an award!

green award

Helen of Diary of Domestic Hiss
has given me the Green Award for the month for the post below. Who would have thought?
I thought I was just quirky.

Thank you Helen!


Annagrace said…
Congrats! I stress over bread bags too, though the only alternative I can see at this point is baking all of our bread and my one thought on THAT is NO.
alice c said…
You are an example to us all.

I am hoping that when I get to the Pearly Gates you will be there to help me blag my way in.

"Hello St. Peter - I know I am not an obvious candidate but I do know one of your Environmental Warriors bb - will that make up for my other earthly failings?"
Anonymous said…
dryer lint.......hello Boy Scouts!
Seriously. They are taught to bring some as the perfect fire starter. Keep a bag of it and it makes a great way to start the grill, log fires etc. My Youngest was always grabbing it out of the dryer before camping trips. Who knew.
Anonymous said…
Yes, because clearly you needed to be further rewarded for your saintliness.

Whereas, my award for furthing environmental-devestation has not arrived.


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