out of stock at Old Navy

Out of stock in my size, but nicely reduced -

sleeveless dress

I'm dreaming of cool cotton dresses.
Of course, I would put a tee shirt on under this one. I'm not crazy about sleeveless things at my advanced age.

brown dress

This one looks good too. But it's no longer available. Do items listed as "temporarily out of stock" at Old Navy ever come back into stock? I doubt it.


I have a vision of myself floating around the house, when my blog friends come to visit, in a caftan. Imagine me all Gsa Gsa? No? No, I can't imagine it either.

white dress2

I gravitate to this kind of thing. The results are usually not good.

wrap dress

I have never/could never/will never be able to wear wrap dresses. They give me a Boobsy McBigbutt sort of vibe.

Is this one better?

white dress

It doesn't matter! It's out of stock!

black dress

I saw this dress recommended on a fashion blog. I guess I should have ordered it then.

It's a good thing this one is out of stock -

green dress

those pockets are in a terrible place.

So that's it - not one of them is more than $12.99.
Perhaps you will be luckier than I.


Anonymous said…
I'll tell you why they're out of stock. It's because we're in the middle of a recession and winter so people have spent their money (actually, not money but CREDIT) on summer clothes out of season. Bitter? Moi? Yes, yes I am. Still smarting from the rubber rain boot fiasco at Target last Friday...
Anonymous said…
the second one is a Brownie uniform. You can get one at the Girl Scout Council shop.
Anonymous said…
Re: sleeveless garments on women of our age. A wrap of some sort is needed to conceal the bingo wings :-)
Amy A. said…
$12.99? I need to go shopping.
Dani said…
After I read "Boobsy McBigbutt" I lost track of everything I read before and after. I was too busy thinking of all the people I could label with that HYSTERICAL nickname.

I need to go back and reread the whole post now....
Jennifer said…
When I lose more weight.. then I will look cute in those dresses :)
KPB said…
The mere threat of me having to wear something sleeveless makes me all hot and my neck itch.
KPB said…
And I become Boobsy Mcthickwaist.
Unknown said…
12.99 is fantastic. I've been looking at sundresses recently .."sigh" I have at least 4 months to go before they would be an option to wear in these here parts.
Ali said…
I'm so in Boobsy McBigbutt territory in a wrap dress. Only without the boobs. Even worse!

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