
Anonymous said…
Could it be possible that I know Eurolush too from a previous blog which was removed??? I seen to remember the name "Sir Hound" and the quilts.
Or maybe I am dreaming, which is easily possible...
it's lovely though

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