flickr comments

Sometimes keeping up with my flickr site is as much work as keeping up with my blog.
Okay - maybe once A MONTH it's as much work as my blog. But, every once in a while, I get a ton of comments on my pictures at flickr.

Take a look at what's been going on.

chatty comment

My Chatty Cathy picture! From a long time ago.
I'm happy to have the Chatty Cathy group use it. Cute, huh?

<span class=

I did a bunch of research to find out who took this great picture of Frances McDormand that I used and was never able to find a credit. AND I READ THE RULES. But it's not my photo -how can I let them use it?

still life comment

While it is possible to see this kind of still life in my house at any given time, I freely admit that I lifted this from the Anthropologie web site. I've been shooed out of their stores for taking pictures.

diagram comment

I lifted half of the Shawshank Diagram from another site. Middle added my circle.
He's a genius.

nacho comments

I think I have to make these again. Soon.

hat comment

I think I'm going to meet this poor woman at a millinery shop so she can have my hat copied. She is bereft - what can I do?

endoscope comment

Not my picture. Not my kid. Just a picture of what they did to my kid. A terrible day. I said no.

bra comment


smart ass comment

I LOVE when Susie is a smart ass.


Badger said…
Sometimes I think maybe I should be using Flickr more and posting photos directly from Blogger less. But now I'm thinking MAYBE NOT.
KPB said…
YOU know, between blogger, flikr, twitter, facebook, my email, gmail and text messages I'm wondering just how they expect me to actually, you know, tend to the children.
Geggie said…
I don't get nearly enough flickr comments.
Susan said…
When is Susie NOT a smartass? That's what I want to know.
Olga said…
another reason not to get spread too thin by having too many sites- bra fetish peeps? yikes
RW said…
I really love that Hat too and was sad to find they don't make them anymore.
Wendy said…
I was just thinking this morning about begging Susie to start her blog back up - even just once a month. This settles it. I'm going to go harass her.
Unknown said…
i just want you to know that flickr has made me famous! look here (my photo is in the mosaic):

i need to go have the leon make me a drink now. and maybe fan me a bit. perhaps he should also fetch me some bonbons.
Terese said…
Well,I thought for a while you could have been Frances McD as well, I'm glad that's cleared up. You do post some great photos of her on the blog though. Last night I saw the short for Miss Pettigrew... at the movies - it looks like another great F McD movie.
Mary said…
Only once have I had a dubious request on my Flickr photos.

It is a little freaky!

Oh I love it when the WF is in clear bold letters!!
Anonymous said…
Oooh, I don't blame you for not sharing the endoscopy picture. And it makes me glad I was never photographed while my two flexible sigmoidoscopies.

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