help this man, or: it's Tuesday and I have nothing to post

My brother L emails:

Need haircut advice, want to keep the length up top, but don't have a clue,

since my stylist has no style but can cut your hair to look like someone
else's, a picture would be helpful.

Some background information:

L is a forty-something father of two medium sized children. Actually, my nephew is small. L is married and lives east of me in a charming bungalow style home. (Not that that has anything to do with his hair.) While not especially vain, I would say that L has a mild streak of metrosexual about him in that he pays careful attention to his wardrobe and grooming. He is always nicely accessorized and I imagine that he is delighted to be able to alter his beard/mustache to suit his whims. While our father (who art in heaven) was as bald as a cue ball from his early twenties until his death, and our brother B has embraced that possibility and sports a very short buzz cut, L's hair has only just begun to thin (I think) on top.
He is not especially tall and is thin.

blockhead brother

And he wears jewelry.

the hair of my brother

And he probably has my natural hair color.

the back of my brother's head

And he struggles with several cow-licks and some waveage.

Your hair opinions would be appreciated. With links to photos if possible.


Jennifer said…
I'm a hairstylist and when I see pictures like this oh the endless possibilities that go through my mind.

1. I like that cut on him the necklace made that decision for me. It does need to be thinned around the bottom of the ear and neck. To give it less movement.

2. Colouring the hair would greatly improve the look. I know when people hear that they're going to think dark and weird looking, but I was thinking more of blonde hi-lites and some low lites. Which would help with the thinning around the crown.

3. For his face shape, cutting it short would mean taking the length off the top.

pictures.. I don't know how to link pictures here, but I can email them to you. :)
Rose said…
I immediately thought 'Rick Bayless':

There is some length up top and for the mild metrosexual, styling options abound. Also, your brother and Rick are about equal on the facial hair scale.

There, I've been productive. Can I go back to bed now?
alice c said…
I'm thinking Alan Rickman.

Which is quite pleasant, thank you.
robiewankenobie said…
short on top? retaining the length?

this is my concern:
Anonymous said…
No ambiguity here whatsoever, your dear brother MUST FIND A NEW HAIRSTYLIST.

Any hairdresser who wants to see a photo of someone else's hair, rather than actually looking at dear brother's hair, is not good. I speak from years of experience. Not good.

I would recommend finding a busy, funky, friendly salon which has a good reputation. Then walk in, and ask for a preliminary consultation with a stylist specialising in cutting REAL men's hair.

It will cost a fortune.

It will be worth it.
KPB said…
Well Jennifer is a hairdresser so I'm keeping my mouth shut. He's got a bit of a Kevin Bacon do going on there doesn't he.

But what about Alan Rickman in Sweeney Tod

or maybe Bill Nighy in, oh, anything.

He just needs to find a hairdresser who is talented and can cut into the current to a bit to take the weight out of it.

Huh. So much for keeping my mouth shut.

I do not approve of men dying their hair. Full.fat.stop.
Anonymous said…
The hot, metrosexual look is SHORT SHORT SHORT--embrace the thinning, receding patches--it's confident and sexy. Seriously. At least that's what Colin and Stacy tell us on what not to wear...and once I heard that I started noticing it all around me--it sounds like it wouldn't work, but it does. And gray? I've always been a sucker for gray hair.
Anonymous said…
Embrace the gray and the bald spot. Go short. Men with great bones look fabulous with the shorn Roman look. Facial hair styling should leave along with the necklace. Sorry. Do NOT tell me a touching story about it being made by his Guatamalan Feed the Children child. I feel guilty enough already not liking it.

And may I say the whole Alan Rickman thing works. He was the sexiest thing in Sense and Sensibility. Kudos to L. for letting total strangers suggest a new look. A bold man.
Grandma Cebe said…
Uh, I was reluctant to say it, but I agree with Gabe. The necklace needs to go.
Grandma Cebe said…
Looks like my first comment didn't post. Sorry if this ends up a repeat.

I agree with Eleanor - your brother needs to find a real stylist as soon as possible.

I think that L would look great with the short, short, Clinton Kelly look of "What Not to Wear".

Even without being able to see his facial features or knowing how old L is, I think that he'd look younger with shorter, metro-like hair.

Looking forward to the after pictures.
Joke said…
Br'er L. is my car pal, so I won't be assaulting him with too much advice.

I do, however, have a suggestion which I think ideal and now I must find the photo.

Anonymous said…
I wish I could help but this request is SO out of my league. I would love to see the "after" photo though...
Anonymous said…
He just needs some layers. He has the right cut, but it look like it's been a while since he's gone to a really good stylist and gotten things done right.

And get some Aveda coloring conditioner, it will keep the gray but tone it a bit.
Anonymous said…
Please don't let him dye his hair. Please.
I agree with Dan about the haircut.
MsCellania said…
What does his wife say?
She's the one who gets to look at him all the time -
Also, there are salons who let you try on a style by entering your photo into a computer and showing you how different styles would look before the actual lopping of locks. There may even be something online that would do the same.
Also, is this the adventure trek bro? Or the go-to-city-job bro?
Will he use PRODUCT? Blow dry?
This from a person who takes the #3 clippers to her husband's head, and edges sideburns and neck.
I had no idea we were cutting edge - heh heh heh!
Sarah said…
blackbird, since I don't know how to link directly to photos from news sources, I wrote a blog post for you with my brilliant idea.

And hopefully my Blogger isn't April fooling me any more with its sudden decision to translate my blog into Hindi.
Amy A. said…
I can't wait to see the afters!
Ali said…
Listen, I have enough hair issues of my own without giving advice to anyone else.

But I am howling with laughter at the expense of your poor bro, firstly, for e-mailing you for hair advice. And secondly, because a whole host of well meaning strangers are GIVING it to him!! Sorry bro.
Miz S said…
I think he needs to go way shorter. I'm not a big fan of the aging-hippie-hair look. I think it makes men look older than they really are.
Olga said…
Always liked Patrick Steward's look. Or go classic with a Gandhi style.
Caterina said…
I'm not sure what made me laugh louder, the our father (who art in heaven)... and ...was as bald as a cue ball

or the comments from everyone.

G'luck to brother L :)
Jennifer said…
So people keep saying Alan Rickman so I googled and found this, which is very close in what I sent you already
Anonymous said…
as the other brother, can i just say, this post has succeeded in totally cracking me up....TWICE!

before work, and after.

I'm lovin it.....

kt said…
No color needed.

Alan Rickman good.

Everyone is doing short; let L and the stylist decide.

The necklace is fine if he likes it.

Yes, after photos please!
Anonymous said…
You know BB, if this works out well, I'm totally sending you my pictures so you can find me the best style. Also, I wouldn't mind your opinion on a new backsplash...

Anonymous said…
I reckon he should go short. I had a teacher once who had similar longish hair and he shaved it off for charity. He looked MUCH better. Your brother should look very good with a simple number 3. Go short.

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