why Italy may be as far as I can go


BabelBabe said…
we just watched this last night, in between periods of the hockey game. He's funny.
I snorted a little maple syrup through my nose!
I went to London once. That flight was almost as bad as going to New Zealand. Sandwiched in my seat between people who don't believe in soap and water.
Jess said…
I love Lewis Black. I'm not sure I'd like to be in a car without directions with him, but holy god, can he sees the hilarious in everything!
I have flown to New Zealand. I was pregnant. So even though it was "only" six hours from DC to LA, followed by 12 or 13 hours from LA to NZ, I was ready to commit murder by the time we landed.
KPB said…
you have no idea the morning I've had and the impact this therefore had to dramatically improve it.
Julie said…
I love Lewis Black.

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