the way it goes

K volunteers to retrieve the boys.
I decide to sit on the couch and catch up on some blogging.

It's cold though, so I decided to build a fire first.
Feeling especially proud, I fix the pillows and sit.

The phone rings.
I don't have a phone next to me and can only imagine it's K with a pertinent question.
It isn't, but I can't see the caller ID until I get up and look.

Back down on the couch, I move to be closer to the fire.
But a log slips and I need to get up to replace it.

Plopping down again, I realize that I need something to drink.
But I bring the phone and leave it in the dining room.
So, when I sit back down, it rings again...and this time it is K and he needs me to look up a book title for him.

On the couch, after I look up the book for K, I realize that the fire needs another log.


Badger said…
And people wonder why we drink.
jo said…
I often wish they would invent an automated fire tender. I believe there used to be one called a butler, but I cant seem to find the spare change to obtain one.
Fannie said…
This is why I need a maid.
Yarn mom of 8 said…
We have 9 kids and my youngest is finally going to school in the afternoons. People ask me what I do with the 2.5 hours of alone time. Your post just about sums it up.
Anonymous said…
That IS how it goes. One dang thing after another.
Joke said…
This post is both poetic and aerobic.

Caterina said…
This -- THIS -- is the very reason I can only get to posting on my blog every five freakin' days or so. I try, but phone or fire, I get p-u-l-l-e-d away.
Anonymous said…
One word: Duraflame.

KPB said…
Welcome to my world. Move over, sitting on a couch in front of a needy fire sounds fab.
Priscilla said…
If you give a moose a muffin. . . .