I'm going to church today but the service will have a tough time competing with this.

with thanks to Suzanne.


Anonymous said…
yes, i saw this a couple of weeks ago. amazing.

MsCellania said…
This made me cry.
When I tell people I choose to see -- and try to be -- the positive in the world, this is exactly what I mean. Every thought, whether positive or negative, has a huge plop of concentric circles that spread to infinity. Every second, we choose what we spread.
I have never seen a video that so perfectly expresses this fact.
Anonymous said…
I'm off to Ted Talks to see to see it cause it WON'T load - grr.
Amy A. said…
I wasn't going to click because that woman is holding a brain! But after reading mscellania's comment I am compelled to go watch.
Anonymous said…
Back from Ted Talks. Oh my heavens, is that a gorgeous talk. Thanks so much for the link.
KPB said…
Yours wouldn't load so I went to that Ted Talks place and decided I like Ted a lot. Ted is cool.

Anyway, I'm only 5 minutes into it but two small children are too distrating. I am going to view it tonight in some peace. It is already fascinating in that compelling way only the human brain can be.

I need to spend some time with Ted too.
RW said…
Thanks BB. I have sent my parents and my sister a copy. My sister suffered a cerebral hemorage 8 years ago herself. She is not as fully recovered as Jill - but, has come a fair thee long way along the path. I was weeping by the end.
Sarah said…
Fantastic. What a great speech.

And what a great website TED is.
Anonymous said…
if your ted talks wont load, you can download them to your desktop in either audio format, video, or some HD video. you can also download then directly with iTunes for mac or pc.

I am addicted to ted.

BabelBabe said…
i saw this a while ago and was amazed.

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