Your votes helped keep Middle in the top three finalists in the Cloverfield competition yesterday. I'd like to ask you to keep voting for him here today and each day, if you are so inclined, as we are exceedingly proud of him and would love to see him finish in the top three. I was very proud to tell him that my internet friends are supporting him...I know registering is annoying, but you only have to do it once and then you can vote every day. End of speech.

K buys a lottery ticket once a week, if he thinks of it.
The morning after the drawing he usually hands me the ticket, while I'm on my laptop, and says: here, why don't you see if we are millionaires. We rarely even have one number of the six winning numbers, and I always figure since my friend M's brother-in-law won $22 million the odds of someone else M knows winning are pretty slim.
But sometimes my mind wanders...20 million...50 million...100 million. Food for thought.
Of course I know all the good things I would do with money like that - help family, charitable giving, travel, but if he hands me the ticket on a day that the special real estate magazine has been tucked into the newspaper I find myself paging through it and dreaming about apartments in the city and houses by the ocean.
What did I look at this week?


This was the first apartment that caught my eye. I think I like it because the decor is so spare. I'm not usually drawn to that look for my house, but I like it here.

first apt

Simple and refreshing...

kitchen 3

I'm not crazy about the kitchen. That's a funny spot for the stove.

Here's another choice...

kitchen 11

big windows 9

Interesting space. I hope it comes with the drapes - I'm no good at window treatments.


This is more my speed...

country in the city

While I appreciate those streamlined city places with open space and modern decorating, this feels like home.

country in the city2

We could definitely buy this one with our winnings.

But, don't forget - I need a place near the ocean too...or maybe even ON the ocean.

two kinds

This would do nicely - one side for sailing and one side for surfing.

two kinds cont.

The view makes me weak.

two kinds of water

Can you picture me on that beach? I can picture me on that beach.

two kinds h2o

The interior is cozy...


But I'm remodeling the kitchen.


And this side of the house needs softening - plants, window boxes, and nicer furniture, but that's not a problem because OF THE LOTTERY WINNINGS, RIGHT?

The last place I spotted in the glossy brochure turned out to be just a couple of miles from my house. K and I know the place quite well as we've watched it transform over the last ten years.
Set on a peninsula surrounded by water, it was a tiny but lovely farmhouse. It was empty for a long time and then purchased and renovated. Those owners made it slightly bigger but kept its farm-y feel. The property alone is unbelievable, the views incredible. Interestingly enough, the property, newly renovated, sat empty for a long time. K and I would drive down and stare at it. I'd imagine living there.
And one day another renovation began and all I can say is that the original farmhouse is still there but now it is surrounded by, well...

local offering

If you click on the picture and read my note you can see the original house.

local offering int.

This conservatory is on the other side of the house...near the pool and the guest wing.

local porch

Nice porch.
But there are two big problems with this dream house.
I hate the interior. It's full of chintz and dark wood and very heavy tasseled drapes with fringe, Victorian.
AND the taxes.

local off

K says even AFTER we win the lottery he isn't paying $5000 A MONTH in taxes.

It doesn't matter - we didn't win this week.


Badger said…
I tried to vote twice yesterday but it wouldn't let me, so I'm glad to know I can vote every day, at least.

Those kitchens are making my neck itch. I require a window over the sink.
Anonymous said…
We talk about what we'd do with our lotto winnings and it always involves anonymous charitable giving and no longer flying economy class.

Thanks for the link again today!
Anonymous said…
Well, to be stubborn is good sometimes. I couldn't help but think: WHy oh WHY do they not accept my registration? Of course I woke up and tried. ZIP. Went to the gym...couldn't bear the thought. Came back and tried a few more times...and what do you know! I beat the DAMN system.
Registered and VOTED. And will vote each and every day. You bet.
Then, I emailed all my family and friends so they vote (I hope...)
Well, Middle, your efforts didn't go wasted at all. You put it all in this video and WE support you 100%.
As per lottery: my father always says: I won already, because I never played.
Anonymous said…
I am trying to register,waiting for ever for the conformation email. I am going to the bakery first.
barbra said…
I like that place with the blue bedroom, butter yellow living room, and sunny yellow kitchen.
Anonymous said…
It never gets old looking into other people's houses, does it? Show me your stuff, people!

Also--do we get small stickers we can put on our lapels that say, "I Voted!"?

I'm just asking.
MsCellania said…
I finally had time to do the register thing (no big deal! Really, folks; it is easy) and got distracted watching middle's film and didn't notice my youngest was watching over my shoulder. He got really upset! So I had to show him middle was fine - see, it's all pretend, here he is back home washing his hands.
Tell Middle GOOD JOB for me. I especially liked the ending, which I almost missed but youngest yelped "THERE'S MORE!"
Oh, and that is my bedroom you've got up there. Thanks for the great decorating idea since we are this week talking about spending a couple of bucks on new window coverings and a summer-look bedspread. Matallesse (sp?) would work great with little kids - it's washable.
Anonymous said…
Oh my eye! It hurts from reading those numbers!

I often wonder what I would do if I won the lottery. But that would require actually buying a ticket which I've never done. Less fantastic to imagine a stranger bequeaths me a huge estate...
Robin said…
I read Page Six and often wander over to the Real Estate section and blogs. I live in California but dream of living in New York in a fabulous apartment in the city. You have to know the neighborhoods and I don't. But I'm sure I could learn. I could afford the 400 sq. foot single apartment with a view of the brick next door.

I'm voting every day.
Amy A. said…
I love those huge windows in apartment #2.

Those houses! Oh, my.

I'm trying to not be envious of the people who get to live there. I hope they appreciate it.
tut-tut said…
BB: remind readers that his nom de plume is nooneimportant (I think) and what his number is; I voted for the correct one, though.

I can't even think about anything to do with extra cash; we had a chance to go to We*****et on the Cape at the end of June, but we just can't, so I'm pretty much not very happy.
Anonymous said…
The video really messed with my eyes, but I voted for him, twice. I'll keep voting but you gotta remind me, ok?

I really like the blue bedroom except for that mirror. Don't these people have stuff? I've got stuff everywhere. I see no books, stereos or tv's. When I had a fireplace I put stuff on the mantle.
When you remodel that kitchen, can I have those curtains and that breadbox please? I have those blue glasses! Why, if you have that many cabinets and all that storage space, would you hang your pans 6 or 7 feet off the ground?
Kathy Rogers said…
I like the second kitchen, the spare and modern one. But then, I would.

I'm not sure what's going on with those doors on the right side. But, yeah, I could live with that.

You're absolutely right about the first kitchen. The stove/oven/hood don't look right. And why not spring for the stainless steel dishwasher, too?
Mary said…
Voted again but do keep reminding me!

I had a bedroom painted that shade of blue once.

I have won the lottery so many times in my mind. I spend ages calculating and recalculating how much I would happily give family and charity before being able to spend it on ME!

And it would be on Sydney flat, Lipsi house.
Anonymous said…
We got one number this week.
Whoo Hoo!!


Thanks to everyone voting for Middle's video daily!
KPB said…
The taxes are more than I earn in a month.

I wonder if they ever use the upstairs balcony. It strikes me as excessive. That porch however, I would like very much.

The interior decorations are proof that just because you have a lot of money doesn't mean you have a lot - or any - style. It looks very retirement village.

Yes I know, I'm just trying to make myself feel better.

That property in the middle of the post - the one that is your speed? That's my speed to and I want it. A lot.
Anonymous said…
I REALLY love American interiors - all of those are gorgeous!
jenny said…
Five thousand dollars in taxes? Every month?

*falls down dead*

That porch, though, is something else. The rest of the house I could do without...