where was I?

So...sleepingsleepingsleeping, and not even REALIZING that the SHRINE TO FABULOUS HANDBAGS was right across the room from me.


Wendy's house is not very big - but she is a master-organizer. All the beautiful bags lined up perfectly on those shelves made me weak in the knees. And if you are impressed with that, take a deep breath and look at this:

stash use

Oh yes. She's crafty. Very very crafty.
But I'm getting ahead of myself -

Suddenly, a wee six year old appeared in my room and demanded a story.
She chose one of those Magic Tree House books and we settled in. It was the one about the San Francisco earthquake and subsequent Great Fire and it dawned on me that, perhaps, she was not old enough to hear about these things.
I TELL YOU I WAS DANCING AS FAST AS I COULD - trying to get my way around earthquakes not happening in Illinois and explaining why the children in the pictures had bloody feet (it was mud!) and how you cannot fall in the sewer in the backyard in Illinois when there is an earthquake. My lord it was exhausting. But I was saved.
Saved by Trixie, who took a header down the long, hard, stairway and landed at my feet like a tiny starfish. She was okay after the hard crying and the ice pack, and this dramatic interruption saved me from explaining why the entire population of San Francisco had to 'move to a new house!'

We did our morning stuff and I got a better tour of the basement/workroom/play area/Peter Rabbit Laundry Room.



cigar boxes

I don't even know what's IN these.


I hate to bust her spot, but how can I not post these?


Wendy doesn't keep her thread in zip bags.

I don't want to divulge too much more - but look at this...



Anyway. We did our thing and then went to the supermarket (because I HAVE TO GO EVERY DAY) and then made our way into the city.
Blah blah blah...funny story with the doorman...I did some Windexing...we put sheets on the beds...had a glass of wine...got dressed for the party...and the Adorable Husband of Poppy showed up to give us a ride across town in the OTHER minivan.

Off we went to Jen's. It was a wonderful party in a fabulous apartment, with dozens of interesting people to talk to.
I did a lot of this -

me at party

And some of this -

<span class=

And here I am trying to look intellectual whilst J explains the difference between naked and nude.

joy <span class=

Across the room from me, Poppy was demonstrating SOMETHING -

Poppy demonstrating

but I'm not sure what.

Here she is attempting to duck as Susie's blouse kept bursting open. In the nicest way possible.

Poppy ducking

And here is Wendy, looking gorgeous and relaxed -

<span class=

And that's not even her beer.

Susie was drinking cheap cosmos.

cheap <span class=

Apparently, cheap cosmos are vodka and cranberry juice. I've made a couple of cosmos in my day and I can tell you there should be a few more things in there.

LinkJen's jewels

That's our gracious hostess Jen with her necklace from Ten Thousand Villages. She did a good job choosing it, didn't she? Well she would, HAVING PERFECT TASTE AND WORKING IN THE ART WORLD.

It was a wonderful party. We laughed and drank and had the very best time - all of us together. And I got to meet Carol Who Has No Blog But Who Is Just Gorgeous (think Renee Russo and Julianne Moore) and Jen, and I even got to have a laugh or two with a very famous Jen.

Poppy's adorable husband herded us all back to the apartment (I cannot remember the conversation and can only imagine the decibel level) where we stayed up latelatelate and slogged off to bed at some ungodly hour with paralyzed smile muscles.

What a time.
What wonderful people.
How incredibly fun.
How lucky am I.

How the HELL am I going to get these terrific women to Tuvalu?


Anonymous said…
Did you hear about my dream Sunday morning, with the very large heads of Poppy and Blackbird and Susie above me shouting vulgarities? It was a dream I had in the pink canopy bed, though it might tell you about the volume and content of the actual 2 am conversation.
Anonymous said…
I agree! Lucky you!

Those craft closets, rooms, shrines, whatever--my jaw is just resting on my keyboard right now as I scroll through them again.
Wendy said…
Yeah, I was going to post the organizey things because Susie keeps bugging me to do it. Sadly, my posts won't be nearly as interesting as yours.

ps- The cigar boxes contain buttons sorted by color. And I'll probably lose my handbag shrine when the girls are ready for their own rooms.
Wendy said…
Of course you're right about something else going into the cheap cosmos. Perhaps they need a new name - LAZY cosmos.
Poppy B. said…
bb: Don't worry. Tuvalu's a long flight, but I'm saving my airline miles.

Wendy, I'm sorry. But I rescind any and all invitations to Newtopia. YOU, Miss WRAPPING PAPER CLOSET with bows ORGANIZED BY COLOR, are NEVER coming to my house.

Carol in texas can come. If it's too messy for her, she can blow it up with some of her husband's fireworks.
I want that craft closet. Sigh...

Bb, to get people to come to Tuvalu, you have to promise that K will cook for them.
robiewankenobie said…
thou shalt not covet thy internet stranger's rockin' party lifestyle?
BabelBabe said…
lure them to bethlehem first? : )
MizMell said…
I'm SOOOO impressed by the organization of the closets. Thanks for sharing.
Unknown said…
Ditto everybodies comments above. Those closets are fantastic. Love the ribbon storage. What great ideas. Thats been my New Years' theme to organize ...what inspiration! Thank you for sharing.
Geggie said…
Now I'm even more jealous.
Oh, I want to move into Wendy's craft room and never leave. Mmmmm, organization.
And bb, you were looking extremely stylish at the party. Loved the scarf!
jenny said…
what robiewankenobie said.

I say you should hostess the Great Summertime Cookout of 2008.
Possibly some pulled pork on the menu...
alice c said…
Please would somebody call an ambulance because I am so jealous I think that I need medical attention.
So...you get to stay in the house with three adorable children, buttons sorted by colour and a wrap closet. And then you go to a party with Jello shots.
Life can seem unfair some Mondays.
Mary said…
I loved every single thing about this post .

All of it.

Terese said…
That Singer sewing machine on the carriage rack, brilliant. I agree that K's cooking will lure the group to Tuvalu.
Caterina said…
Lucky you, lucky lucky you.
Joke said…
Wendy's place looks like a one-woman sweatshop with an Oprah makeover.

Or maybe I mean Martha Stewart.